Boreholes: Drilling, Installation, Repairs & Pricing

Boreholes Drilling Installation Repairs & Pricing

Water is an essential resource, but access to a reliable supply can be challenging. Boreholes offer a viable solution by tapping into the earth’s natural water sources,

  • Provides clean and abundant water for both residential and commercial purposes

We will delve into the world of boreholes and discuss the following:

  • Advantages compared to other water supply methods such as wellpoints
  • Understanding the installation process and maintenance requirements
  • How do they support irrigation systems
  • Find local Borehole drillers near me

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Key Takeaways

  • Boreholes are a reliable and sustainable water source that offer several benefits compared to other methods like wellpoints
  • The borehole installation process involves drilling, installing pumps and filtration systems, water storage tanks if required, and regular maintenance for maximum efficiency.
  • Proper maintenance is essential to avoid costly breakdowns and ensure safe access to clean and stable water.
  • Common issues such as clogged filters or damaged parts can be fixed with routine check-ups from qualified experts.

Understanding Boreholes


Boreholes are vertical or horizontal drilling shafts used to extract water, oil, gas or minerals from the ground.

  • They provide a sustainable natural water source that is cleaner and more environmentally friendly than mains water.

The Difference between a Borehole and Wellpoint

Understanding the key differences between boreholes and well points is essential when deciding on the best groundwater solution for your needs.

On the other hand, wellpoints provide a more cost-effective alternative for those with lower water demands.

  • A wellpoint consists of a pipe with a filtered end that’s installed in porous soil and connected to a surface-mounted pump.

They may not deliver as much water as boreholes due to their shallower depths,

  • Their affordability makes them an attractive option for small-scale irrigation projects or supplementary household use.

Benefits of Investing in a Borehole

Investing in a borehole offers numerous advantages for potential customers, making it a wise decision for property owners seeking a reliable water supply.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Increased property value: A borehole provides a consistent water supply during times of drought, which can enhance the overall value of your property.
  • Cost savings: Over time, using borehole water can lead to significant savings on your water bill.
  • Drought protection: Boreholes provide an alternative groundwater source during dry periods, ensuring you have access to essential water resources.
  • Improved reliability: Boreholes often achieve the required water pressure for their purpose, making them more dependable than mains water supply systems.
  • Easy maintenance: With regular service and care, boreholes are easy to maintain and will continue to function efficiently for many years.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly: By utilising natural groundwater resources, boreholes contribute to sustainable water management practices and reduce strain on municipal supplies.
  • Enhanced irrigation capabilities: Boreholes can be integrated with existing or new irrigation systems, ensuring an adequate supply of water for gardens or agricultural land.

Working with experienced borehole experts in South Africa like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban or Cape Town areas, you’ll be able to make the most out of your investment.

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Stability of Water Supply

Investing in a borehole for water provision offers numerous benefits, one of which is the stability of your water supply.

With a private borehole on your property, you gain access to an independent source of groundwater,

  • This ensures that you have a reliable and consistent flow of fresh water throughout the year.

Not only do boreholes provide stable access to vital resources, but they also contribute to reducing the pressure on local water infrastructures.

  • For example, if more homeowners and businesses opt for borehole drilling services, there will be lower demands placed on municipalities’ existing supplies.

The Borehole Installation Process

Borehole Installation Process

During the borehole installation process, drilling is carried out to a suitable depth based on water requirements, and then

  • A pump for lifting water is then installed along with filtration systems.

Borehole Drilling Services

Borehole Drilling

It involves the use of a drill rig to bore through rock or soil to reach the groundwater source.

Here are some important facts about the drilling process:

  • Borehole drilling contractors use specialized equipment to drill through the ground, including rotary drills, percussion drills, and cable tool rigs.
  • The type of equipment used depends on factors such as the depth of the borehole, geological conditions at the site, and the desired yield of water.
  • Once drilling begins, it can take several days or weeks to reach the desired depth depending on how deep you want your borehole to be.
  • During drilling, water is often used to cool down and lubricate the drill bit as it cuts through rocks or soil.
  • As they drill deeper into the ground, contractors may encounter different layers of soil and rock with varying properties that affect both drilling speed and efficiency.
  • Continuous monitoring ensures that drilling progresses smoothly while avoiding costly mistakes that could damage equipment or slow down progress.

