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We discuss the different types of DStv decoders available, and what you can expect from each one.

Included are the pros and cons as well as their pricing.

dstv pricing

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  • Extra View DStv
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We also discuss DStv installations, including what kind of equipment you need and where you can go for help if you’re not sure how to do it yourself.

DStv installations

We talk about DStv repairs in detail, including what causes problems and how you can fix them yourself if necessary.

DStv repairs

Finally, we talk about all the streaming apps that are available with your DStv subscription—from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to YouTube TV and more!

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7 Benefits of Reading our DStv Blog

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Why Read our DStv Blog?

When it comes to DStv, you want the best. And that’s what you’re getting with us.

We’re not just a blog—we’re your source for all things DStv-related.

  • Whether you’re looking for an in-depth review of the new season of Game of Thrones or just want some tips on how to get the most out of your service, we’ve got you covered.
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So whether you’re looking for something specific or just want a general overview of what’s happening in DStv land, come and check us out!

DStv Smartcard Number

What is a DStv Smartcard Number? A DStv Smartcard number is the unique identification number associated with your DStv account. It is used to identify you when you call the DStv customer care line or when you visit the DStv website. You will need this number when you want to register for DStv Now, change … Read more

How to Upgrade DStv

How to Upgrade DStv Package? Yes, you don’t have to remain at your initially subscribed package for long. Indeed, you can upgrade depending on your viewing style and learn how to upgrade the DStv Package. Multichoice has some channels that are only accessible to specific packages. If your favourite sports or TV shows fall in … Read more

Multichoice Accredited Installers Pretoria

Firstly, Multichoice Accredited Installers Pretoria is waiting for your WhatsApp. Indeed, DStv is the most popular satellite television in South Africa and more than 75% of South Africans have DSTV in their homes, but not only in homes but most businesses, restaurants, and sports bars. We have installed hundreds of DSTV in residential and commercial property. … Read more

Dstv Manuals

Connect DStv Explora to Internet DStv explora Quick Guide Dstv Explora DStv HD DECODER Quick Guide DStv Remote A6 DStv Remote A7 DStv Remote B5 DStv Remove A6 Advanced options DStv Switch (5-1) HD PVR Viewers Guide Quick Guide DStv HD Single View Hd Quick Guide

How to programme DStv remote

Should you know how to programme DStv remote? Indeed, it is important to know more aspects of your DStv setup. Some can, however, get quite technical, especially for a beginner. An example of this is how to programme DStv remote. Unfortunately, you need to be an expert to complete this process correctly. However, avoid all inconveniences … Read more

How to connect DStv extra view

How to connect DStv Extra View? An extra view connection is a convenient way to watch DStv. Firstly, it allows you to get the most from your subscription without getting new decoders. Furthermore, this makes how to connect DStv extra view important as you can now have multiple independent decoders. Importantly, they will all be … Read more

How much to install DStv

Should you know how much to install DStv? You should have all the important information about a DStv system before purchasing it. One of these is how much to install DStv. Indeed, it will help you make a better decision on installation. You can get it from our company as we are accredited by Multichoice … Read more

DStv install me

Is the DStv install me process technical? The DStv install me the process is technical, and you need the help of a professional. Unfortunately, it can be challenging for a beginner to work it out. Indeed, you are likely to make an incorrect installation, but our team is here for you. Importantly, reach out to … Read more

DStv decoder repairs near me

Find DStv Decoder Repairs near me If you’re looking for professional and reliable DStv Decoder Repairs near me, then look no further than the expert DStv Technicians. Our team of Experienced Technicians are on hand to repair any DStv decoder you may have, no matter the make or model. We know how important it is … Read more

DStv 503 error

What is the DStv 503 error? Firstly, when there is poor signal reception, the DStv 503 error is displayed on your screen. Secondly, when it happens, your decoder will not display any channels. Furthermore, if you run the signal test, it will not bring up any results. Thirdly, this shows that there is no service … Read more

DStv for business

Who needs DStv for business installation? DStv for business installation is a reliable option for any line of business. It is a good option to have if you have a business with a waiting area for your clients, such as hotels, restaurants, or banks. The option is also available for bed and breakfast establishments, and … Read more

