What does an XtraView heartbeat cable setup do?

A heartbeat is a signal sent from one decoder to the rest when you make an XtraView connection. It is transmitted every 30 seconds and helps to ensure all the decoders are getting a strong signal. This affects the picture quality, and thus the heartbeat should always be strong. For this, you must know how to make an Xtraview heartbeat cable setup.

What is XtraView heartbeat cable setup?

Xtraview heartbeat cable setup

Xtraview is a convenient and economic way to link all your decoders together under one Dstv Package subscription. These decoders will work independently, and you can record or watch your favourite shows without interrupting other viewers. More people are turning to XtraView as it saves you money instead of getting separate subscriptions for each decoder.

  • The only additional fee is the Monthly Access fee for the secondary decoder

XtraView connection

When making an XtraView connection, you must know how to make an Xtraview heartbeat cable setup. Your secondary decoders will not get any signal without it, and your connection will not function well.

  • You can learn how to make the setup by following these simple steps

New Setup Instructions [XtraView Installation Manual]

When setting up this cable, you don’t have to worry since it doesn’t transmit any voltage. It only sends 7MHz signals between the decoders, and you only need to have some information about DStv Explora cable connections to complete the Xtraview cable setup.

How to connect Explora and HD PVR for XtraView

First, switch off the primary and secondary decoders before you proceed with the XtraView connection. Ensure you have the right heartbeat cable, and since it is unique, you will find its ports easily. Once connected, you now have to confirm whether the secondary decoder is getting any signal. If your secondary decoder isn’t getting a strong signal, it will display an E143 error.

EXtraview heartbeat cable setup

How to correct the 143 error

Since this error comes from a poor XtraView heartbeat cable setup, all you need to do is look into them. First, ensure you are using the correct cable for the connection. You can confirm this from an installation diagram or your DStv technician. Secondly, look into the port connections.

If the cable is plugged into the wrong ports, it won’t transmit any signal. Plug it well into the right ports, and this error will go. You can now scan the decoders and see their signal strength before you begin watching. This is how to make a cable setup.

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heartbeat cable DStv

Can I connect 3 DStv decoders?

Sure you can! 3 DStv decoders can be connected in Xtra View.

  • Primary decoder must be an Explore Decoder
  • Secondary decoders can be DStv HD Decoder
  • Also called Tripple View

Which DStv decoders are XtraView capable?

How do I connect my DStv primary decoder to my secondary decoder?

To connect the Primary to the secondary decoder use a communication cable called the heartbeat cable.

  • Connect the cable between the decoders  using the RF port
  • This cable allows the signal to pass to one another

How do I fix no communication from the primary decoder?

This is how to fix the  E143-4 Error

  1. Check to see if the heartbeat cable is connected correctly
  2. Restart your DStv decoder
  3. Make sure ExtraView port settings are correct
  4. Does the heartbeat cable receive a signal? Check decoder settings for the primary decoder
  5. Confirm the pairing of decoders is the same
  6. When was the last time the primary received a signal from the secondary decoder?
  7. Make sure no faulty decoders

Can you use 2 decoders on one account?

Can you use 2 decoders on one account

Link 2 or even 3 decoders to one DStv Package subscription with XtraView

  • The only additional fee is the Monthly Access fee for the secondary decoder

The total amount payable will be your package subscription and your Acces Fee.

Why does my DStv say waiting for communication from the primary decoder?

The is an issue with XtraView connection

  • Decoder may not be activated by MultiChoice
  • Bad signal from primary decoder
  • Dish could be misaligned
  • Click HERE to find out more

How do I reconnect my DStv decoder?

How do I reset my secondary DStv decoder?

  1. “DStv button” on the remote, Press it
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Scroll down to “System Settings“
    View the next menu and choose “Reset Decoder Settings“
  4. Choose “Reset To Factory Default”
  5. Select “Ok”

What is a heartbeat cable for DStv?

It is the communication cable used for setting up Xtra View

How many Xtra View can you have?

2 or 3 Decoders can be connected