Ceiling Installers Johannesburg

Let us find you the best ceiling installers Johannesburg has to offer. We have a directory of verified Ceiling Contractors that are available to help now with the installation of your ceiling in Johannesburg.

Ceiling Installers Johannesburg

These ceiling companies offer a range of ceiling services in Johannesburg

  • Leading Providers of Ceiling Designs
  • Commercial & Residential Ceiling Installations
  • Ceiling Insulation & Dry Walling
  • Ceiling Repairs & Painting
  • Accredited Ceiling Experts
  • Specials on Ceiling Prices
  • FREE Ceiling Quotes

Ceilings Johannesburg is Specialists in all Types of Ceilings

Ceilings Johannesburg

  • Drop Ceiling
  • Solid Ceilings
  • Rhino Board Ceiling
  • False Ceiling
  • Gypsum Board Ceiling
  • Plasterboard Ceiling
  • Knotty Pine Ceiling
  • Polystyrene Ceiling
  • Suspended Ceiling
  • Metal Frame Ceiling
  • Plaster Ceiling
  • Drywall Ceiling
  • Bulkhead Ceiling
  • Stretch Ceiling
  • Acoustic Panels Ceiling
  • Iso Board Ceiling
  • PVC Ceilings
  • Bamboo Ceiling
  • Artex Ceilings

Let us find you the right ceiling installer near me for your installation in Johannesburg.

5 Benefits of an Expert Ceiling Installer – Ceilings Johannesburg

  1. Experience and Expertise to properly install your ceiling
  2. Best advice on which ceiling type you need
  3. Fast & Efficient ceiling installation
  4. Troubleshoot any ceiling problems
  5. Warranty on the Ceiling Installation

5 Tips for working with your Ceiling Installer in Johannesburg

Ceiling Installer in Ceilings Johannesburg

  1. Schedule your ceiling installation for a time when you’ll be home.
  2. Prior to the ceiling installation, clear the area of any furniture or items
  3. If you have any concerns about the ceiling installation process, be sure to discuss them
  4. After the ceiling installation, make sure you are happy.
  5. Be sure to ask your ceiling specialist for advice on how to best care for your new ceiling.

Ceiling Installation Johannesburg

Ceiling Installation Johannesburg

Ceiling Installation in Johannesburg is a process that involves the installation of ceilings in your home or office. Ceilings come in different materials, such as wood, metal, board and plaster.

The main purpose of installing ceilings is to protect the walls from environmental hazards such as water damage and sun exposure. They also provide insulation to keep your house warm or cool depending on the weather conditions outside.

5 Reasons why you should hire Ceilings Johannesburg

  1. Years of Experience & Ceiling Specialists
  2. Budget Friendly Ceiling Installation prices
  3. Install ceilings for all clients countrywide
  4. Also offer Emergency Ceiling Repairs
  5. FREE Ceiling Installation Quotes

Find Ceiling Installation Near Me

  • Centurion
  • Pietermaritzburg
  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • South Africa
  • Pretoria
  • Durban

What else can we Install on Ceilings in Johannesburg?

Ceilings in Johannesburg

  • Downlight Installation
  • Rose Installation
  • Lamp Installation
  • Wallpaper Installation
  • Mount A Projector
  • Fiber Optic Star Installation
  • Insulation Installation
  • Mirror Installation
  • Fan Installations
  • Mount Ventilation Fan
  • Mount TV
  • Spotlight Installation
  • Mount Heater
  • Mount Oscillating Fan

Ceiling Installation Price – Ceilings Johannesburg

To save money on your ceiling installation price per square meter, speak to us.

  • Specials on ceiling installation prices

Also Offer GREAT Deals on

  • Polystyrene ceiling prices
  • Knotty pine ceiling prices
  • Suspended ceiling prices
  • Rhino Board ceiling prices
  • Iso board ceiling prices
  • Drop ceiling prices
  • PVC ceiling prices

Who does Ceiling Repairs in Johannesburg?

Ceiling Repairs in Johannesburg

Sometimes, ceilings are damaged by water leaks or other factors.

When this happens, it can be difficult to know what to do. If you find yourself in this situation, there are several options available to you.

You can either repair or replace the damaged ceiling, but both methods require care and precision in order to ensure that they are done correctly.

If you want to repair your ceiling, then it is important that you hire a professional ceiling contractor near me who specializes in ceiling repairs.

  • Popcorn Ceiling Repair
  • Water Leak Ceiling Repair
  • Concrete Ceiling Repair
  • Water Damage Ceiling Repair
  • Textured Plaster Ceiling Repair
  • Ceiling Repair Drywall
  • Sheetrock Ceiling Repair
  • Garage Ceiling Repairs

This will ensure that all repairs are performed correctly and that any damage caused by previous repairs is fixed as well.

If you have any concerns about whether your ceiling needs replacing or repairing, then please contact Ceiling Repairs Johannesburg today!

Find Ceiling Repairs near me

  • Alberton
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • East Rand
  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Roodepoort

Local Ceiling Contractors Johannesburg

Ceiling Contractors Johannesburg

Searching for ceiling contractors near me? When it comes to ceiling contractors, no one does it better than our Ceiling Contractors in Johannesburg.

Whether you want to install a flat ceiling, or vaulted ceiling or just need some repairs; our ceiling experts will ensure that your ceiling is installed correctly and that it looks great.

Why Hire Ceiling Contractors Johannesburg?

