Everything you wanted to know about DStv Extra View

Firstly, Extra View is a very popular feature of DStv. It remains in high demand among subscribers, and they also have many queries regarding Extra View. Secondly, this article is an attempt to answer some of these queries related to DStv Extra View. Customers are always asking about DStv Extra View setup installations and DStv prices Extra View. Thirdly, you will get answers to these questions and many more after reading this article.

What is it?

Indeed, Extra View is so popular, yet many people are not aware of the company’s arrangement. XtraView is a very cost-effective way of enjoying various channels through several decoders with a single subscription to DStv. With XtraView, you can get several decoders without having to buy more than one subscription. These decoders are linked to each other under a single subscription for the customer.

To understand XtraView, you can imagine it as an arrangement that allows different family members to enjoy various programs under one roof without fighting for the remote control. Finally, an important thing to remember is that DStv Extra View connections enable the customer to watch three different channels simultaneously.

DStv Extra View Price this year

To enjoy nonstop entertainment on several TV sets, you are charged a subscription fee plus an extra R100 for every decoder per month. People do not mind paying this low DStv Extra View price.

Is there any other charge when you install DStv Extra View?

Lastly, the complexity of the installation process decides extra payment during install DStv. Our XtraView is on special.  This price depends upon the number of decoders and their types. Charges go up when the installer needs to use splitters if there are new and old decoders used during the installation of DStv XtraView. If your decoders are new, you pay less for installation as they don’t require communication cables. Latest decoders can easily function with the help of Smart LNB.

The working principle of Extra View

In DStv XtraView, the primary decoder is linked with one or more secondary decoders. It means all decoders share the same subscription. However, a customer is allowed connecting of a maximum of two decoders with the primary decoder. Obviously, the installer uses this arrangement for Extra View setup DStv on the premises of the customer.

In this arrangement, the primary decoder uses LNB or a smart cable to send a heartbeat signal to secondary decoders after every 90 seconds. If any of the secondary decoders fail to receive a heartbeat signal, it displays Error 143 message. However, this arrangement of DStv extra view set up is not possible for a subscriber accessing DStv through a single large dish installed for the entire community living in an apartment building. For such customers, decoders can be linked with the primary decoder using the DStv Smart switch.

The roles and working of decoders

In DStv Extra View set up, it is the primary decoder that has got the subscription. It shares this subscription with secondary decoders. It is how family members can watch their favourite programs on their TV sets. They have access to programs that are usually available only through premium subscriptions while paying only a nominal monthly fee for the decoder.

Understanding DStv Extra View installation

If you want to know how to connect Extra View DStvyou must know DStv set up connections. It is easier for those who have the tech knowledge to understand the basic set up of XtraView.

Decoders that can be used with Extra View

One good thing about XtraView is that it can be set up using all sorts of decoders, old and new. It is only Triple View that does not work with SD and HD PVR decoders. It would help if you kept in mind that one of the three decoders used to set up Extra View DStv has to be Explora.

LNB to be used for XtraView DStv

If you are using the latest decoders, you can set up Extra View DStv with a smart switch or LNB. These decoders could be from the Explora series or HD decoders. However, if you are using old decoders from MultiChoice, you must use either DStv smart switch or a universal twin LNB. Also, the best quality signals are possible only with the standard 80 cm dish.

Connecting the cables for Extra View DStv set up

DStv Extra view installation diagram
DStv Extra view installation diagram

In this diagram, you can see how LNB has been used to set up XtraView DStv. Coaxial cables of both decoders are connected with smart LNB. Use universal port if decoders are old. Otherwise, make use of uni-cable ports.

Making the famous heartbeat connections

After decoders have been connected to the LNB, it is time to make the heartbeat connection. It is so-called because this signal sent after every 2 minutes by the primary decoder makes it possible for secondary decoders to beam the programs. These decoders will not work and flash E143 messages if they do not receive the heartbeat signal regularly. There is no need for a heartbeat cable if you have used a smart LNB to connect secondary decoders.

Communication cable becomes necessary if the LNB is a universal twin type. This cable is connected between the primary decoder’s RF port and the RF ports of the secondary decoders. Triple View Splitter is required if you are joining three decoders with the primary decoder.

One thing to remember is that the XtraView DStv setup works only when the primary decoder is switched. So make sure that it remains on all the time. Secondary decoders will flash a message that says it is waiting for signals from the primary decoder if it is off.

Activating Extra View on DStv

All connections must be made properly before attempting activation of Extra View on DStv. There are many things to check before you activate XtraView. Channel 100 must be working on all the decoders. Confirm if the secondary decoders are receiving heartbeat signal after every 2-3 minutes or not. You know they are not receiving this important signal when they flash the E143 message.

How to check Extra View status in any set up

  • Press HELP on the remote control
  • Now go to General Info on the screen
  • Click on XtraView under the drop-down menu

To activate XtraView DStv on your subscription, place a call to the office of MultiChoice. You can also contact the installer in your area to start DStv XtraView in your home. Our accredited installers can help if you are experiencing any difficulties in the Extra View DStv setup. 


What is the meaning of error message E143?

To sum up, it means that secondary decoders are not receiving the heartbeat signal from the primary decoder. In many instances, it is a result of the primary decoder being switched off. Also, the communication cable must be properly inserted in RF ports in both decoders.

What is Extra View?

It is an arrangement offered by DStv to its customers to watch different programs with the help of several decoders in the same household. All that a customer has to pay is an additional R100 for every decoder to take advantage of XtraView.

Which decoders are capable of this arrangement?

Finally, Xtra View DStv setup is possible with all the latest decoders, including HD decoders and Explora decoders. Problems are experienced only with older decoders.

How many decoders can be connected for Extra View?

Indeed, DStv XtraView set up is possible with three decoders. You can use any combination of HD and Explora decoders for this setup.

Why do Explora decoders lose signals sometimes?

If Extra View DStv setup is experiencing loss of pictures, it may be because of improper or loose connections. Faulty settings of LNB can cause signals. In conclusion, it can be fixed by changing the user band settings.