What is DStv Explora extra view and how to use it?

Dstv Explora has many channels for you and your family to enjoy. Like most homes, everyone has a different taste in programming, and settling for one channel for everyone can be very challenging. A simple solution for this, however, is by using DStv Explora extra view.

DStv Explora Extra View

Extra view is a convenient way from Multichoice that allows you to connect multiple decoders to one account. With DStv  you won’t have to buy a new subscription for all your decoders, making it very affordable for many homes. When your DStv Explora is connected using extra view, all the decoders will work independently, and you can watch or record on each of them separately.

How does DStv Explora extra view work?

Extra view links one decoder to others in a single connection. The main decoder is called a primary decoder, and it is on it that you will pay your subscription. The other decoders in your connection are called secondary decoders. Multichoice allows you to add up to two extra decoders to your primary decoder when making a  connection.

When all the decoders are linked together, the primary decoder will send heartbeat signals to them every 90 seconds. It ensures they don’t experience any delays in programming and that you get a good picture quality when watching on them.

DStv Explora Extra View

How can you connect your decoders?

When making an extra view connection, you can use any decoder you have. If you have older model decoders too, you can use them although they will be slower and will have more cables. In a dstv connection, you can either use a communication cable for the connection or a smart LNB device.

When you use a smart LNB device, your connection will be simpler, and there will be fewer cables. It also transmits signals faster to ensure your viewing experience is good. When making an extra view setup, a DStv technician will recommend that you use an Explora decoder among those in your connection. It transmits signals faster, and you will get a good picture quality.