Multichoice offers many decoder options for you to choose from. They all come at different prices and offer different features. It is thus important to know what you want in a decoder before making your purchase. You, however, don’t have to worry about any of this when you get the DStv Explora decoder from our company.

Why do you need to have the DStv Explora decoder?

The explora offers numerous features that make it better than the rest. These decoders are the best in the Multichoice lineup. They are reliable, look good and stand out from the rest in many other ways. In addition, they were released after many development years. Indeed, this speaks to their reliability.


Which features does Explora offer?

This is the best decoder for you due to many reasons. Firstly, it releases all its content in HD. It is clear and offers the best watching experience. Indeed, you will never miss a piece of the action in movies, sports, or music. You can thus enjoy every moment of your viewing experience. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about choosing which show if you have the DStv explora decoder. Importantly, you can choose to record one show while you watch another.

The explora has a high-capacity storage feature. It allows you to record over 200 hours of shows. You can thus leave the decoder recording all your favorite series and reality TV shows and rewatch them later. Indeed, you can achieve more when you have the Explora decoder from our company.

This feature is exclusively available in Explora decoders. Indeed, they are the best option to have, and you will never have to fight for the remote with your family. Finally, you can choose to pause live TV, rewind, and rewatch any scenes you missed. It is a convenient feature as you can now cater to other things without missing important information or any action on the sports you are following.

Connect your DStv Explora to the internet

You will never run out of content to watch once you get the Explora decoder from our team. Indeed, it allows you to connect to the internet and link to other streaming services. You can thus link your Explora to a Showmax account and watch TV series. In addition, you can also make system updates that will keep your decoder working properly.

Furthermore, you can create xtraview connections with your decoders conveniently. The Explora offers strong signal transmission and is reliable. All your TVs will thus show clear pictures and will work perfectly. You can thus enjoy your subscription conveniently from any viewing point you want. Our experts will also help you make these connections. Importantly, we have the right tools for installation. You can thus sit back while our experts deliver a convenient installation.

Explora frequently Asked Questions

#1. What is the right installation for your DStv Explora?

You need to have an 80cm diameter dish with a smart LNB device for the best connection. Indeed, it will ensure you are getting the strongest signal. In addition, it will ensure you can comfortably create xtraview connections without losing signal reception. Our experts will ensure it is done right, and you can reach out to us whenever you need an installation.

#2. Which cables come with an Explora purchase?

Our company aims to give you the best value with every Explora purchase you make. Indeed, you can save by not having to buy extra items on the side to connect your decoder. Firstly, you will get a long HDMI cable. You can thus connect your HD TV for the best picture quality. Finally, you will also get a proper wattage power cable. These will serve you well, and you will not need any replacements for a long while. Read here on how to reset the DStv Hd decoder.


#3. Will I get a Showmax account with an installation?

No, you will need to register for a Showmax account separately. It is a separate streaming service and can only be linked once you have an account. The setup process is simple, and you can get our experts to help you out. Indeed, we will also guide you on the linking process. You can thus have a properly working system in no time.

#4. Will our experts help with additional information?

Yes, our experts will help you with any information you need. Importantly, they will help you understand how it all works. In addition, we will help you understand why it is the right decoder for you. You can thus get the DStv Explora from our company at the best prices.