DStv HD decoder model 5S installation

The DStv HD decoder model 5S is a reliable decoder and is very popular among many DStv users. If you are thinking about getting this decoder, you no longer need a technician to install it. You can complete the DStv HD decoder model 5S installation yourself and save time and money. If you have never completed a DStv connection before, this will help you complete the installation.

DStv HD decoder model 5S installation

Can you make a HD decoder model 5S installation without a technician?

The first step in the model 5S installation is setting up your satellite. The items needed in this process will be available in your DStv package, and all you need are several tools. First, make four cement holes in the wall where you want to set up your dish mount. You should install it in the right position as directed by Multichoice.

Ensure your smart LNB is installed firmly on your satellite dish as it helps to transfer signals to your decoder. You can now proceed to connect all the required cables in the setup. Run the RG6 cable from your smart LNB device and into the back of your decoder. This is the final technical step in the  5S installation.

Connecting your TV to the decoder

Once you complete setting up your satellite and decoder connections, you can now connect your TV. Since this is a modern decoder, all you need is an HDMI cable. Plug it into the appropriate ports on your decoder and at the back of your TV. You can now scan it on your TV, and it will begin broadcasting content from your decoder.

DStv HD decoder model 5S installation

Running the Installation Wizard process.

The final process in DStv HD decoder model 5S installation is running the installation wizard. It lets you see whether you made the installation correctly by monitoring the signal strength. You can locate the installation wizard on the decoder’s main menu. And the process takes a short while, and you can begin enjoying your shows. This is how to make a  decoder model 5S installation.