DStv Decoder not powering on

DStv decoder not powering up is a major concern among many DStv users. If you try to turn on your decoder and it fails to start or fails to load its DStv system, you will be concerned. It will be easier to solve this problem when you know what causes it.

DStv decoder not powering up

What causes the problem?

A corrupt DStv system is the main cause of DStv decoder not powering up. When you make a decoder software upgrade incorrectly, it could corrupt your system and make it unable to boot. Your DStv system is usually loaded from the hard drive and a corrupt hard drive can cause the DStv decoder not powering up problem.

There are different methods to fix this problem. They vary depending on the intensity of the problem. If you are a beginner, you can use the simpler method.

How to fix the DStv Decoder not switching on

You can first begin by checking the power cable to your decoder and make necessary DStv repairs. Ensure it is not broken before you begin since the power leakage could be the reason for this problem, replace the cable if it is broken, and get another one from an accredited DStv installer.

You can also begin the DStv decoder problem repair by unplugging the power cable to your DStv Explora decoder and letting it rest for a while. Reconnect the cable and press the P+ button as it is powering up. When the message “CODE” appears on your screen, you can let go of the P+ button.

DStv decoder not powering up

Now press P-, P+, P+, P-, P-, P+, P+, P- in that order to perform this simple DStv fix. Your DStv decoder not powering up problem will be fixed When you complete this process. The decoder will run a signal search to ensure you have a stronger signal.

A simpler way to fix the DStv powering up problems

Another simple way to fix the DStv decoder not powering up problem involves checking the state of your decoder. First, completely turn off your decoder and unplug all its cables. Let it rest for about ten minutes before reconnecting the cables.