Our help is all you need to find trusted local house sitters and pet sitters!

House Sitters

Securing reliable house sitters or pet sitters can often appear complex and time-consuming.

However, with our professionally curated platform designed to serve South African homeowners, finding certified local house sitters and pet sitters has never been easier.

We’ve collated an extensive portfolio of experienced and trust-worthy professionals consistently providing quality services across the Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape regions and beyond.

Our dedicated team undergoes rigorous checks before approval ensuring you’re presented with only reputable individuals committed to delivering top-notch service.

  • These include trusted long-term house sitting for homeowners embarking on lengthy travels or short-term assistance when needed – all at affordable rates.

Our impressive catalogue does not stop there – our team extends their expertise to cater for your beloved pets during your absence as well as maintaining garden aesthetics and necessary mail collection duties within these given periods.

Whether it’s a quick trip out of town or an extended vacation that requires you to find a trustworthy person for in-home pet care or home security check services;

  • We are here to streamline this process saving you invaluable time and significantly reducing stress associated with leaving your home unattended.

With just one click of the ‘find a house sitter near me’ button, gain access to personalized profiles detailing the vast experience dog sitting, cat sitting amongst other distinct abilities from our locally based trusted house sitters.

Can you explain the concept of a House Sitter?

In essence, a house sitter is a trusted individual who takes on the responsibility of looking after your home when you are away.

This concept of house sitting revolves around an exchange of services where both parties benefit — homeowners have peace of mind knowing their residence is under watchful care, and sitters get to reside in new environments temporarily.

  • The term “house sitting” often extends to include duties such as dog sitting overnight within your property, providing additional comfort for pet owners.

House sitters carry out a range of tasks aimed at ensuring the security and maintenance of your abode while you’re not present.

Such responsibilities may entail collecting and organising mail, turning lights on and off periodically for prevention against burglary attempts or performing basic cleaning chores to keep the home operational.

  • Furthermore, these reliable individuals can effectively handle other essential tasks such as watering plants and feeding pets.

It’s important for homeowners to provide precise instructions regarding their expectations to ensure optimal service delivery from the house sitter.

Affordable House Sitter Services in South Africa

Affordable House Sitter Services in South Africa

Get top-rated, affordable house sitter services in South Africa available for both long-term and short-term stays.

  • Our local pet sitters are trusted to provide reliable care for your furry friends, while our reputable house sitters ensure your home is safe and secure during your absence.

With our affordable plant care, mail and package collection services, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything will be taken care of while you’re away.

Trusted Long-Term House Sitting

Enjoy peace of mind while you’re away, thanks to our trusted long-term house sitting services.

  • Our attentive and reliable house sitters take their duties seriously, providing high-quality care for your home during extended vacations or work trips.

They don’t just watch over your property; they become a part of the community – getting familiar with local stores, service providers, and even neighbouring pets!

With full-time house sitter jobs available all across South Africa, including remote positions in San Francisco and Cape Town, we ensure that your residence remains secure under the surveillance of experienced professionals.

  • House sitters require a valid South African driving license for some roles – hence it’s guaranteed that there will be someone to take up necessary responsibilities like running errands if required.

Your trust is our priority; therefore every aspect of our service focuses on ensuring safety for both homeowners and their homes.

  • It’s more than just hiring a service; it’s gaining an ally who ensures that you can enjoy your journey without worrying about home issues.

Top-Rated Short-Term House Sitting

Top-Rated Short-Term House Sitting

Enjoy peace of mind during your short vacations or business trips with our top-rated short-term house sitting services.

  • We hand-select professional house sitters in South Africa who tirelessly work to ensure your homes are secure, and plants stay green.

Our customised approach fits the unique requirements of every homeowner, offering mail and package collection among other essential services.

House sitter responsibilities extend far beyond simple home security checks whilst you’re away for a few days; they take care of pets ensuring their day-to-day routines aren’t disturbed, providing in-home pet care that’s second to none.

  • Affordable without compromising on quality, our service fills the gap between luxury house sitting jobs and necessity-led opportunities.

Rest assured that hiring from amongst local house sitters offers unparalleled trustworthiness – guaranteed by thousands of satisfied homeowners across Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal among others.

Local Pet Sitting

We understand that finding trusted pet sitters to care for your furry friends can be a challenging task.

  • That’s why we offer reliable local pet sitting services in South Africa, ensuring your pets receive the love and attention they deserve while you’re away.

Our experienced pet sitters are animal lovers who will provide personalized care tailored to the needs of your beloved pets.

