Why You Need a Room Painter

Room Painter

A room painter is a professional who specializes in painting residential or commercial rooms.

  • Hiring a professional room painter can save you time & energy.
  • Your painted room will look amazing!

In this article, we shall explore room painting.

  • Process of room painting
  • How to choose the right room painter
  • Benefits of hiring a professional
  • How to find a room painter near me

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Find your Room Painter near me

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Room Painter

  1. Saving time and energy
  2. Professional results
  3. Cost-effective
  4. Stress-free experience
  5. Job will be done right the first time

What to Look for When Hiring a Room Painter near me

Room Painter near me

  • Experience
  • Quality of Work
  • Reviews and References
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Cost
  • References and Reviews

5 Tips for choosing a room painter

  1. Checking for licenses and qualifications
  2. Researching the painter’s portfolio and references
  3. Requesting a detailed quote
  4. Asking about the type and quality of paint used
  5. Clarifying the scope of work

How to Work with Your Room Painter?

  1. Communicate Your Vision
  2. Be Available
  3. Set a Realistic Timeline

Room Painter Services

Room Painter Services

  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Colour consultation and design

Room painter prices in South Africa

Room painter prices

  • Bedroom painting costs are from R1500 to R3000
  • Living room painting costs are from R2500 to R4000
  • Bathroom painting costs are from R1000 to R2000

5 Factors affecting room painter costs

room painter costs

  1. Room size and complexity
  2. Painter’s experience and expertise
  3. Type of paint used
  4. Paint preparation
  5. Additional services such as repairs and cleaning

Comparing room painter prices

Get multiple painting quotes and compare prices

  • Find the best deal that suits your budget

Room Painter Prices per m2 in South Africa

  • Johannesburg painting price is R45 to R100 per m2
  • Cape Town painting price is R70 to R120 per m2
  • Durban painting price is R50 to R100 per m2
  • Pretoria painting price is R60 to R100 per m2

How to Get the Best Room Painters Prices per m2?

  • Comparison of Quotes from Multiple Painting Contractors
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your contractor

7 Factors that Affect Room Painter Prices per m2

  1. The surface condition of the walls
  2. Type of paint
  3. Type of finish
  4. Size of the room
  5. Preparation work
  6. Labour costs
  7. Location of the property

Different Types of Room Painting Quotes

Room Painting Quotes

  • Per Square meter Quotes
  • Hourly Rates Quotes
  • Fixed Quotes
  • Cost-Plus Quotes
  • Material Cost Quotes

How to Obtain Room Painting Quotes?

  • Online Search
  • Local Painting Companies
  • Word of Mouth
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Painting Contractors

Comparison of Room Painting Quotes

  • Understanding the Differences in Quotes
  • Comparing Apples to Apples

The Process of Room Painting


  1. Cleaning the Room
  2. Patching and Repairing Walls
  3. Covering Furniture and Flooring


  1. Choosing the Right Paint
  2. Applying the Primer
  3. Painting the Room

Finishing Touches

  1. Removing Painter’s Tape
  2. Touching Up
  3. Cleaning Up

Tools and Materials Used by Room Painters

  • Brushes and Rollers
  • Paint
  • Drop Cloths and Tarps
  • Painter’s Tape and Plastic Sheets
  • Sandpaper and Spackle

Trends in Room Painting

Room Painting

Colour Trends

  • Neutral Colours
  • Bold Colours
  • Pastel Colours

Painting Techniques

  • Ombre Painting
  • Stripes and Patterns
  • Faux Finishes


In conclusion, hiring professional room painters are the answer.

  • With the right painter, transform your room into a space you love

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Room Painters near me

How do you know if a paint colour looks good?

Purchase a small sample of the paint colour and apply it to the wall.

  • Observe how the colour looks at different times of the day

How many rooms can 20l paint?

20L paint bucket can cover between 60-80m2 per coat.

How much does it cost to paint a room?

  • Bedroom painting prices are is R1500 to R3000
  • Living room painting prices are is R2500 to R4000
  • Bathroom painting prices are is R1000 to R2000

How much does it cost to paint 3 rooms?

A rough estimate for painting three rooms costs from R4500 to R9000.

How much does it cost to paint 5 rooms?

A rough estimate for painting three rooms costs from R7500 to R15000.

What are the 10 steps to painting a room?

  1. Prepare the room by moving furniture, covering floors and removing fixtures.
  2. Fill any holes, or cracks with putty or spackle
  3. Sand down any rough patches
  4. Clean the walls thoroughly to remove dirt
  5. Apply painter’s tape to the edges
  6. Apply a primer to the walls
  7. Paint the ceiling first, using a roller
  8. Paint the walls using a roller or brush
  9. Allow the first coat to dry completely before the second coat.
  10. Remove the painter’s tape and clean up the mess.

When painting a room, where should you start?

Start painting from the ceiling down.

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