1.) Does DStv Installers Johannesburg only deal with installations?
Our services are not just limited to installation services but include relocation, dish alignment, xtraview, signal connection, wifi connector and the supplying of all decoders and smart LNB’s.

2.) What do I do if the signal on my system is weak?
In most cases loss of your signal would be caused by heavy rainfall however this should return to normal. In the event where the problem occurs then you can call us and we will assist you by realigning your dish or tuning your system so that the problem will be rectified.

3.) What are the requirements for a new installation?
You would need an 80cm satellite dish would be needed, a decoder and a smart or single LNB cable would be needed depending on what type of package you desire.

4.) Does DStv Installers Johannesburg repair decoders as well?
No- the repairs that we provide include signal connection.

5.) What do I need for an Explora installation?
A decoder, an 80cm satellite and smart LNB cable are what you would need. You explora can        also connect to the internet – so don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can offer you the assistance

6.) What areas do you cover?
The areas we cover are: JHB WEST, JHB SOUTH, JHB EAST & JHB NORTH.

7.) Do you assist with upgrades?
Yes, we are able to supply and install all types of decoders so do not hesitate to give us a call.