DSTV launches Explora ultra PVR with Netflix

MultiChoice, the parent company of DStv, has introduced its latest and highly advance personal video recorder called DStv Explora Ultra PVR. This recorder is a powerhouse in entertainment as you can watch programs in 4K HD clarity. The audio output from this PVR is Dolby Atmos, which is regarded as the best and even better than Surround Sound. With DStv Explora Ultra PVR being fitted with ShowMax and integrated with Netflix, you cannot resist the temptation of bringing home this highly immersive treasure house of entertainment to your living room.

DSTV launches Explora ultra PVR with Netflix

Immersive watching experience for the customers

According to a press release from MultiChoice, the DStv Explora Ultra 4k decoder will be available to the customers for purchase from next Thursday. DStv’s new decoder has been completely redesigned to give a unique and interesting user interface to the customers. New DStv Explora Ultra is packed with built-in Wi-Fi and an all-new remote control that allows the user to navigate quickly and reach the desired content within seconds.

More varied content from across the world

DStv Explora Ultra PVR has its streaming platform called ShowMax capable of streaming lots of Live TV shows and movies from various channels worldwide. However, if you are fond of Netflix, you will find that this decoder allows you to add a subscription to this streaming platform. Make your account and sign up for Netflix also though you will be required to pay a monthly subscription fee for watching content on Netflix. It means that you will be paying a little more than your usual DStv monthly bill.

Explora Ultra is a reflection of the changing needs and watching habits of consumers

Calvo Mawela, the CEO of MultiChoice, has expressed happiness during the launch ceremony of Explora Ultra. He said that the addition of Netflix to the platform of DStv gives the consumers a chance to watch international content in addition to the local content from ShowMax. They can now get access to exciting content in many new genres, courtesy of Netflix’s integration. Mawela added that Explora Ultra is a reflection of the ever-changing watching needs and habits of the customer. In-built Wi-Fi and the integration of Netflix add to the subscriber’s convenience and comfort and allow him to make payment digitally without any problems.

MultiChoice has said that DStv Explora Ultra PVR will make available services of more streaming platforms in the future to the subscribers. Like Netflix, customers will have the choice of paying for these streaming platforms along with their monthly DStv bill.

Customers would be happy to know that the new box of DStv Explora Ultra PVR is made in South Africa. Only recycled materials have been used for the manufacturing of this box. It is available in authorized shops. However, its cost, along with DStv installation, is on promotion. Your local DStv installer, YES us is capable of installing this all-new DStv Explora Ultra PVR in your household.