  • Whether it’s regular walks, feeding, playtime, or administering medication, our dedicated team ensures that your pets are well taken care of in the comfort of their own home.

With affordable rates and a commitment to excellence, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are in capable hands with our trusted local pet sitters.

Affordable Plant Care

Affordable plant care is an essential service provided by our trusted house sitters.

  • We understand the importance of maintaining your indoor and outdoor plants while you’re away, and our experienced team is here to help.

Our house sitters are knowledgeable about different types of plants and their specific care requirements, ensuring that your greenery thrives in your absence.

  • From watering and fertilizing to pruning and repotting, we go the extra mile to keep your plants healthy and vibrant.

With our affordable plant care services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious plants are in good hands while you’re away.

Reputable Mail and Package Collection

Our house sitters take great care to ensure that your mail and packages are collected and kept safe while you’re away.

  • With our reputable mail and package collection service, you can have peace of mind knowing that important documents or precious deliveries won’t be left unattended.

Our experienced house sitters understand the importance of timely delivery, so they’ll make sure to collect your mail regularly and securely store any packages until your return.

  • Whether it’s bills, letters, or valuable items, our trusted team will handle the task with professionalism and reliability.

You can trust us to keep your home running smoothly even in your absence.

Roles and responsibilities of House Sitters

Roles and responsibilities of House Sitters

  1. Performing basic housecleaning duties, maintaining cleanliness and tidiness inside the home.
  2. Watering indoor plants to ensure their health and well-being.
  3. Collecting mail and packages on behalf of the homeowners, keeping them safe until their return.
  4. Overseeing the general upkeep of the property, including tasks like checking for any maintenance issues or damages.
  5. Washing bed sheets, towels, and other linens as required.
  6. Meeting with homeowners before their departure to receive detailed instructions about their preferences and specific requirements.
  7. Providing pet care services, including feeding, exercising, and administering medication if needed.
  8. Ensuring the safety and security of the home by keeping it occupied and implementing appropriate security measures.
  9. Taking out household waste and managing recycling routines according to local guidelines.
  10. Tending to outdoor areas such as watering plants, mowing the lawn, or maintaining a garden if specified by homeowners.

List the Positive and Negative Aspects of Hiring a House Sitter

Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
House sitting provides a significant security measure for your property. There are potential legal issues and etiquette considerations to factor in.
Most homeowners have positive experiences with their house sitters, with praises for their work. Not every house sitter can meet the homeowner’s expectations, leading to possible dissatisfaction.
A house sitter can help maintain your insurance coverage after a certain period. There could be negative implications if the house sitter fails to uphold their responsibilities.
House sitters can also tend to pets, providing an extra service. Hiring a house sitter can sometimes be costly.
Positive house-sitting experiences can have a great impact on your well-being and peace of mind. House-sitting is a trust-based value exchange and may not be suitable for those with trust issues.

Accredited Pet Sitting Services in South Africa

Accredited Pet Sitting Services in South Africa

If you’re looking for accredited pet sitting services in South Africa, there are several reputable options to choose from.

They offer a range of services including pet boarding, sitting, grooming, dog walking, doggy daycare, and even taxi services for your furry friends.

  • With their team of experienced and trustworthy pet sitters, you can rest assured that your pets will be well taken care of while you’re away.

You can easily find qualified pet sitters near you through this platform.

It’s important to note that accredited pet sitting services adhere to industry standards when it comes to payment.

  • The rates may vary depending on factors such as travel requirements or additional tasks requested during the house sitting period.

So whether you need someone to feed your cat while you’re away for the weekend or require more comprehensive care for your pets during longer trips, these accredited pet sitting services in South Africa have got you covered.

  • Trustworthy and professional, they provide peace of mind knowing that your beloved pets are safe and well cared for until your return home.

Compelling reasons to hire our trustworthy House sitters and Pet Sitters in your neighbourhood

  • House sitters and pet sitters are experienced professionals who understand the specific needs of homeowners and their pets.
  • Hiring our trustworthy house sitters ensures that your home remains secure and well – maintained during your absence.
  • House sitters provide personalized care for your pets, giving you peace of mind knowing they are in capable hands.
  • Offer a range of additional services such as dog walking, plant care, and mail collection to ensure all aspects of your home are taken care of.
  • Our house sitters are local to your neighborhood, making it convenient for you to find reliable assistance close to home.
  • With our trusted house sitters, you can enjoy the companionship of animals without the long – term commitment or responsibility.
  • House sitting with us provides a cost – effective alternative to traditional accommodation options, allowing you to save money while enjoying a comfortable living environment.