DStv and ShowMax

Can you link DStv and ShowMax? DStv allows you to diversify your viewing experience by adding more watching options. It is now possible to link your DStv and ShowMax accounts and watch programs on both. This option allows you to get the most from your subscriptions and gives you good value for money. Since this … Read more

DStv Explora for sale Gauteng

Can you get a DStv Explora for sale Gauteng? DStv Explora decoder is the most widely used decoder option. Our accredited installers also recommend you to get it as it offers reliable performance. This has also led to the demand for DStv Explora for sale Gauteng as more people want to have it. We have … Read more

DStv reconnection

DStv Reconnection Made Easy – USSD number & WhatsApp DSTV is a digital satellite television platform operated by Multi-Choice Africa. It is available in various countries across Africa. DStv reconnection is made really easy for you. Find out the DStv reconnection code below! What is the DStv Reconnection Contact Number? DStv USSD Number *120*68584# Before … Read more

DStv watch online

DStv Watch online – Never Miss anything! Dstv Watch online via the DStv App or on the website. This allows you to watch all your favourite shows, movies and sports online. Firstly, with the DStv app, watch live and catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite shows, movies and sports. Watch live and … Read more

DStv error codes

How to FIX all DStv Error Codes? Firstly, people ask how do we clear DStv error codes? Secondly, If you see an error do not stress out. Our guide to fixing the DStv error code is super easy. Thirdly, learn about the various DStv error codes and how to clear them. Fourthly, you can use … Read more

Sharing DStv with Neighbour

Sharing DStv with Neighbour A great feature about getting Sharing DStv with Neighbour is that you can share it with many people. One of the connections you can make is with your neighbours. Some people share DStv with neighbours as a source of money as they get some fees when they are connected. It is … Read more

Satellite Dish

What is the Purpose of the Satellite Dish? The main purpose of the satellite dish in any DStv connection is to get a signal. When you set up the satellite, it will receive the DStv radio waves and convert them into signals that your decoder can understand through the smart LNB. Let us set up … Read more

Orange light on DStv decoder

Orange light on DStv Decoder – DStv decoder orange light only Multichoice has included various features that make it easy to use your DStv decoder. One of these features is the different lights on the decoder. When there is important information you need to get, a specific decoder light will come on. One of these … Read more

My DStv decoder is not scanning

My DStv Decoder is not scanning My DStv decoder is not scanning error message is common, especially with new DStv installations or when you are using an older model decoder. It is easy to identify this problem thanks to the error message displayed on the TV. Your decoder will also indicate the specific light option. … Read more

Multichoice near me

When you first get a DStv connection, you want a Multichoice located as close to you as possible. They offer a reliable way to fix all the problems you encounter with your setup. You will thus want to know there is a Multichoice near me, and what services are they allowed to offer? What services … Read more

How to connect decoder to TV

Since this is not a technical process like setting up your decoder, doing it yourself will save you a lot of time and money. If you are a beginner, you can easily learn how to connect decoder to TV as there are no special tools needed. You also cannot view your DStv channels without connecting … Read more

How to activate DStv

How to Activate DStv? – DStv Activation number When you make a DStv dish installation, it remains just that. Before you can receive any signal and watch any channel, you first need to activate your decoder and account. It is thus a very important step, and you have to know how to activate DStv. Since … Read more

DStv Signal Detector

A DStv signal detector is a tool from Multichoice that helps you identify the direction with the strongest signal. It comes in handy when installing your satellite dish. It will ensure you do it correctly. If you are setting up the DStv system yourself, getting a signal detector makes it simpler. It is also relatively … Read more

DStv Service Centres

Find your DStv Service Centre near me When you want to get a DStv installation, walking into the many DStv service centres is a sure way to ensure you get the best service. They will also give you the best DStv prices, unlike many accredited installers, giving you the best value. They offer many DStv … Read more

DStv parameters incorrect

When you get a DStv decoder, you can make as many configurations as you want. One of these is the parameters settings. The parameters will come preset into your decoder from Multichoice, but you can change them when you need to. When you do it incorrectly, however, you will get the DStv parameters incorrect error. … Read more

DStv Now Problems

DStv Now Problems – Streaming Issues 2022 / 2023 DStv now is an online platform that lets you enjoy all the channels from your subscription through an application or on a website. If you are on the move, it is a great way to still get the most from your DStv Package subscription. While using … Read more