  • Passionate about ceilings
  • FREE Ceiling Quotes
  • Great reputation
  • Expert Advice by Ceiling Installers Johannesburg

Find more Ceiling Contractors near me

  • East London
  • Gauteng
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Durban
  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town

People also ASK – Ceilings and Partitions Johannesburg

Ceilings and Partitions Johannesburg

Find your Ceiling Installer near me

  • Johannesburg
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Gauteng
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More Ceiling Installers are Available

PVC ceiling Johannesburg

  • PVC ceiling installers
  • Acoustic ceiling installers near me
  • Ceiling grid installers
  • Drop ceiling installers near me
  • Wood ceiling installers near me
  • Suspended ceiling installers near me

How much does a ceiling cost in South Africa?

The Ceiling price depends on the type of ceiling, the size and its location.

  • Prices range from R250 to R1500 per square meter

What is a House ceiling?

A house ceiling is a part of a house that extends up from the floor and covers the top of a room.

  • It can be made of several different materials, including plaster, drywall, and wood.

What is the cheapest ceiling to install?

PVC Ceilings are cheap and easy to install

Which ceiling is the best?

Gypsum board false ceiling is considered the best

Which ceiling is long-lasting?

Plasterboard will last for many years – Ceiling Installers Johannesburg

What type of ceiling makes a room look bigger?

The colour makes it look bigger.

  • The white ceiling makes the room look bigger

Should ceilings be glossy or flat?

The ceilings should always be painted matte

What is the ceiling trend for 2022?

A stretch ceiling with a reflective or high-gloss finish

What is the most popular ceiling texture for 2022?

The most popular ceiling is wood

What is the best ceiling height?

2600mm or more is the best ceiling height.

What is the difference between a ceiling and a roof?

The difference between a ceiling and a roof is that a ceiling is a finished surface that you see in a room, while a roof covers the top of a building to protect it from the weather.

What are the benefits of a ceiling?

Ceilings provide aesthetic appeal, insulation, and protection from the elements.

  • Ceilings also help to reflect sound, which can create a sense of spaciousness in a room and make it more pleasant to inhabit.
  • Additionally, ceilings can help to insulate a building against the cold in winter and the heat in summer, thus reducing energy costs.
  • Finally, ceilings protect occupants from weather conditions such as wind and rain.

What happens when water leaks through the ceiling?

What happens when water leaks through the ceiling

When water leaks through the ceiling, it can damage the structure of the roof, as well as the plaster or sheetrock of the ceiling.

  • In addition, if water leaks into electrical wiring or light fixtures, it can cause a fire.

To prevent water from leaking through the ceiling, it is important to fix any leaks in the roof and to install gutters to carry away rainwater.

Can water damaged ceiling be repaired?

Yes. It’s possible to repair a water-damaged ceiling, but the damage may be more extensive than you think.

If the water damage is limited to just a small area, you can probably fix it yourself or by Ceiling Installers Johannesburg.

  • Just use a bucket or container to catch the water as it leaks, then dry and repairs the area.
  • If there’s widespread water damage, or if the ceiling is sagging, you’ll need to call in a professional.

How to install PVC ceiling on the existing ceiling?

  1. Start by measuring the area you want to cover with the PVC panels. You’ll need to purchase enough panels to cover the entire area, plus an extra panel or two for mistakes.
  2. Cut the panels to size using a saw or utility knife. Make sure the cuts are clean and straight.
  3. Apply a strip of adhesive to the back of each panel. Start at the top of the area you’re covering and work your way down.
  4. Press the panels into place, starting at the top and working your way down. Use a level to make sure the panels are level as you go.
  5. Once the panels are in place, trim off any excess material with a saw or utility knife.
  6. Finish up by caulking the seams between the panels and painting or staining the ceiling to match your existing décor.

How to install ceiling boards?

  1. Always wear protective clothing and eye gear when working with ceiling boards.
  2. Cut the boards to size using a saw. Be sure to wear gloves when handling the boards.
  3. Install the boards using screws or nails. Be sure to predrill holes for the screws to avoid splitting the wood.
  4. Once the boards are installed, level them using a leveller.
  5. Install the ceiling tiles on top of the boards, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

How much does it cost to patch the ceiling?

It can vary, but on average it costs R2500 to patch a ceiling.

The cost may be more or less depending on the size of the area that needs to be patched, the type of material used to patch it, and the level of difficulty involved in reaching and repairing the area.

How much does it cost to replace a ceiling in a room?

It depends on the size of the room and the type of ceiling.

A ceiling contractor would be able to give you a more accurate estimate.

Some factors that could affect the cost include

  1. Height of the ceiling, whether or not there is insulation in the ceiling
  2. Whether or not there is existing wiring or plumbing in the ceiling.
  3. Removal of old materials may also be included in the cost

Can a section of the ceiling be replaced?

Yes. It is possible to replace a section of the ceiling.

  • The process usually involves removing the old ceiling tiles and then installing new ones.
  • It is important to make sure that the new ceiling tiles are the same size as the old ones so that they fit properly.

What is the best material to use for the ceiling?

  • PVC
  • Drywall
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Cement Board
  • Fiberglass
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Metal

Find Roof and ceiling Repairs near me

Roof and ceiling repairs are a serious matter, don’t take chances with your property by hiring anyone. The construction of a roof is precise and requires certified professionals to repair any problems you might have.

  • Ceiling Installers Johannesburg provide high-quality workmanship for all our customers at affordable prices.

Extra information on ceilings can be seen here.