Investing in a professional borehole drilling service ensures that your ideal water supply will be delivered correctly and efficiently.

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Pump Installation

Pump Installation

Here are some essential points about pump installation:

  • Piping and cabling: The first step of pump installation involves laying pipes and cables from the bottom of the borehole to the surface. These pipes are used to transport water from the borehole to where it is needed.
  • Electrical switchgear: Once piping and cabling have been laid, electrical switchgear is installed at the top of the borehole. This switchgear controls the pump’s operation, ensuring that it starts and stops automatically when required.
  • Pump selection: Selecting the right pump for your needs is critical to ensure efficient extraction of groundwater. Several factors must be considered when choosing a pump, including depth, yield, and flow rate.
  • Testing: Before starting up a new borehole pump, it must be thoroughly tested to ensure that it operates correctly. Several tests can be carried out to check that everything is working as expected, including yield testing and water quality testing.
  • Maintenance: Proper maintenance is crucial to keep your borehole pump running efficiently over time. Regular servicing can help identify any potential issues before they become major problems.

By following these steps for pump installation, you can ensure that your borehole provides a reliable source of clean water for many years to come.

  • If you’re interested in installing a new borehole or need help to maintain an existing one in South Africa – please call our expert team today!

Water Storage Tank

Another important aspect to consider when investing in a borehole is water storage.

Depending on your specific needs, you may want to install a potable water storage tank

  • This ensures that there is always enough water for your household or business.

The size of the tank will depend on the volume of water required and the space available for installation.

  • Borehole experts can advise you on the best approach based on your individual requirements and budget.

Filtration [Water treatment]

Filtration is an essential process in borehole installation.

  • It involves analysing water samples to determine impurities and installing corrective measures to raise pH levels and remove contaminants.

Borehole water cannot be used straight from the source due to the possibility of pollutants.

  • Filtration ensures that the water is safe for drinking, irrigation, and other uses.

Filtration systems utilize physical and activated carbon filters in the borehole water treatment to remove suspended metals.

Borehole Maintenance and Servicing

Borehole Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your borehole is crucial to ensure its longevity and proper functioning.

Borehole experts provide expert servicing, including cleaning, testing water quality and replacing damaged parts.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of boreholes is needed to keep your water supply safe and reliable.

  • Neglecting regular servicing can lead to deterioration in the quality of the water, which may eventually result in health hazards.

For instance, if a pump or filtration system fails due to lack of maintenance, it could result in expensive repairs that

  • This could have been avoided with simple upkeep tasks like cleaning filters or replacing worn-out parts.

To maintain consistency in your borehole’s performance and avoid costly breakdowns, it is essential to schedule a routine servicing date with qualified experts.

  • They will provide expert care for your equipment while minimizing any damage caused by regular use.

Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Here are some common issues that may occur and how to fix them:

  1. Clogged filters: Over time, debris can build up in the borehole filters, causing blockages that reduce water flow. Regular cleaning of your filters can prevent this issue.
  2. Pump failure: Motor overheating and electrical problems are the most common causes of pump failure. Ensure your pump is serviced regularly by a qualified borehole expert to prevent such failures.
  3. Low water yield: Compromised geological formations, drought conditions and over-pumping can often result in low water yield from the borehole. A specialist will be able to assess your situation and recommend an appropriate solution.
  4. Water quality concerns: Poorly constructed or maintained boreholes can result in contaminated or discoloured water. Investing in proper filtration systems and regularly testing your water quality can help address this issue.
  5. Leaks and damage: Boreholes that are not properly installed or maintained may develop leaks or structural damage over time, resulting in a drop in water pressure or supply disruptions.

