One of the challenging aspects of using a DStv decoder is experiencing DStv hard drive corruption. It is very inconvenient and will take you several steps back. You thus always have to know how to fix a corrupt DStv hard drive in case you encounter this problem. Doing it on your own saves you time and money instead of hiring a DStv technician for repairs.

Tips on how to fix a corrupt DStv hard drive on DStv Explora

Many reasons can cause your hard drive to get corrupted. Since this is a software problem, the problems are mainly from your decoder software. When you connect a memory stick with viruses to your decoder, it could result in hard drive corruption.

How to fix a corrupt DStv hard drive

It can also arise when you make a system update on your Explora decoder wrongly. These updates are only available from Multichoice, and when you get them from an unauthorized place, they can corrupt your hard drive.

Signs that your hard drive is corrupted

When your hard drive becomes corrupted, it will affect your watching experience a lot. It will erase all the data on your hard drive, including all your favourite shows that you didn’t get to watch. Some will also get corrupted and will be inaccessible, making them useless to you.

Since the hard drive plays a huge role in allowing you to pause your tv, having a corrupted hard drive makes this impossible. You will be unable to stop or rewind the programming, making it very inconvenient for you.

How to fix a corrupt DStv hard drive

Knowing how to fix a corrupt DStv hard drive is among the most important skills to have when you buy your decoder. You can learn it, and you won’t need to hire a DStv technician. To fix it, you first have to remove the power cable.

How to fix a corrupt DStv hard drive

Press and hold the power button on the front of your decoder. Insert the power cable, and don’t let go of the power button as your decoder powers up. It will bring up the word “CODE,” and to repair the corruption, press P-P+P-P+ on your remote. It will begin to format all the data on your decoder, and when it is done, it will reboot itself.

When it powers up, it will return to your last viewed channel, and the hard drive corruption will be fixed.

  • Knowing what to do when your DStv hard drive is corrupted will come in handy.