Palisade fencing prices, steel palisade fencing and installation

Palisade fencing prices, steel palisade fencing, and installation.  We retail in high-standard galvanized fencing.  For added long-lasting fences our palisade is zinc coated.  This makes it rust-resistant

We are the company you can count on for top service.  Yes! We supply and install palisade. Our fencing and installation are quality guaranteed.  Which means we only use the best grade of steel.  As well as the best hands to install it too.

For security purposes, a palisade is the way to go.  As it is affordable and has few maintenance needs.

Our panels come in various designs.  There is a large option to choose from.  We can even design a fence specific to what you need.

The fencing contractor with years of experience and the most competitive prices in town.

Palisade fencing prices
palisade fencing prices

Outstanding palisade fencing prices

Outstanding palisade fencing is only available with us.  Because we bring variety to the perimeter security market.  We are the only ones who offer affordable prices.  Not only are the fences we have heavy-duty, but the low costs we present no one else can beat.

Choose between low fences for pool areas.  Or high boundary fences for large estates.  We have them all.  Security is important in South Africa so make sure you choose the best.

There are a lot of reasons to choose palisade over building wall.  Firstly, it is a money-saving, because walls need a lot more material and labour.

Secondly, the maintenance of the palisade is low.  Which means more savings for your pocket.

Thirdly, walls can be a security risk,  because you cannot see past a wall.  However, with palisade, you can see the other side.

On the other hand, you can combine a palisade with a wall.  Otherwise known as palisade wall extensions.

Talk to our agents now about palisade fencing.  All quotes are free.

Palisade fencing prices
palisade fencing prices


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