Extra View lets you enjoy more for less from DStv

What is meant by Extra View?

Firstly, DStv Extra View is a clever way of achieving proximity between 2-3 decoders for digital entertainment in a household. You can keep up to three decoders close to each other through Extra View. It allows members of a family to watch their favourite movies and TV shows in different rooms simultaneously. Customers love this arrangement called XtraView as it helps them save on their hard money. Secondly, they are not required to buy a separate subscription for every set being watched in the home. We can help you set up Extra View DStv in your home. It will be perfect and at a very reasonable price.

Extra View lets you enjoy more for less from DStv

Is Extra View a better arrangement than Dual View?

  • If you opt for Dual View, you will need to buy expensive and complex software. If you don’t have familiarity with this software, you will find it difficult to add new functionality through Dual View later on.
  • Currently using DStv Explora and wish to add HD PVR in a Dual View arrangement, you have to pay a high price for it.
  • With XtraView on DStv, a household having one TV set is not asked to pay more if they choose not to enjoy functionality.
  • Add an HD PVR decoder to the existing Explorer decoder, you will find the arrangement complex and expensive.
  • XtraView gives you the liberty to watch DStv in any room of the household whenever you so desire
  • Separate but placed nearby decoders in XtraView lead to the high audio-video quality of programs in different rooms of the home
  • DStv Extra View installation enables interaction between various TV sets under this arrangement.

 The working principle of Xtra View

  • The magic behind XtraView is the system called heartbeat signals. It is the communication between the primary, and the secondary decoders in the form of a signal sent every 2-3 minutes.
  • You can only utilize decoders authorized by DStv under this arrangement called XtraView. If you try to use decoders made by other companies, they will not work in XtraView.
  • If the secondary decoders do not receive a heartbeat signal for more than 3 minutes, they will stop beaming programs on TV sets and display an error message of no signal. Programs resume as soon as the heartbeat signal gets restored.
  • RF port is used to send and receive heartbeat signals through an RF cable.
  • DStv decoders are fitted with a special RF tuner just for connection in the Extra View arrangement.
  • RF cable finds many other applications, such as sending commands to the remote control and carrying signals for audio and video.

Thirdly, If you have successfully installed Extra View on your DStv, you must be seeing a message. The message says waiting for communication from the primary decoder. Lastly, if you face any problems with this setup, please us. Indeed, we are your professional DSTV.