Tips on how to connect 2 DStv decoders to 1 dish easily

When you get a DStv Explora connection, you will want to get the best from it. One of the ways you can do this is by connecting two decoders to a single dish. It is very convenient if you have several viewing points in your house or your business’ waiting area. This is how to connect 2 DStv decoders to 1 dish easily.

How to connect 2 dstv decoders to 1 dish

Setting up your satellite dish

The first process in connecting 2 DStv decoders to 1 dish is setting up the DStv satellite dish. You can choose to install the dish on your own or get the services of an expert. The dish has to have a radius of 50cm and more to ensure it gets a strong enough signal for both decoders. You should also ensure the dish is facing the right direction and has the correct elevation. These factors will play a huge role in getting a strong signal.

How to connect dstv using a signal splitter

The first process of using a signal splitter is ensuring you get the correct types. You should also have a coaxial cable and an F-connector.  Attach your splitter to the smart LNB device on your satellite dish.

The splitter has two ports, and you can now connect the coaxial cables to them. You can now run these cables to your two decoders and run the installation wizard on them. They will both begin broadcasting and receiving a signal where you can view all your favorite channels.

How to connect 2 dstv decoders to 1 dish

How to connect 2 DStv decoders to 1 dish using a dual LNB connection

you can also use a dual smart LNB device to know how to connect 2DStv decoders to 1 dish. Replace the single LNB from your dish and use this one. It has two ports into which you can connect your coaxial cables and run them to your decoders. All your decoders will begin receiving a signal, and you can run the installation wizard.