DStv Settings South Africa

When you get a DStv decoder, you are assured of a great viewing experience. It offers you more settings options to change your viewing experience to the point you want. There are many DStv settings you can make comfortably and easily using your remote. All you need to do is navigate through the settings menu, and you can make all changes you want. Here are some of the changes you can make to the DStv menu.

What are the DStv Settings for the decoder?

DStv Settings

How to change the aspect ratio for your decoder

The aspect ratio is one of the DStv settings options you can change. It lets you change the size of the screen. Press the DStv button and bring up the main menu and select the settings option. You will get a Television option, and you can press the right arrow button six times. It will now bring up the Screen Aspect Ratio in your DStv settings.

Once you select it, it will bring up the various ratio options available to select. You can change the ratio several times whenever you need to and get one that works best for you.

How to run the installation wizard from the manual

Another feature you can change from the settings is the installation wizard results. When you run the installation wizard, you will get various results about your DStv connection. One of these is the DStv signal. You can get the signal level on your decoder when you run the installation wizard, and the DStv settings will let you change it.

DStv Settings

When you get a poor signal problem, you can change it from your DStv menu. Click on the menu and navigate to the reset option. When you reset your decoder, it will help you solve most of the signal problems you are experiencing. You can select your preferred signal options and activate them for your decoder.

The time option on your decoder ensures you are always on time, and when it is performing poorly, you can change it from the menu. You can get this DStv settings option from the menu and change it to your local time. All these manual settings are very convenient for your daily decoder use.