DStv multiswitch problems

The DStv Multiswitch was introduced to make Extra View connections simpler. You can link more decoders to your primary DStv Explora decoder in this setup, and you will get the best from it. You can, however, begin to experience DStv Multiswitch problems if there is an error in your setup. Here is how you can … Read more

DStv multi switch connection diagram

DStv Multi Switch Connection Diagram [Multiswitch wiring diagram] The DStv multi switch connection diagram is a guide that takes you through the setup process for your multi switch. It contains several images that will guide you when you are making these connections. The diagram will make it easier to learn and gives you the most … Read more

DStv home network IS20

What is DStv Home Network IS20? DStv home network IS20 is a signal on your DStv decoder that lets you watch free public channels. When you configure your DStv decoder to this frequency, you will still watch even when your subscription passes. It doesn’t offer premium channels like your DStv subscription but lets you enjoy … Read more

DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020

DStv Explora keeps rebooting 2020 is an error that many DStv users have been experiencing in 2020. It causes your decoder to reboot several times, often without your instruction. It will interfere with your watching experience and makes it impossible to watch any live TV. Fixing this problem will go a long way in improving … Read more

DStv Explora Hard Drive Replacement

A DStv decoder is an electronic device, and like many of them, it gets damaged. One of its most vulnerable components is the DStv Explora hard drive. When it is damaged, you need to replace it. Knowing when to perform a DStv Explora hard drive replacement will be beneficial towards a better viewing experience. What … Read more

DStv Explora Disk Full

What is a DStv Explora Disk Full Problem?

If you use a DStv Explora or Explora Ultra, you can record your favourite shows and watch them later. This feature ensures you never have to miss any moment of your shows or when watching live TV. Since these decoders only allow up to 200 hours of recording time, you will get the DStv Explora disk full error message when space runs out.

Read more

DStv Explora 2A Keeps Rebooting

DStv Explora 2A Keeps Rebooting 2020 / 2021 /2022 /2023 Although the DStv Explora 2A is popular among many DStv users, its problems can be very annoying. Top of the list of these is the DStv Explora 2A keeps rebooting problem. It happens when your decoder reboots even without your instruction. It could even happen … Read more

DStv Dish Installation Settings

DStv Dish Installation Settings You will need to complete DStv dish installation settings before you can begin enjoying your DStv Package subscription. It is a less technical process than installing the satellite dish, and you can perform it yourself. You will first need to complete dish installation successfully before you can proceed to DStv settings. … Read more

DStv Dish Direction

What is DStv Dish Direction? The DStv dish direction and angle of your DStv satellite dish are one of the most important aspects of how you watch DStv. The angle and direction of the satellite dish position affect both the strength and quality of your signal, so it’s important to get this aspect right. Let … Read more

DStv Dish Alignment

DStv Dish Alignment Dstv dish alignment is a common problem, especially for people who independently conduct the satellite dish installation process. You won’t have the tools needed for the process. A poorly aligned dish will make it challenging to get a strong signal. Why is DStv dish alignment important for your setup? There is now … Read more

DStv decoder rebooting all the time

DStv users have often encountered a situation with their DStv decoder rebooting all the time. It is very frustrating, especially since it causes your decoder to get a poor signal to some channels or lose them together. It also comes unannounced, making it very difficult to prevent it. Knowing what causes the error will help … Read more

DStv Contacts

Get the Complete MultiChoice DStv Contacts List here! Welcome to our MultiChoice DStv Contacts List page. Chances are, if you’re a DSTV subscriber, you’ll need to contact MultiChoice customer service at some point. 8 Reasons to Contact MultiChoice MultiChoice Package Upgrades Payment Options for your Account Finding a DStv Installer Near Me Arranging the Installation … Read more

DStv Access Fee

What is the DStv Access Fee? – DStv Access Fee Explained DStv Access Fee is an extra charge paid besides your DStv subscription to access more channels without upgrading your subscription. It lets you watch your favourite shows without the burden of increased fees for the month. International and premium content are charged the DStv … Read more

DStv 5U decoder extra view Setup

Want DStv 5U Decoder Extra View Setup? Before you answer that, you first need to understand a DStv 5U decoder extra view setup. Extra View is a new and convenient way to get the most from your DStv subscription. Instead of getting multiple decoders and new subscriptions for all the TVs in your house, you … Read more

