The Most common DStv message error codes & its solution

DStv is a popular entertainment service in many countries. The company ensures uninterrupted services, but sometimes you see DStv message error codes on your screens. E 48 – 32 is one of the commonly seen messages. You see this error code on the upper right corner of your TV screen. Let’s see what the DStv message error codes mean and how you can avoid and solve it.

What is E 48 – 32 DStv error?

E 48 – 32 is a common DStv error. The notification on your screen says that there are no signals, which may be due to bad weather or a problem in connection installation. If you are using 4U, 4S, or 5U decoder models, you can see this notification. Viewers of Explora 1, 2, 3 also experience the same problem. If you own other models like 1110, 1131, and 1132, you will see another message saying “searching for the signals”.

DStv message error codes

Bad weather can be a reason for DStv no signal notification

When your Tv shows DStv no signals, the reason can be bad weather in your area. If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain or thunderstorms are common in your area, you may see this kind of DStv code. If your signal is bad due to the weather, this is a temporary condition. You will get your signals back as soon as the weather gets better.

To fix the DStv error, you can install a larger dish with strong signals. If you have a large dish properly installed, a minor storm will not disturb your signals. Moreover, rain can also be a cause of poor signals or no signals at all.

Clear DStv error by proper installation

The other reason is of the bad signal is of the permanent kind. If the installation of your DStv is not properly done, you will see this message permanently. In this case, you have to call the accredited installer to clear the DStv error.

DStv message error codes

Trees can also cause a problem with DStv

You might not have noticed, but trees can also be a reason for the Dstv signals. Leaves of the tree can act as a cover for your dish. It may not receive proper signals from the satellite if obstructed by the trees. If you want to get rid of DStv lost signal problem, you have to keep an eye on your trees.

Ensure the dish is installed in the cleat sight, where it can catch signals without any hindrance. If needed, brackets can be used to install the dish at an appropriate location. This problem is common in summers when trees grow new branches and leaves.

Proper dish alignment can solve DStv problems with signals

DStv problems with signals can be due to the misalignment of the dish. If the dish is not properly installed, it may get displaced after some time. Moreover, strong winds and thunderstorms can also cause problems with the alignment of the dish. Call a professional to clear DStv error E 1434. He will examine the situation and take the necessary steps.

Improper dish installation can also cause Dstv errors

If you want DStv to fix the error, you have to focus on the dish installation. The dish should be aligned and must have no hindrance around it. Other than that, you have to check the LNB of your dish. It is a sensitive part of the dish. The angle of LNB should be correct, which an accredited installer can adjust.

The cables connecting the dish and TV get damaged with time. Rainwater enters these cables and results in DStv error notifications. DStv clear error code you need to change these cables. Rainwater, loose joints, and flexible connectors can also cause error codes.

How do I clear my DStv error code?

If you wonder how do I clear my DStv error code, you need to understand that you cannot clear all error codes on your own. You can clear few codes, but for others, you have to hire an accredited installer. You can clear a few codes like E16, E 17, E 18, etc, by using the self-service procedure.

You have to dial the service number from your smartphone. Select the customer number option and send it to their number. After that, you have to select another couple of options. In the end, you will choose the smart card number of the error code number.

If how to fix the DStv signal problem is your question, you can easily solve it by following these simple steps. You can also visit self-service DStv com to clear this error E 16 4.