DStv Dish Installation Settings

You will need to complete DStv dish installation settings before you can begin enjoying your DStv Package subscription. It is a less technical process than installing the satellite dish, and you can perform it yourself. You will first need to complete dish installation successfully before you can proceed to DStv settings.

DStv Dish Installation Settings

How to install your satellite dish

First, identify the right place to set up your satellite dish. It should be high and away from buildings and trees that would otherwise block your signal. Make four holes for the mount of your satellite dish and install it using the steel screws in your package.

Why do you need settings for your connection?

Ensure your satellite dish has the right elevation and is facing the correct direction. Once you complete setting up your satellite dish, you can proceed to DStv settings. It mainly entails running the installation wizard and strengthening your signal.

How to navigate through the Dish Installation Settings

The main DStv settings after your satellite dish are set up is running the installation wizard. It is available in every DStv decoder, and you can also locate it easily on your DStv Explora decoder. Press the DStv button on your remote to begin the process.

Now select the settings option once it brings up the navigation menu. When you scroll, you will get the satellite settings option recommended for use after installation. The DStv dish settings will help you get a strong signal and have your decoder registered.

DStv Dish Installation Settings

Select the home network option and later the launch installation wizard alongside it. Once you press OK, the manual installation setup will begin. When prompted to select a smart LNB option, choose the universal option. The process will begin once all these settings have been chosen accordingly. This is how to complete your DStv settings process.

What is the benefit of the dish process?

The DStv dish settings help you get a stronger signal when you complete it successfully. It will also improve your picture quality, making your viewing better. Once you know how to navigate through DStv dish installation settings, your installations will be more successful.