New DStv Explora Ultra now available

DStv customers have been waiting impatiently for the latest and all new dstv explora ultra ever since Calvo Mawela announced this decoder at the 2020 Showcase event. The most modern decoder from DStv has been garnering praise and appreciation from all quarters because of the integration of streaming giant Netflix through a third-party application.

New DStvExplora Ultra now available

Pricing of the new dstv explora ultra decoder

There was much speculation about Dstv explora ultra price before it hit the shelves in the retail stores. Once the loyal customers knew about Netflix’s integration with this new decoder, they knew and were mentally prepared to pay a higher price for it. Now it turns out that the price tag of explora ultra without installation will be on special. Complete DStv installation along with the new decoder is currently on promotion with us.

From a distance, it is hard to make out a difference between the new dstv explora ultra decoder and the earlier model called Explora 3. Both have the same features and functionalities in the offline mode. You can pause live TV for up to two hours and record content for up to 110 hours. Use catch up with those having a very busy schedule to watch programs later on. It is when the decoder is connected with the web that the differences show up. For example, DStv Explora Ultra 4K decoder has built-in Wi-Fi, more memory space, and the ability to watch 4K resolution content.

However, the biggest feature of this decoder is its integration to Netflix with the help of a third-party application. The customer is free to subscribe and unsubscribe from Netflix any time he so desires. If you are fond of DStv but felt attracted to Netflix because of the top-rated series and TV shows, you can now watch Netflix’s content on your own DStv platform. It will have a dedicated button for Netflix on the remote control.

Ultimate viewing experience with dstv explora ultra pvr

Explora ultra PVR gives you the ability to record your favourite programs. You will never miss any of your favorite programs simply because you were busy doing something else or watching another program on another channel. In addition to delivering content in a high 4K resolution, the explora ultra decoder also gives you an immersive experience through its Dolby Atmos sound system.

Multi Choice has partnered with Netflix while talks with another streaming giant, Amazon Prime Video, continuing. It is very much possible for the company to integrate Amazon Prime or any other leading streaming service with its decoder shortly.

The box for the new decoders is made completely with recycled material in South Africa. It is still unclear whether subscribers will be asked to pay separately for Netflix or receive a combined monthly bill from DStv.

If you have purchased the DStv Explora Ultra decoder and finding it difficult to connect it, please feel free to call in our experienced DStv installer to carry out DStv installation on your property.