DStv is among the leading service providers in the country. Open View decoder, however, is proving to be a convenient option for many homeowners. It is a good option for many as you don’t have to pay monthly subscriptions. In addition, you will still get a decent channel selection from sports to movies and many more.

What features does the Open View decoder have?

The Open View decoder offers a lot of features that make it an impressive option to have. Indeed, you will get the value for your money with this decoder. Firstly, the decoder has HD picture quality to get the best quality on all channels you watch. You will thus catch all the action in clear quality as you watch any of these channels.

Open View decoder

Secondly, the decoder has a USB stick for a PVR option. Indeed, you use either 32GB or 64GB, depending on your desired recording time. You can thus get up to 320 minutes of HD recordings. Furthermore, you can pause live TV for as long as you need with the Open View decoder.

Thirdly, the  decoder for sale has an 8-day digital TV guide. You can thus keep track of all your favorite shows and still set up reminders for them. It is indeed a reliable option that will ensure you never miss your shows.

Finally, the decoder offers proper audio quality. It allows you to catch all the sounds in your shows through the active noise cancellation feature. You can thus watch all your movies and sports with the best clarity and thus enjoy every moment of these shows.

Which features does the Open View decoder satellite have?

The satellite dish for the decoder is a vital part of the setup. Indeed, it ensures you can receive the best picture quality and a steady connection. Firstly, the Open View decoder satellite dish has an 80cm diameter. It thus ensures it can gather a stronger signal reception.

Secondly, the decoder comes with a wall-mount and cement nails to hold it in place. Indeed, your satellite dish will remain in place during windy nights. Thirdly, the Open View decoder satellite dish will also have a smart LNB with every purchase. The feature helps to transform the signals to ones your decoder can understand. These features will ensure you always have an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Open View decoder

Which channels are available for sale?

The Open View decoder has over 21 TV channels and over 25 radio channels. Indeed, it receives local and international programming. You can thus watch all your favorite shows comfortably. In conclusion, the  decoder is available at the best deals and fast installation.

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