Decoder Prices

Multichoice has always tried to ensure its decoders are pocket-friendly and accessible to as many people. One way they have managed to keep these decoders accessible to more people is by regulating their prices. Decoder prices only increase when there is an official communication from multichoice, and you will find that most accredited installers sell … Read more

Troubleshooting Dstv Decoder

Troubleshooting DStv Decoder – DStv TroubleShooting Troubleshooting DStv decoder is a convenient way of solving many of the errors you will encounter while using your DStv Explora decoder. Troubleshooting is the process of running a system checkup and making any corrections for whatever problems you find. If you are a beginner,  it can be challenging, … Read more

How to connect DStv cables

Tips on how to Connect DStv Cables easily When you check the back of your DStv Decoder, there are numerous ports, and all are connected to different points with different cables. When you know how to connect DStv cables, you won’t need to hire a technician, saving you time and money. You can make all … Read more

Dstv second Tv setup

A guide on the Simplest Way to Create a DStv Second TV Setup When you buy a DStv decoder, multichoice will make it as convenient for you to use as possible. They have introduced many features that will make your viewing experience better and more entertaining. One of these is connecting two TVs to a … Read more

Decoder Problems

DStv Decoder Problems and Solutions Although Multichoice has designed its decoders to work well in all situations, this is usually not the case always. Like with any other electronic device, you are likely to encounter decoder problems while using your decoder. It is not limited to any decoder model as these problems will affect Explora … Read more

PVR Decoder Connections

PVR Decoder Connections  [PVR Connection] The PVR decoder is among the most popular options in the country. More people are taking it up owing to the great connectivity options and ease to use. If you intend to get this decoder, you must first understand how to make various PVR decoder connections. It will save you … Read more

DStv Settings

DStv Settings South Africa When you get a DStv decoder, you are assured of a great viewing experience. It offers you more settings options to change your viewing experience to the point you want. There are many DStv settings you can make comfortably and easily using your remote. All you need to do is navigate … Read more

DStv Explora Settings

DStv Explora Settings [DStv decoder settings] When you purchase and complete your DStv Explora connection, you are assured of the best features from Multichoice. This benefit also extends to the numerous DStv Explora frequency settings available to activate. These settings will affect your overall watching experience a lot, and knowing how to navigate through them … Read more

What is DStv Access Fee

What is DStv Access Fee? This is a fee that you have to pay to Multichoice in addition to your monthly subscription when you want to want to have access to multiple channels simultaneously. When you have a DStv package, and you want to view some other channels outside your package, you have to pay … Read more

How to scan DStv channels

How to scan DStv channels? In the course of your viewing, one challenge you will encounter is channel loss. When our decoder stops showing some channels in your package or when you begin getting poor picture quality, it happens. It is thus important to know how to scan DStv channels to help you fix most … Read more

How to install DStv decoder

How to Install DStv Decoder – Setup DStv Decoder More people are setting up DStv connections to their homes, and the demand for DStv technicians is high. If you too would like to make this installation, knowing how to install DStv decoder will save you a lot of time and some money. You can do … Read more

How to find DStv signal using phone

Over the years, Multichoice has been coming up with innovative ways to make your DStv experience great. They have also introduced a way to make your Dstv installation process and poor signal repairs easy. You can now find your DStv signal using your smartphone. This is how to find DStv signal using phone and connect … Read more

Heartbeat Cable

What is a DStv Heartbeat Cable? If you are a regular DStv user, you have likely come across the word cable a lot. However, for a beginner, it is difficult to know what a heartbeat cable is and how they are used. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about DStv cables … Read more

Dstv Satellite

Choose the Right DStv Satellite Before you can settle on one DStv satellite dish, your accredited DStv installer should inform you about the various options available to you. When you buy a DStv dish, you can choose between the different zone options available. These are differentiated by size and the level of network reception they … Read more

DStv Satellite Dish

Do you need a DStv Satellite Dish in your Connection? When you purchase a DStv entertainment system, you will also get a satellite dish that connects. The satellite dish should be installed in a specific direction and at a certain elevation. In some homes, the DStv satellite dish will be located at the front of … Read more

Dstv Problems Today

DStv Problems Today & Solutions Multichoice has tried to make its decoders as functional as possible, but they still encounter some challenges, just like any electronic device today. While using your decoder, you can encounter most of the DStv Problems today, and knowledge to fix them will be a huge boost to you. It will … Read more

