Enjoy the best image quality with DStv Explora ultra 4K decoder installation

When you invest money in entertainment devices like decoders, it is your right to get the best quality picture. DStv takes care of their subscribers’ needs, which is why they have introduced the new DStv decoder. The DStv Explora ultra 4k decoder installation ensures the top-notch quality of the image.

Before we go further, it’s important to understand that what is 4K? When we talk about HD, the resolution it offers is 1366×768 pixels, but when we talk about 4K, its 3840 x 2160 pixels. Now you can compare and understand that you will get a much better quality of the image on your screen after DStv Explora ultra 4K decoder installation.

DStv Explora ultra 4K decoder installation

Dstv Explora ultra Price is affordable

You might be worried about the DStv Explora ultra price, as it’s a new technology and supposed to be expensive. But you will be surprised to know that DStv Explora ultra is available at an affordable price. The price of is decoder is on promotion. However, the price will be higher if you need a satellite dish and you want experts to install a decoder. If you already have a dish installed, you can do the decoder settings on your own and save your money.

Features of your DStv Explora ultra PVR 4K Installation

The new Dstv Explora ultra PVR has better features, as compared to the previous decoders. The company has joined hands with Netflix, and now DStv subscribers can add Netflix to their package. Explora ultra 4K decoder installation will help you to enjoy other streaming services as well.

The decoder has built-in Wi-Fi, which ensures better and quick connectivity with the internet. Another important feature of the DStv Explora ultra PVR is its local manufacturing. It’s manufactured in South Africa with recycled material. It shows the company’s commitment to the environment.

DStv installation packages

The officials offer different packages for DStv installation. You can buy the decoder and do DStv Explora ultra decoder installation on your own. If you are busy and want professional DStv installation, you should hire professionals.

If you get the complete installation package, you will get dish and installation cable, too, besides the decoder. If you already have the dish, you can ask for the DStv Explora ultra 4K decoder installation only.

DStv Explora ultra 4K decoder installation

Hire Professional DStv installer

You can find several of our DStv installers in your area, but hire an accredited Dstv installer if you want reliable services. All our installers are reliable and accredited too. A professional installer can help you to install your new DStv Explora ultra decoder. He can help you choose the different packages, and if you need any subscription services, he can help you with that.

Moreover, he can do the proper decoder settings and connect your Explora with the Wi-Fi if you want streaming services. A Professional DStv installer can also help you to find an appropriate package within your budget. If you do not get professional help, you may end up destroying your expensive decoder.