PVC ceiling installation, affordable new designer drop ceiling features

PVC ceiling installation, affordable new designer drop ceiling features.

Plastic ceiling boards are fast becoming the most wanted material for building.  Because of its easy installation process and quality results.

Not only do you have two options on installations but you also have many design options.

It is so easy you can even install it yourself.  Otherwise, hire our fast and friendly service now.

On the other hand, you may want a new bulkhead hanging from your ceilings.

For instance, a round bulkhead with lights fitted.  Well, we can install it all for you.

With prices so low we will be well within your projected budget.

Want beautiful drop ceiling installations?  Then call us now.

Pvc ceiling installation

Decorative pvc ceiling installation

Beautiful pvc ceiling installation is the new trend.

For instance, designer colours like a brown wood gloss.  Looks elegant in any lounge or dining room.

Alternatively, storm gloss finishes gives a stylish marble finish and effect.

Even so, a standard white gloss will look great in any room in the house or hotel reception.

Contact us now and choose from a variety of finishes to suit your taste. Also offering roof repair.

We also aim to keep our customers happy.  We will gladly assist you with the best outcome.

In addition, our after-sales service will provide you with the desired result.

We guarantee all of our finished projects.

Award winning

Our stunning pvc ceiling installation designs are in many different places.  For example, fine dining restaurants and 5-star hotels.

Moreover, our team is qualified to give you modern results for any room.

Furthermore, we deliver quality products and use only the best brands.

Pvc ceiling installation designs

So, don’t delay.  Call us now for a free quote on all pvc ceiling installations.


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