Garage door – Installations, repairs on all doors and motors

Garage door, installations, and repairs on all doors and motors.

If you are here it means you are looking for a repairs specialist for the roller doors of your garage.  Otherwise, the normal swing doors that hinge up.  Either way, we know how to repair all doors.

There could be a problem with the motor.  For example, it may be stuck or sticking preventing the door from opening correctly.  This is a frustrating problem but the good thing is we know how to fix it fast.

Contrary to that the door may not be opening at all.  Again, we know how to pinpoint any issues related to the garage motor door.

Our team has been around the block a few times and so our experience speaks for itself.  With a hardworking crew that is knowledgeable about every aspect of service.  Particularly with what may seem difficult or complicated.

Depending on a reliable supplier and service company is important as well as garage door motors.  Our mission is to build lasting relationships with customers.  This way you know you can depend on the whole team at any time.

On the other hand, perhaps you need a new garage door?  Great! We have what you are looking for.  All shapes and sizes are available for purchase.

Whether you would like a single or double door we have all styles for you.

Garage Door

Automate garage door service and more

Automate garage door service and more.  What you need we have.

Is your garage still opening the manual way?  Why struggle, when the automation option is simple.  Not only that but it is also safer.

Firstly, because you are not lifting a heavy door every day.  Secondly, for security purposes, it is much better.

All garage doors can be automated.  Even if they are already fitted, the only thing that is needed is the mechanism and motor.

Safety is key in South Africa.  If you have a faulty door it is a security risk. It needs attention now.  We have an emergency service to help you quickly.

Contact us via WhatsApp or call and someone will assist you immediately.

Feel free to contact our call center now for advice and a free quotation.

Commercial, Industrial and Residential

Our team is trained to install a garage door for any purpose.  Either for commercial, industrial or residential.

Ask us for quality doors that are strong for warehousing or shop fronts.  Heavy metal doors are a great option as a security feature.

These kinds of doors can act as an extra security barrier.  Proven to keep stock safe and virtually unbreakable.

What about fashionable doors?  Yes, we have all the modern designs you are after.  Steel doors or beautiful designer wooden doors.

Our trained eye can give you the best options for your home.

Quality and reliability

Call us now for a garage door that is not just quality but also reliable.  Along with the our great products is our service.  As time has shown that we are a reputable name that people trust.

Furthermore, our work is guaranteed.  Even if it is only small repairs.  We are happy to assist and keep our promise of service reliance.

New garage doors or the old needing some TLC we are there for you.  If you are looking for a company that makes sure every repair lasts we are it.

Restoration of doors for the garage is another one of our many talents.  Despite doors possibly looking too old to fix.  It is possible and we have the know-how.

Let’s recap.  Repairs on broken or creaky doors, or repairs on the motors.  Moreover, doors for new garages even if it is for a full new complex.  We have the manpower to do it.

From start to finish we are there.  A consultant will come to the site to check measurements and discuss all options.  Our consultations are free and quotes are free.

The dependable, stable team of professionals is in your area now!

Garage Door


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