Ovhd [Open View HD]

Open View HD is South Africa’s first free HD satellite TV service, with over 20 TV channels and radio stations. There are no contracts and no monthly fees and you only pay once for your dish and decoder to enjoy more TV for free, forever.

Open View Installers

Let our Open View installer help you install your new decoder and dish in no time! Dish installation is included in the price of the decoder and includes A new 85 cm high-quality dish mounted on a 10m pole; cable from the roof to the back yard. There is no monthly fee – you only pay once for the decoder, antenna and installation.

Open View HD

OVHD price

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OVHD price

OVHD for Sale

Ovhd for sale can be found on our website. We supply decoders and offer installation services at affordable rates. WhatsApp us now for OVHD for Sale SPECIALS!

OVHD for Sale

OVHD Specials

We offer OVHD Specials on installation and repair services for all your entertainment problems at the most affordable prices in the country. WhatsApp to get your problems resolved. We offer free advice and where possible, FREE quotes based on your needs.

OVHD Specials

OVHD wifi

This device is for you if you want to achieve higher speeds with your existing 4G LTE mobile data modem, plus access to the App Market and TV channels, at a value price. With its key features of native connectivity through your Openview decoder to enjoy richer multimedia experiences, the OVHD wifi has close links to other technologies developed around the same time as the WiFi router. We are proud to introduce this new OVHD wifi for our customers.

OVHD wifi

OVHD Signal Quality

The Openview is a high-definition satellite receiver that is used to receive digital or high-definition television signals. To check signal strength quality on your Openview decoder, you must first turn off the power and disconnect any cables attached to the device. When both of these cables have been removed from the decoder, reattach the LNB cable and wait for the decoder to reboot automatically. At this point, it is important to test signal strength to ensure that picture quality has not been affected. To do this, simply press the OK button on your remote control while sliding your cursor over to ABT (channel 99).

OVHD Signal Quality

OVHD Installation

Think of the peace of mind you get from a quality OVHD installation. At our company, we have a team of highly trained OVHD installers who use the best tools and technology to guarantee you a high-quality installation without any damage.

OVHD installation

OVHD Installation Price

We offer the best OVHD installation price in South Africa. Our technicians are fully certified and experienced. And we do all our services and products with the highest standards and customer service, to ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied.

OVHD installation price

OVHD installers near me

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OVHD installers near me

Openview HD installation price

Let us install your OVHD system. You can now have all of the benefits from an Open View HD installation and enjoy HD quality video. With HD you can see details like never before and experience the beauty as you like it. We offer the best OpenView HD installation price and we want to help you get HD.

OVHD dish installation

We offer OVHD dish installation which helps you to place your satellite dish on the roof. WhatsApp us now for the best price!

OVHD dish installation

OVHD Dish Alignment

Our OVHD dish alignment services ensure your satellite dishes are positioned by experienced professionals, so you receive the best signal possible for your TV. Dish Alignment is often the first thing to be overlooked when setting up a new installation but can have a huge impact on picture quality.

OVHD decoder [Open View]

With an OVHD decoder in your home, you can enjoy all the free-to-air channels without any subscription. No monthly levies or hidden costs. You can watch in digital picture quality with crystal clear sound.
If you need a new dish or your dish needs repositioning, book our accredited installer to install your dish and activate your decoder.

OVHD decoder

OVHD decoder price

If you’re looking for an OVHD Decoder, we can help. We work with the top manufacturers of OVHD decoders to make sure that you get the best OVHD decoder price with the best support. Contact us today with any questions about our OVHD decoders.

OVHD Channels

Channel lineup: There are around 21 channels offered by Openview HD that broadcast 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. A list of these can be found on the website at

The channels are:
101 SABC 1
102 SABC 2
103 SABC 3
104 E TV
105 E Extra
106 E Movies
107 E Movies Extra
108 E Reality
109 E Rewind
110 Star Life
115 People’s Weather
120 E-News & Sport
121 France 24
122 DBE TV
124 SABC Sport
130 e Toonz
134 Mindset
135 SA Music
136 Soul Music
140 Glow TV
150 Supa TV

OVHD Channels

OVHD TV guide

Get the simplest, most straightforward OVHD TV Guide ever. A new, better way to watch TV! OVHD guides you on what to watch, when to watch it and where to watch it. It’s never been easier to find what you want to watch. You’ll know at a glance what’s on now and what’s coming up next.

