You are likely to find Dstv problems while subscribing to a DStv Package. One of these problems are “my DStv decoder keeps going off”. This DStv article covers everything.

Is my DStv decoder keeps going off a common problem?

My DStv Decoder keeps going off

Unfortunately, it has been troubling many users for a long time. Indeed, it will make watching your shows harder with constant interruptions. These reboots will happen every three seconds, and some people are forced to get new decoders.

  • Fortunately, our experts have the best solutions for you that will have your decoder working as well as new.

What causes my DStv decoder keeps going off problem?

The main cause for the rebooting error is a poor or incorrect software upgrade.

  • If you have tried to upgrade your system recently and encountered this problem, you have your answer.
  • Software upgrades are delicate and can easily go wrong.

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How can you fix this problem?

The process to fix  my DStv decoder keeps going off is quite simple. Indeed, we will have your system working as well as new. You can thus reach out to our experts if you are unaware of the technical aspects of your decoder.

  1. Locate the dish cable, disconnect and reconnect it to fix your signal reception.
  2. Restart the decoder through the power button or unplug it directly from the wall.
  3. Wait for it to power up and watch if it will reboot after some time.
  4. Start the menu by pressing the “menu” button on your remote.
  5. Under the menu section, locate the “DStv W7” option and activate the settings.
  6. Save the settings and wait for your decoder to complete the scans and update the settings.

Your reboot issue will be corrected.

My DStv Decoder keeps going off

This simple process will have your system working as well as it should be. The process is simple and offers the best solution you need.

If the problem persists, you can call our DStv Technicians.

We are your best option for my DStv decoder that does not power up, that keeps going off challenges.