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    You know you need peace of mind when you’re looking at Precast Walling solutions. That’s why you can rely on our team to provide industry expertise in precast walls to every project, every time. Our precast services are designed to offer an easy solution at a great value – no matter how big or how small you are looking for us to be involved with. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for new precast walls, the repair of existing precast walls, or extensions to your walls – we have got that sorted for you!

    Precast Walling

    Why choose a precast wall?

    Precast concrete walls are a cost-effective, attractive and problem-free solution to constructing a building. Precast walls are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry due to their fast installation, durability, and sleek finishes.

    Concrete precast walling is the best possible alternative to brick, stonework or traditional stone walls.

    precast wall

    Precast wall repairs

    We can fix your cracked or crumbling concrete walls to get you back on track. WhatsApp or Call us anytime.

    Precast wall repairs

    Types of Precast walling

    Prestressed concrete walling systems are used in many different applications for many different reasons. They’re found in commercial buildings, parking garages, bridge construction, residential fence and wall projects, athletic facilities, curbs and gutters, swimming pool decks, highway sound walls, sidewalk slabs and many other uses. There are several types of precast walling systems including Standard Wall, Barrier Wall, Curb and Gutter System and Panel Systems.
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    Prestressed concrete walling

    Walling Systems

    Walling systems provide an economical method of construction and can be designed to create a wide range of forms and architectural expressions. Standard precast concrete walling is available as complete, ready-to-build panels or as individual structural elements such as columns, piers, lintels and other components for custom applications. The majority of precast concrete walls are hollow cores—filled with concrete or use spacers to form the panel.

    precast concrete walls

    The panel faces are either solid concrete or decorative facings depending on the presentation required and the budget available. Cast-in-place reinforced and pre-stressed walls also fall under the classification of precast walls because they are constructed off-site and transported to the job site for erection.

    Walling Systems

    Face Brick and Block brick Precast walling

    Brick precast walling is an excellent way to improve the aesthetic appeal of any outdoor landscaping.

    Face Brick Precast wall

    There is nothing more exciting than watching brand new, decorative precast walling for your business or home.

    Precast walling is essentially concrete that has been moulded into specific shapes to create an aesthetically pleasing finished product. Whether you want something made to fit perfectly into your outdoor space or just want to try something different, it’s the ideal product that will produce amazing results.

    Decorative Precast wall

    Louvre Precast Walling

    Prefabricated and easy to install, the Louvre is an attractive solution that offers savings on time and costs — no waste and no wastage — and good resistance to any weather conditions.

    Louvre Precast Walling

    Concrete Palisade Fencing

    Concrete Palisade Fencing is manufactured using high-quality concrete which is installed in columns that are connected by concrete panels that form a partition. These walls can be used for both security purposes as well as decorative purposes. The panels are made of high density reinforced concrete which provides excellent load-bearing characteristics, durability and flexibility.

    Concrete Palisade Fencing


    Why should I clean my precast wall?

    Precast walls should be cleaned often to keep them looking their best as well as to avoid issues such as staining, mould growth and water damage. In order to avoid costly repairs and having to break down a precast wall due to coating degradation, it is important to clean the wall on a regular basis.

    Why should I clean my precast wall?

    Should I paint my precast walls?

    Concrete is a strong and durable material. It is also very versatile. The possibilities for a finished application are just about endless, from a simple poured wall to a complex precast system. Although concrete is durable, it still needs regular maintenance and painting to protect its surface from harsh weather conditions and to extend its lifespan. Regardless of the concrete style you choose, there are benefits to painting your concrete wall surfaces.

    Should I paint my precast walls?

    How durable is precast walling?

    Precast concrete walling has good durability, and it can well endure the attack of rain and frosty weather. Its physical quality is different from that of the ordinary concrete wall.

    How durable is precast walling?

    So, how long does it take to install precast walling?

    Precast walling is the fastest, most economical way to build your walls. Precast wall panels are strong, durable, and easy to install.

    install precast walling

    How many years does precast walling last?

    You may not think about it much, but precast concrete can last for many years. The average precast wall is between 35 and 50 years old. When properly installed, by using either hydraulic or mechanical tensioning methods, the panel joints should not show any signs of cracking or splitting.

    How many years does precast walling last?

    However, accidents can happen. For example, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes and other natural calamities strike at random times. Some unexpected events are caused by people or their behavior. These are things that you cannot plan for but are capable of destroying even the best-constructed walls in a short time span.

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