DStv Issues

DStv Issues – How to Fix Dstv Problems If you are a regular DStv user, you have likely encountered some of the common DStv issues. These are problems that happen a lot and interfere with your viewing experience. Once you know how to handle all these problems, you can go back to having a good … Read more

DStv decoder showing red light

DStv Decoder showing Red light only Multichoice has made its decoders as accessible and easy to understand as possible. One of the ways they have done this is by introducing different lights and appearances. They will help you determine what is wrong with your decoder before you can even run a diagnosis. One of the … Read more

DStv Cable Connector

DStv Cable Connector – Connection Firstly, the DStv Explora is one of the best DStv decoders available. It has numerous connection options, and you need to know how to make them. It ensures you get the most from your DStv Explora decoder. Knowing how various DStv cable connector options work will help you with this. … Read more

Booster for DStv

Signal Booster for DStv Poor signal strength is a major concern for many DStv users. These errors can interfere with your viewing experience and make it impossible to watch any of your favourite shows. The poor DStv signal causes your tv to display freezing images or distorted picture quality. One of the most convenient ways … Read more

Accredited Installers

With the demand for accredited installers on the rise, more people are taking it as a potential career path. If you want to join this team, this article will guide you on the requirements needed and the entire process of becoming one. Before you can join the team of accredited installers, you have to pass … Read more

Accredited DStv Installers

When you want to get a DStv connection, Multichoice will recommend several installers to you. These are available to reduce the workload and ensure you get the installation in the shortest time possible. The individuals who will set up your connection are called accredited DStv installers. They offer a wide range of services depending on … Read more

Accredited DStv Installer

An accredited DStv installer is a person or a company that has been allowed by Multichoice to sell or make DStv installations. These are a select group of people. When you want any DStv related services, you should ensure you are getting them from an accredited DStv installer. They are easy to spot since they … Read more

Xtraview settings

DStv Explora XtraView Settings XtraView is an innovative option from MultiChoice that allows you to have several decoders at once. With this option, you won’t need to pay for separate subscriptions for all your decoders. Everyone in your house can watch their preferred channels on different TVs without interfering with the experience of other household … Read more

Xtraview settings on Explora

XtraView settings on Explora In any XtraView connection, the primary decoder has to be a DStv Explora. Many installers and Multichoice too advise this because it is a modern decoder and can draw better signals. It will also transmit enough signals to the secondary decoders to ensure you always have a good picture quality. When … Read more

Xtraview heartbeat cable setup

What does an XtraView heartbeat cable setup do? A heartbeat is a signal sent from one decoder to the rest when you make an XtraView connection. It is transmitted every 30 seconds and helps to ensure all the decoders are getting a strong signal. This affects the picture quality, and thus the heartbeat should always … Read more

Two decoders on one account

Two Decoders on One Account Firstly, one of the greatest benefits of having a DStv connection in your home or business premises is the great innovation Multichoice puts into making your experience better. Secondly, did you know you can now use two decoders on one account? It is a feature called DStv Extra View. This … Read more

Satellite Dish Installers

Find Satellite Dish Installers here Satellite dish installers and the DStv services they offer are very important. Without dish installers, your decoder will not receive any signal, and you will also be forced to make the delicate connection process on your own. How do people become satellite dish installers? If you want to become a … Read more

My DStv

DStv Now is Formally known as My Dstv Over the years, DStv has created a name for itself as one of the best entertainment providers. More people in South Africa and other countries are making DStv a part of their everyday experience. In a bid to make their services more accessible and increase convenience for … Read more

My decoder says no signal

My DStv says no signal In the course of your viewing, your DStv can lose signal, and the error message will pop up on your screen. You will want to know why my decoder says no signal, and your first option will be to reach out to a DStv technician to figure it out. There … Read more


The popularity of DStv in South Africa has been very high in recent years throughout the country. More households, restaurants, and hotels have made DStv their primary entertainment option, and all the benefits it has to offer have helped businesses grow. DStv installers can assist you with this. Why is the demand for installers high? … Read more

Install Dstv

Many homeowners enjoy having a DIY project that lets them have fun. These projects can involve making installations around the house or making certain adjustments. Finding the perfect DIY project for you is not challenging, as you will always be determined to conquer all the challenges that might come your way. One of the best … Read more

