Which DStv dual view decoder should I buy?

When making a dual view connection, many users are always worried about buying the wrong decoder. If you are new to these connections, this is a legitimate concern, and knowing the right decoder to purchase will ensure you don’t waste your money. You, however, don’t have to worry about the right DStv dual view decoder to get anymore.

How are decoders used in a dual view connection?

Multichoice allows you to add up to two extra decoders to your dual view setup. They will also charge you for every additional decoder you have, and this is very convenient. Instead of purchasing multiple DStv subscriptions for all the decoders you have, you can add a small amount to your monthly subscription.

DStv Dual View Decoder

A DStv dual view decoder can be used as either a primary or a secondary decoder. The primary decoder is the one on which you pay your subscriptions. It is responsible for sending heartbeat signals to other decoders in your setup and ensuring they work well. This decoder is vital in your connection.

Other decoders in the setup are called secondary decoders. These will be connected to different viewing points and will each work separately. This DStv dual view decoder can record shows, pause and resume live TV like the primary decoder but will only work when the primary decoder is turned on.

Which is the right DStv dual view decoder for you?

Since creating the dual view option, Multichoice has tried to make it as accessible to people as possible. One of the ways they do this is by allowing more decoders to be used in the connection. If you wonder whether the DStv decoder you got is right for you, you don’t have to anymore.

DStv Dual View Decoder

You can use any decoder in the connection, whether SD, HD, or Explora decoders. However, if you intend to make a triple connection, Multichoice recommends that you have an explora decoder in the connection. In some cases, however, three HD decoders can work perfectly in the connection. Any decoder you have in your connection is the right DStv decoder.