Extra View Setup

DStv is a popular entertainment option and is available in many countries. When you buy this system for your house, everyone will want to watch all their favourite shows. In some cases, people’s favourite shows might be running simultaneously on different channels, and it could cause some disagreements in the family but an extra view setup will help.

How to make an extra view setup

DStv has, however, created a great solution for this, DStv extra view. It lets you connect more decoders to different TVs in your home without needing to buy another subscription, making it very affordable. Now everyone in the house can watch all their favourite shows uninterrupted. You can also record your shows on the decoders independently.

Although the DStv extra view setup process is simple, you have to know how to set up a DStv connection. For a beginner, you can go through the provided manual, and in a short time, you will get it.

Extra View Setup

What types of decoders are needed?

You can use old decoders or new ones in the extra view setup process if you have them. The latter is better because you won’t have to work with many cables. Their connection is stronger too.

You can use the Explora, SD decoders, or HD decoders for the connection. If you intend to use a triple connection, it is not advisable to use HD PVR and SD decoders. In a three-decoder connection, one of them must be a DStv Explora decoder for a stronger connection.

Options for connections in the extra view setup process

When setting up an extra view connection, you can choose to use a wired or wireless connection. In the wired connection, you will need a coaxial cable connected to a Smart LNB. You should also check the type of cables your decoder supports to ensure the connection is done right.

Extra View Setup

You can also choose to use the DStv heartbeat connection option. All modern decoders can receive signals using their smart LNB, and you can use them without needing any wires.

The DStv xtra view setup process is fast and simple. In a short while, everyone in your house will be enjoying their favourite shows uninterrupted.