A professional borehole contractor should be called immediately for all repairs.

  • If you experience any issues with your borehole, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts for timely service and repairs!

Boreholes and Irrigation

Boreholes can significantly benefit irrigation systems by providing a reliable and sustainable source of water for crops.

How Boreholes Can Benefit Irrigation Systems

Boreholes can be an excellent source of water for irrigation systems, providing a reliable natural supply.

  • By using borehole water for watering gardens and crops, you can save on your monthly municipal water bill
  • This ensures that your plants are getting the hydration they need to thrive.

Borehole water is often naturally filtered, which means it doesn’t contain as many chemicals or minerals as treated municipal water.

  • This makes it a better choice for certain types of plants that may be sensitive to specific chemicals or minerals.

Proper Use and Maintenance of Irrigation

Here are some irrigation tips:

  1. Use the appropriate type of irrigation for your plants. Different crops and landscaping require different types of irrigation, so make sure you choose the right one.
  2. Avoid overwatering your plants.
  3. Regularly check your irrigation system for leaks or damages.
  4. Keep track of the frequency and amount of watering. Proper watering timing helps conserve groundwater resources and reduce energy usage while maintaining healthy soils.
  5. Maintain the pump regularly by following the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning, replacing parts, and lubrication.
  6. Consider having a water treatment system installed in conjunction with your irrigation system to ensure clean water is being used for crop production.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your borehole remains efficient and sustainable for years to come!

Exclusive Borehole Services in your Local Area

Exclusive Borehole Services in your Local Area

Our borehole experts in South Africa, offer a range of services including installation, repairs and drilling to provide you with sustainable water provision

·        Borehole Installation throughout South Africa

Borehole Companies offers borehole installation services across South Africa, catering to residential, farm, and commercial properties.

  • With increasing water scarcity and rising costs of municipal water supply, investing in a borehole can provide a cost-effective source of water for your property.

They understand that regulations governing borehole construction vary across locations.

  • Adhere to legal considerations when installing a borehole on your property.

Whether you reside in Johannesburg or Cape Town or anywhere in between, reliable borehole services are available in your area.

Borehole Repairs

Borehole Repairs

It’s important to have access to professionals who have the expertise and technical knowledge required for borehole repairs.

  • Comprehensive borehole repairs services throughout South Africa

Whether it’s fixing faulty pumps or addressing broken pipes, the team of experts has the skills necessary to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently

Borehole Drilling

Borehole drilling is the process of digging a narrow hole or well into the ground to extract water or other resources.

  • It involves using specialized equipment to drill through rock, soil and sediment layers until an adequate source of water is found.

Boreholes are typically drilled on private properties, farms, or commercial settings where access to water supply is limited or unreliable.

  • The depth of boreholes varies depending on their intended use and location, with some being as shallow as 10 meters while others can go hundreds of meters deep.

Conclusion on Borehole Installation & Repairs

Investing in a borehole is a smart move for those who want access to limitless and sustainable water.

  • Get exclusive borehole services that include installation, drilling, repairs and maintenance throughout South Africa.

Trust us to help deliver quality workmanship that meets your private or commercial needs.

  • Contact us for local Borehole drilling companies near you!


  1. What is a borehole and how does it work?

A borehole is a narrow, deep hole drilled in the ground to access underground water sources or geological substances.

  • The process involves using specialist drilling equipment to create the hole, which typically ranges from hundreds to thousands of feet deep.
  1. How long does it take to drill a borehole?

On average, it can take anywhere between one day and several weeks for the entire drilling process to be completed.

  1. What are some benefits of having a borehole on my property?
  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Reduced reliance on municipal supplies during droughts or water restrictions
  • Increased property value due to its sustainability feature.
  1. Do I need any permits or approvals before installing a borehole?

We recommend that you research the specific regulations applicable in your area prior to commencing installation works.

  1. For what applications can borehole drilling be used for?
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

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