What is the Catch Up on DStv? – DStv CatchUp Explained

Catch Up on DStv

The Catch Up on DStv feature allows you to catch up on your favourite movies and series that you may have missed.

  • Dstv Catch Up is available to all Subscribers
  • Content Appears within 48 Hours

Simply select the show you want to watch from the list of available shows and start watching.

  • Use the search function to find a specific show

How to Get catch up on Dstv?

How to Get catch up on Dstv

  1. PVR Explora Decoder & pay Access Fee of R85
  2. Use the DStv Now App
  3. Stream Dstv CatchUp Online (website)

Connect an Explora PVR to the internet for a bigger selection of Catch Up content.

DStv Catch Up Login

DStv Catch Up Login

Simply log in to DStv CatchUp on the relevant device and select the movie or series you want to watch

You can also set up reminders for shows that you don’t want to miss.

  • Simply select the ‘remind me’ button on the show’s page and you’ll receive a notification when the show is about to start.

More on DStv CatchUp

If you’re trying to catch up on a show but it’s not available on DStv Catch Up, it may be because the show is only available on Box Office or Showmax.

You can find out more about these services by clicking on our links.

DStv BoxOffice


So there you have it!

The Catch Up on DStv feature is a great way to make sure you never miss your favourite shows.

Catch Up DStv Now!

What are the Differences between DStv CatchUp, Catch Up Plus & Dstv Now?

Catch Up Plus & Dstv Now

DStv Catch Up

  • Available on PVR decoders like the Explora
  • Content is based on your DStv Package
  • Monthly Access Fee of R85 to be paid
  • Minimum 180 hours + of content

DStv CatchUp Plus

  • More content for Dstv Premium Subscribers
  • Explora must connect to the internet
  • Can use a Wi-Fi Connector
  • Includes the library of M-net Movies
  • 2500 hours of content

DStv Now

  • Your Chosen DStv Package but Online
  • Download the App & Use it
  • No Monthly Access Fee
  • No PVR Decoder needed

How much is CatchUp on DStv?

How much is CatchUp on DStv

The DStv CatchUp price is R85 per month if you are using a PVR decoder.

  • The Catch Up DStv Price for DStv Now is “FREE”

What’s on DStv Catch Up?

What’s on DStv Catch Up

DStv CatchUp allows you to catch up on your favourite TV shows, movies, sports and more.

With DStv Catch Up, you can:

  • Watch your favourite shows
  • Catch up on sports action from SuperSport
  • Binge-watch your favourite series
  • Watch the latest movies and more

DStv Catch Up Movies List

  • Die Another Day
  • Pacific Rim 2
  • Deadpool
  • The Hustle
  • Second Act
  • Into the Blue
  • Eliminators
  • The Martian
  • Knuckle City
  • Demolition Man
  • And lots more

Series on DStv Catch Up

  • America’s Got Talent Season 17
  • Bull Season 6
  • 74th Emmy Awards 2022
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • Robson And Jim’s Icelandic Fly Fishing Adventure Season 1
  • Reminiscence
  • The King’s Man
  • Super Surgeons: Between Life And Death Season 1
  • The Tiger Rising
  • Birds Like Us
  • And lots more

DStv Catch Up Channels

  • TV Shows
  • Sport Highlights
  • Kids Shows
  • And more

How to CatchUp on DStv?

How to CatchUp on DStv

Catch up is available for all Dstv packages.

Access DStv CatchUp Online – PC, IOS Devices or Android

  • Catch Up on the Explora with an internet connection
  • Stream from the Dstv Website
  • Dstv Now App

Where to find or watch Catch Up on DStv?

  • Catch Up on the Now DStv App
  • DStv Website
  • PVR Explora

How do I Activate DStv CatchUp?

How do I Activate DStv CatchUp

  1. Download the DStv App from your App Store
  2. Signup with your account number and login
  3. Enjoy Catchup

DStv Catch Up Login

  1. Visit now.dstv.com
  2. Press “Sign In”
  3. Type in “Phone Number & Password”
  4. Press “Sign In”

Enjoy CatchUp on DStv!

Why is DStv CatchUp not working? – 2022 / 2023

DStv CatchUp not working

Catch Up is working but MultiChoice has removed the menu from the interface

What to do if your DSTV CatchUp is not working? – Not Showing

  • Soft Reboot
  • Hard Reboot
  • Log in & Out of DSTv Now App
  • Uninstall & reinstall the DStv Now App

Why is DStv CatchUp Plus not working?

The name is missing but the features are still working.

Why is DStv CatchUp on PVR not working?

  • Perhaps an unstable Internet Connection
  • The Hard Drive space is full

What to do if Catch Up is not working on an Explora?

Why is DStv CatchUp missing episodes?

How to Update CatchUp on DStv?

Update CatchUp on DStv

  1. Press down “Blue DStv” Button
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Choose “User Preferences”
  4. Choose “General”
  5. Now Choose “Download Latest Software”
  6. Complete the Instructions

What to do when DStv Now CatchUp not updating?

  • Soft Reboot
  • Hard Reboot
  • Log in & Out of DSTv Now App
  • Uninstall & reinstall the DStv Now App

How to fix CatchUp on DStv?

  • Hard Reboot
  • Soft Reboot
  • Software Update
  • Contact us

People also ASK – DStv CatchUp Online

How do I restart DStv CatchUp?

  • Reboot your decoder
  • Sign out & Then Sign into your DStv App

Is DStv CatchUp free?

Only Decoders pay R85 Access fee per month

Does DStv Catch Up use data?

  • Low Quality @ 1.15MB per minute
  • High Quality @ 41Mb per minute

How much is DStv Compact with Catch Up?

  • Dstv Compact with a decoder is R409 per month
  • CatchUp Access Fee is R85 per month
  • The total will be R494 per month

How do you cancel DStv CatchUp Plus?

Contact the following numbers to cancel your subscription

  • 083 900 3788
  • 011 289 2222

DStv how do I reset DStv CatchUp

  • Soft Reboot
  • Hard Reboot
  • Log in & Out of DSTv Now App
  • Uninstall & reinstall the DStv Now App

What is the DStv CatchUp App?

What to do if DStv CatchUp not working on Explora 3a?

  • Hard Reboot
  • Soft Reboot
  • Software Upgrade
  • Contact us

How to do DStv CatchUp Downloads?

  1. Open the App
  2. Select “Menu”
  3. Choose “Catch Up”
  4. Choose what you want to download
  5. Press “ Download Icon”
  6. Choose your Download Quality
  7. Done

How to Access DStv CatchUp with the remote?

  1. Press “Blue DStv” Button
  2. Choose “Watch Now”
  3. Learn more about the Remote

How to use the DStv CatchUp Schedule?

How to pay for DStv CatchUp?

  • Click HERE to learn the Payment Options

Do you Have DStv CatchUp Problems?

Phone the DStv Helpline @ 011 289 2244

How do I chat with a DStv Multichoice Agent?

What are the Available DStv packages for 2022 / 2023?

  • Compact Package
  • Access Package
  • Easy View Package
  • Compact Plus Package
  • Premium Package
  • Family Package

Packages of DStv 2022 / 2023 HERE