Palisade gates, install new motorized security gates at home

Palisade gates install new motorized security gates at home.  Along with palisade fences, our gates are strong.  Because the steel is galvanized and powered coated.  In addition, the coat can be the colour of your choice.  Furthermore, this all adds to the durability of the steel.

Moreover, our gates and fences are modern and stylish.  With only the best craftsmanship.  We guarantee our product.

Not only do we supply all our palisade but we install it too.  This way we can assure you of the result.

All our palisades vary in look and need.  For example, some fence options have a seven-spoke edge.  This allows for higher security.

Other fences may have a rounded edge and can be installed around a pool area.

Palisade gates

Fully installed and the best prices!

Fully installed palisade gates may be used on manual.  Alternatively, adding a gate motor is also an option.  As mentioned earlier because the steel we use is galvanized this makes them rust-resistant.

We are committed to giving only the best service.  Moreover, our happy clients can assure you of the same.  All the palisade gate installations we fit are done with accurate measurements.  This makes sure that the gate is correctly fitted to the fence so that no jamming occurs.

With all of that said, our years of experience have given us the edge to be the best in Gauteng.  We have a great team of people who work to give you what you need.

From start to completion we promise our best attention to detail.  Specifically for you.  Installation of palisade is a great investment.  Not only are they low maintenance.  But they also give good and consistent security.

Call us today for a free quote.  Let us help you decide on the best gate and fence for your property.  From commercial to residential barrier security we do it all.

Palisade gates
Palisade gates


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