Tips on how to Connect DStv Cables easily

When you check the back of your DStv Decoder, there are numerous ports, and all are connected to different points with different cables. When you know how to connect DStv cables, you won’t need to hire a technician, saving you time and money.

  • You can make all the DStv cable connections on your own conveniently.
  • There are many possible connections to make, and they are simple to complete.

How to connect DStv cables

How to connect your DStv Explora to the TV

When learning how to connect DStv cables to your TV, you must first understand that the type of tv you use will play a huge role in the cable connection you make.

Modern Smart TV

  • Making the connection will be easier and will take fewer cables
  • Connect your DStv Explora decoder using an HDMI cable
  • It will transmit high-definition signals that allow your Tv to produce the highest picture quality.

Old TV

  • You will have to use the RCA ports.
  • They are colour-coded, making them easier to spot and connect to.
  • You will get the necessary cables when you purchase a DStv decoder.

DStv for an Internet Connection

It is vital to know how to connect DStv cables to your wifi router to access the internet through your decoder. When you connect your DStv decoder to the internet, you can access even more programming from streaming sites such as Netflix and ShowMax.

How to connect DStv cables

You need an ethernet cable that is long enough to reach your decoder from your router in this connection.

  • There is a port marked ethernet at the back of your decoder.
  • Insert one end of your cable here, and the other end goes into the back of your router.
  • When you complete the connection, your DStv decoder will immediately pick up the connection.

You can now access all your favourite shows from these streaming services, making it very convenient. This is how one connects the DStv cables to some of the most commonly used ports on your decoder.