How to reset Dstv

How to Reset DStv? After using your DStv, you will notice there is usually a delay in activating your DStv Package. It is more common when you pay your subscription late or try to upgrade from one package to another. Multichoice will take some time to validate your payment and disconnect you from your current … Read more

How to reboot DStv decoder

When using your DStv decoder, you are bound to run into signal challenges, especially when the weather is poor. It can result in a bad watching experience, and you might even miss some of your favourite shows. When experiencing this and many other challenges with your DStv decoder, you can reboot it. Here is how … Read more

How to install DStv signal

Having a good DStv signal will ensure you have the highest picture quality. It will also ensure you never miss any of your favourite shows and that you get the most from your DStv Package. One challenge you are likely to encounter while using your DStv is how to install DStv signal for your decoder. … Read more

How to exit DStv installation wizard

How to Exit DStv installation wizard? Once you have completed setting up all the hardware parts of your DStv connection, you have to run the installation wizard. It serves many purposes during the installation process and while you are using your decoder. When you are done using the installation wizard, you have to know how … Read more

How to connect extra tv to DStv decoder

DStv is one of the best and most popular entertainment options available for homes and business places. Multichoice has made having a DStv decoder very convenient by introducing many ways to connect to it. If you have extra decoders, you can use the Extra View option to view channels from your primary subscription across all … Read more

Extra View Setup

Extra View Setup DStv is a popular entertainment option and is available in many countries. When you buy this system for your house, everyone will want to watch all their favourite shows. In some cases, people’s favourite shows might be running simultaneously on different channels, and it could cause some disagreements in the family but … Read more

Extra View Settings

Extra view is one of the most convenient features of having a DStv subscription. Before this feature was introduced, you had to buy several decoders. Then make separate subscriptions for them. It was very expensive and inconvenient. When Xtraview was introduced, more users embraced it. Although it is convenient, navigating through the Extra view settings … Read more

Explora 3a Extra View Setup

Firstly, the Explora 3a is one of the most popular and well-performing decoders available. Using it has been made more convenient thanks to the extra view connection option from Multichoice. This decoder is highly preferred thanks to its signal reception and ease of connection to secondary decoders. Learning how to complete the Explora 3a extra … Read more

Explora 3a Connection

DStv Explora is one of the best decoders to have for any DStv subscriber. It gives you a stronger connection and allows you to make multiple connections with extra view. There are different types of DStv Explora options available, and you should always know which you are getting. The Explora 3a connection is a slightly … Read more

Explora 2 and HD PVR extra view setup

Having an extra view connection allows you to get the most from your DStv subscription. It ensures people in your home never have to fight for the remote or miss their favorite shows. An extra view connection allows you to connect multiple decoders using one account and to operate them independently. Since the Explora 2 … Read more

Dual View Decoder

Why get Dual View Decoder? If you are a beginner, it can be hard to understand what a dual view decoder is. Dual view is one of the most convenient features you get when you purchase a DStv decoder. Ever since Multichoice introduced it, more people are enjoying the great convenience it has to offer. … Read more

DStv Technician

The demand for DStv setup and installation has become very popular in the country. More homes and business premises are installing DStv to get the best entertainment experience. Our DStv technician is on standby for your DStv related issues. WhatsApp or Call us now!! Need an accredited DStv technician? Multichoice Qualification process Before you become … Read more

DStv Signal Strength Settings

Firstly, the signal strength of your DStv will play a huge part in determining whether you will enjoy watching it or not. If the signal strength is good, you will get better picture quality, and you won’t miss any of your favourite shows. However, with interrupted signal strength, you will have delays, and your shows … Read more

DStv Signal Booster

One of the worst things you can experience while watching your DStv programs is a loss of signal. It could interfere with your watching experience, and you will no longer catch every moment of your favourite tv shows. It can be very annoying, and now you can fix it when you get a DStv signal … Read more

Dstv Searching For Signal

How do I get my DStv signal back? As you watch your favourite shows on DStv, you can encounter the DStv searching for signal prompts. It shows that your DStv decoder is not receiving enough signal, and you can lose connection immediately. This message can be very annoying, especially if you don’t know how to … Read more

