Why upgrade to DStv Explora ultra decoder? Satellite TV services worldwide had been worried about the growing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. These streaming giants, with their original content and heavy advertising, caught the attention of consumers.

Many followed the cutting of the cord while others started to say goodbye to their dish and decoders. MultiChoice realized this threat very early, and to counter it, the company has introduced the all-new Dstv Explora ultra decoder.

Why upgrade to dstvexplora ultra decoder

Enjoy content from Netflix and Amazon

The major highlight of this next generation of decoders called Explora Ultra is integrating streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. While it is almost certain that the new remote control of this next-generation decoder from DStv will have a dedicated Netflix button to allow subscribers to watch international quality content, the integration of Amazon Prime Video is likely to follow suit.

This new functionality was absent in the previous generation of decoders from DStv. It is a clever ploy from MultiChoice to prevent subscribers’ exodus to streaming services like Netflix and Disney. Dstv Explora Ultra 4K decoder has the same form factor and doesn’t look any different from the earlier Explora 3 model. In the offline mode, it has the same features and functionalities as its predecessor.

These include Showmax, Catch Up, pause Live TV for up to 2 hours, and record content of up to 110 hours.

Upgrade to DStv Explora ultra decoder and get connected to the web

It is when the decoder gets connected to the internet that the difference becomes visible. Integration with Netflix and DStv Now means that the subscriber can watch much-varied content. Content from around the world of his choice. It was not possible earlier with Explora 3 decoder. The new DStv Explora ultra allows the subscriber to watch international movies. Watch TV shows from Netflix by pressing a single button on his remote control.

The good thing about Dstv Explora ultra 4K decoder is that it has built-in Wi-Fi capability. It means you don’t need to change your dish’s settings or that of the Wi-Fi connector. The decoder connects to the web and allows the subscriber to watch content through Netflix any time he so desires.

Content in 4K quality

Another feature of the Dstv Explora ultra 4K decoder is its ability to beam programs in 4K quality on the screen of the subscriber’s TV. Although the customer cannot watch all high-quality content, the user can manage high-quality content to improve the level of entertainment in his living room.

It is not just 4K video quality in which DStv Explora ultra 4K decoder beats the earlier Explora 3 decoder from DStv. The audio quality of this latest offering from DStv is mind-blowing with Dolby Atmos sound quality rather than Dolby Surround Sound produced by Explora 3 decoder.

To sum up, the all-new Dstv Explora ultra brings the best of both worlds for the subscriber. He gets a chance to watch all the content that DStv has to offer. Also, content from the web through third-party applications.

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