Full Breakdown: House Sitting Rates in South Africa for 2023

The table below provides a comprehensive breakdown of house sitting rates in South Africa for 2023.

Service Average Daily Rate Additional Costs
House Sitting R250 – R750 Varies depending on location and season
Pet Sitting (1 pet) R450 R100 per extra pet
Pet Sitting (Additional pet) R100 N/A
24-Hour House Sitting R450 – R750 Extra for peak seasons

Step-by-Step Directions to Hire a House Sitter Close to You

  • Contact us for a sitter in your area
  • Once you have gathered enough information and references, schedule a meeting or phone call with the potential house sitter to discuss further details. This will allow you to get a sense of their personality, experience level, and overall compatibility with your needs.
  • During the meeting or call, ask them about their experience in house sitting, any specialized skills they possess (such as pet care or plant care), and how they handle security measures while you’re away.
  • Discuss the specific responsibilities you expect from the house sitter during your absence. This may include taking care of pets, watering plants, collecting mail/packages, managing home security systems, etc.
  • Inquire about their availability during your desired dates and make sure they are flexible enough to accommodate any changes that may arise.
  • Agree on a fair rate for the house sitting services provided. This can vary depending on factors such as duration of stay, additional responsibilities, and location.
  • Finally, once you feel satisfied with all the information gathered, make an informed decision by selecting a trustworthy and experienced house sitter who meets all your criteria.

Service Areas Covered by Approved House Sitters in South Africa

Service Areas Covered by Approved House Sitters in South Africa

Approved House Sitters in South Africa cover a wide range of service areas, including Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Free State and Mpumalanga.

They also serve specific neighborhoods such as Alberton, Bellville, Benoni, Bloemfontein, Boksburg and many more across the country.

Regions Covered by Experienced House Sitters

Experienced house sitters are available to provide their services in various regions across South Africa, ensuring that homeowners can find trusted individuals close to their location.

Whether you’re in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or any other major city, there are reputable house sitters ready to cater to your house-sitting needs.

Nearby Neighborhoods Serviced

  1. Sandton – Known as the financial hub of Johannesburg, Sandton is home to upscale residential areas and bustling commercial districts.
  2. Pretoria East – As the administrative capital of South Africa, Pretoria East offers a mix of suburban tranquility and convenient access to amenities.
  3. Durbanville – Located just outside Cape Town, Durbanville is known for its picturesque vineyards and family-friendly neighborhoods.
  4. Table View – Situated along Cape Town’s stunning coastline, Table View offers breathtaking views of Table Mountain and easy access to beautiful beaches.
  5. Stellenbosch – Famous for its world-class wineries and historic architecture, Stellenbosch is a charming town in the Western Cape that attracts both locals and tourists alike.
  6. Centurion – Conveniently located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, Centurion boasts modern infrastructure, excellent schools, and a range of housing options.
  7. Port Elizabeth – With its stunning coastal landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Port Elizabeth is an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle near the beach.
  8. Somerset West – Nestled at the foot of the Helderberg Mountains in the Western Cape, Somerset West offers a tranquil setting with easy access to wine estates and nature reserves.

Conclusion about a House Sitter: Only hire certified House Sitters to cater to all your house-sitting needs!

In conclusion, when it comes to finding reliable house sitters, it is crucial to only hire certified professionals who can meet all your house-sitting needs.

  • By choosing experienced and trusted individuals, you can ensure that your home, pets, plants, and packages are well taken care of while you’re away.

So leave your worries behind and entrust your house-sitting requirements to the expertise of certified House Sitters!


1. What is a house sitter?

A house sitter is someone who temporarily stays in a homeowner’s property while they are away, taking care of the house and any pets or plants that may need attention.

2. How do I find a reliable house sitter?

To find a reliable house sitter, you can search online platforms specializing in connecting homeowners with trusted sitters.

  • It is important to thoroughly review their profiles, read reviews from previous clients, and conduct interviews to ensure compatibility and trustworthiness.

3. What responsibilities does a house sitter have?

The responsibilities of a house sitter typically include taking care of the home by keeping it clean and secure, collecting mail, watering plants, caring for pets (if applicable), maintaining the garden, and ensuring all household systems are running smoothly.

4. Do I need to provide accommodations for the house sitter?

Yes, as the homeowner it is customary to provide accommodations for the house sitter during their stay.