DStv Picture Problems

When using a DStv decoder, just like when using any other electronic device, you will encounter problems. DStv picture problems are the most common and often occur than any other problems. There are different types of DStv picture problems, and they will all show in different ways. Here is a look at possible problems you … Read more

DStv Installers

DStv is one of the most popular entertainment systems in the country. It has numerous channels for people to enjoy, and more people are beginning to appreciate this. You are likely to find a DStv system in any home or business premise you walk in, such as a restaurant. Since the demand for DStv systems … Read more

DStv Hard Drive May Be Corrupt

Is your DStv hard drive corrupt? New DStv decoders come with a hard drive that gives you more control over it and your overall watching experience. If you have a DStv Explora or HD decoder, you will never miss your favourite shows, thanks to the hard drive it comes with. You can save your shows, … Read more

DStv Extra View Setup Pdf

Get Help from our DStv Extra View setup pdf An ExtraView connection is where you arrange two DStv decoders so that they are linked to a single account. It is a great way to get value from your DStv connection while ensuring everyone in your home can enjoy their favourite shows uninterrupted. Extra view is … Read more

DStv Extra View Installation Price

Ever since Multichoice introduced the extra view feature, more people are enjoying all the great features it offers. If you are a DStv subscriber, having an extra view connection gives you more value for money from the DStv extra view installation price. More people in your house can connect to and watch their favourite shows … Read more

Dstv Explora Xtraview Settings

DStv is a leading entertainment provider in South Africa. It has many channels that everyone in your household can enjoy. When you buy the DStv Explora, you are assured of high picture quality and an impressive watching experience. Since everyone in your house has their taste in programming, you will need to learn to navigate … Read more

DStv Explora Connection

Connection of DStv Explora In recent years, Multichoice has released several decoders, but none comes close to the performance offered by the DStv Explora. This decoder is equipped with some of the best functionalities and features that guarantee you the best viewing experience. For many people, however, a major challenge has been to establish a … Read more

DStv Explora connection diagram

Installing a satellite dish from a DStv Explora connection diagram When you are making a DStv Explora connection, you will need all the help you can get. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced installer, you can run into challenges in the process, and a DStv Explora connection diagram will assist you in handling … Read more

DStv Explora 3a installation diagram

What is a DStv Explora 3a installation diagram? Connecting your DStv Explora correctly will determine the kind of viewing experience you will get. If you connect all the cables correctly, signals will be transferred better. If, however, some connections are made badly, you will experience delays and even miss your shows. The easiest way to … Read more

DStv Dual View

What is DStv Dual View? – Prices & Setup DStv has managed to create a presence in many countries due to its great programming. More people are adding DStv decoders to their homes, and with all the great channels it has, you can understand why. However, if you have a DStv decoder at home, a … Read more

DStv decoders

Which are the most popular DStv Decoders Options? More people are getting DStv, and Multichoice has made better DStv decoders with improved signal reception and picture quality. Over the years, the popularity of DStv has been increasing steadily. More homes worldwide are adding it to their entertainment, and it has been serving many very well. … Read more

DStv Decoder Connection

DStv decoder connection to your TV When making the DStv decoder, Multichoice has made it as connective as possible. They have ensured you can make a DStv decoder connection to your tv, the internet, and other decoders easily and conveniently. This article will help you understand various connections and how to make them. This is … Read more

DStv connection

Connecting your Decoder to the Internet – DStv Connection Multichoice is always working on new ways to make your watching experience better. Although DStv is among the biggest entertainment option in many countries, many other companies are stepping up and giving Multichoice a run for their money. Multichoice has managed to stay ahead and counter … Read more

DStv connect

What is DStv connect? Many people always have their smart devices near them most of the time. Multichoice is aware of this, and they have tried to make it as simple as possible for you to access your DStv information and make any change you want. You can do all these using the DStv connect … Read more

DStv cable connection

What Types of cables are in a DStv Cable Connection? When you buy a DStv decoder, you will get several connecting cables that will help to transmit signals from one point to another. Some of these cables can come from the satellite dish to the decoder or from the decoder to the TV. It is … Read more

DStv accredited installers

Getting DStv accredited installers  for your set-up If you want to join the majority of families in the world getting the best programming, you are thinking of getting a DStv connection. Multichoice has managed to create a good name as a company with the most enjoyable watching experience and a great selection of programs. To … Read more