OVHD TV Guide –

OVHD Tv Guide

OVHD remote

With the OVHD remote, you can operate your Elsat product (OVHD S1 or U1) without having to leave your seat. This wireless remote works on infrared technology to ensure you do not lose the connection.

OVHD remote

OVHD Customer Care Number & OVHD Contact Details

To get in touch with the customer care or support team in South Africa, you need to dial the OVHD customer care number which is 086 169 6843

OVHD Customer Care Link –


How to fix Open View signal?

To reset the Openview Decoder to default settings:

  • Disconnect the power and LNB (Dish) cables that are connected to your Open View decoder.
  • Once both cables have been removed from the decoder, reinsert the LNB cable first, followed by the power supply cable, and wait for the decoder to reboot automatically.

How do I get my Channels back on OVHD?

Well, you definitely came to the right place. We know how frustrating it can be when I can’t watch TV.

Let me tell you, OVHD has the best selection of channels in any provider I’ve tried, but sometimes when you press P-/P+ or try to change your channel the satellite receiver (or set-top box) may lock up.

Don’t worry, this is actually a safety mechanism built into the set-top boxes to prevent you from pressing the buttons once they’re locked.

How do I unlock my set-top box?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy. If you have an OVHD receiver all you have to do is press the home button on your remote control while pressing the P-/P+ button.

All the channels should reappear, but if they don’t you’ll need to perform a channel scan on your OVHD receiver or your provider’s receiver.
OVHD no channel information

OVHD New Satellite Position

To receive the latest Open View satellite signal, please ensure that the dish is pointed directly towards 68.5 degrees in a northeasterly direction. This is the OVHD new satellite position.

What is the OVHD frequency?

OVHD frequency is 11170. This information is intended to provide you with guidance on how to successfully identify the broadcast channel number of OVHD frequency that you are currently watching.

How do I activate STB on OVHD?

Activate your decoder by dialling the number on the bottom-right using your cellphone. *120*6843*1# then Use your STB number to complete your decoder activation. During the activation, it may reboot and update its software.

Can I play OVHD USB stick on OpenView decoder?

Open PVR is a functional USB stick that has been designed to work with the OpenView decoder. It lets you record your favourite programmes and watch them later on.

What Satellite does OVHD use?

The Open View HD channel utilizes the same satellite as TopTV and utilizes the standardized DBV-S2 broadcasting system with MPEG-4 compression.

OVHD Activation

Connect the cable from your dish to the LNB-IN port on your OVHD Decoder. Switch the Decorder ON, and give it a few minutes to lock on to the signal. Once active, you can use your phone to activate the OVHD Decoder by dialling *120*6843*1#

OVHD is20 decoder settings

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OVHD installers

It is now easier to get the right OVHD installers for all your setup needs. Indeed, you don’t have to incur a huge expense to get the best experts. Our company is here to assist you with all your installation needs. We have the best installers in the country, and our installers are always ready … Read more

OVHD installation

Many people find it quite challenging to pay monthly subscriptions for TV. Indeed, it can b quite hard to keep up, and your service will be suspended until you pay. There is, however, a simple alternative to this. You can now get the free OVHD installation for your home. Importantly, you won’t have to pay … Read more

OVHD Installation price

Open View installations are becoming popular throughout South Africa. Indeed, more people are taking up this option as it is cheaper and convenient. You won’t have to pay for monthly subscriptions. The OVHD installation price is an additional benefit of getting this system. Indeed, you can now easily find the installation services when you need … Read more

Open View decoder

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Open View Connect Price

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Open View Prices

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Open View Installation

Open view is a new and convenient way to enjoy your viewing without making any monthly payments. It offers a convenient replacement if you don’t want a DStv installation. Indeed, you are sure to get an elevated watching experience. Our company offers open view installation countrywide and at the best prices! We have professionals ready to … Read more

Open View Decoder Price

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Open View Installers

Open View OVHD installers: opening new entertainment options Firstly, Open View Installers are the ANSWER! Secondly, if you want a free TV service, you need to contact Open View OVHD installers. Thirdly, Open View is the country’s first free service; you have to pay the charges for dish and decoder. Fourthly, once you are done … Read more