A polygraph lie detector test is used to detect a lie. People need to produce this test report for certain kinds of jobs. Sometimes they need to prove their truth. Lie Detector test provides evidence that if a person is lying or not. Message us to discover the truth regarding your questions with a polygraph lie detector test. Indeed, our prices on polygraphs are the best!

Polygraph lie detector test

Know the Truth @ Polygraph lie detector test

It’s vital to understand how this lie detector works. We all know that lying is the wrong action. Morally and ethically, it is not considered acceptable. So, when a person lies, he or she feels some pressure. The condition of pressure and anxiety produces some distinct signs in his body.

These symptoms are visible on individual machines and can be measure. The machine which detects these signs and symptoms is called a Polygraph.

Polygraph lie detector test – What a polygraph measures?

When a person lies, his breathing changes. Sometimes he takes shallow breaths, and at other times he takes deep breaths. Measuring the pattern of breathing is one key aspect of Polygraph.
The pulse rate of a liar is also higher than the person who is speaking the truth. So Polygraph also measures the pulse rate and blood pressure of the person on which the test is conducted.

Sweating is another sign, which is a measure for the criminal record check. It is not about measuring the amount of sweat directly. Electrical conductivity is measured with a tool, which is more in case of more sweating.


All these indicators are drawn in the form of a graph.  Computers have made this test very easy to conduct. People’s records, which came for a criminal background check, can be easily stored on the computer.

Specific software is also available these days, which helps the examiner to conclude. Another critical point to consider is the condition of the subject. If the person is taking drugs or alcohol or is ill at the test time, the results may not be reliable.

So, there are certain conditions, which must be fulfilled before conducting the test.

Uses of Polygraph

The polygraph test is widely used for several reasons. As mentioned earlier, some government departments as for this test as a requirement of the job. If someone has to prove loyalty, they may need to go through the relationship lie detector tests. Many spouses ask their partners for it.

Uses of Polygraph

It is also used to check the criminal background of a person. In some instances, infidelity lie detector tests are also administered to the accused criminals. Sometimes, the court asks the police to bring the test results if the criminal does not accept his mistake.

However, there are certain conditions in which the test is conducted. Moreover, the duration of the test is also significant, which only our experts can decide.
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