What is the DStv Self Service USSD Code? – DStv USSD Code

DStv USSD Code

DStv USSD Code is a quick and easy way to manage your DStv account.

With USSD codes, you can check your balance, make payments, and more.

  • DStv USSD number – Dial *120*68584#

Some of the things you can do with the DStv USSD Codes include:

  • Account Management
  • Making payments
  • Error Message Clearing
  • Price Lock for Dstv
  • DStv Service Centre Locator

If you have any questions about the DStv USSD Codes, or if you need help using them, please contact us.

How to Pay DStv with USSD number?

DStv with USSD number

Dial the below DStv USSD number & Follow the Prompts

  • Nedbank USSD *120*002#
  • FNB USSD *120*321#
  • ABSA USSD *120*2272#
  • Standard Bank USSD *120*2345#
  • More info HERE

DStv USSD Codes for the Following Countries

DStv USSD Codes

  • South Africa DStv USSD Code *120*68584#
  • Tanzania DStv USSD Code *150*53#
  • Zambia DStv USSD Code *247#
  • Kenya DStv USSD Code *423#
  • Ghana DStv USSD Code *759#
  • Malawi DStv USSD Code *470#
  • Uganda DStv USSD Code *206#
  • Ethiopia DStv USSD Code *847#

How does DStv Self Service work?

Self Service for DStv

If you’re a DStv subscriber, you can manage your account and view programming online with DStv Self Service.

This online portal lets you change your package, add or delete channels, and even make payments.

You can also access help articles and troubleshooting tips to solve any problems you may be experiencing with your DStv service.

So why wait?

Log in to DStv Self Service today and take control of your DStv experience.

DStv Self Help Services:

  • DStv Error Messages can be cleared
  • View “Help & How to Videos”
  • Accessible FAQ Help for Dstv
  • Downgrade or Upgrade Packages
  • Locate DStv Service Centres & Stores
  • Make Payment on your DStv Account
  • Find your Accredited DStv Installer Near me
  • History of all payments
  • DStv Package Reconnection
  • Payment Locations– DStv Shops
  • Holiday & Home viewing management
  • PIN can be reset
  • Pending subscription status
  • Balance Check on your DStv account
  • View your account profile
  • Options for payment
  • DStv Subscription Management

DStv Self Service login – Guide

DStv Self Service login

How to log in to DStv Self-Service? – DStv Sign In

Guide on DStv Account Access

  1. Go to www.dstv.com
  2. Pick “MyDStv”
  3. Select “Sign In”
  4. Type your “Mobile Number or Email”
  5. Type “Password”
  6. Pick “Sign In”

No DStv Account? – Learn to Sign Up Now

Register Now for DStv self service

  1. Got to www.dstv.com
  2. Pick “MyDStv”
  3. Pick “Sign Up Now”
  4. Type your “Mobile Number or Email”
  5. Make “Password”
  6. Pick “Create an Account”

DStv Self Service Login Problems

  • Password Forgot or email
  • Trying to access the website from a location that is restricted

Any other issues, phone the DStv customer

Need to Reset DStv Self Service Login Password?

  1. Go to https://connect.dstv.com/registration/reset
  2. Enter your “Email or Mobile Number”
  3. Pick “Next”
  4. Reset password link is sent

View my DStv Balance?

DStv Balance

Call DStv Customer Care on

  • 083 900 3788
  • 011 289 2222

Have your ID or Smart Card number ready.

What is the DStv Self Service WhatsApp nr?

DStv Self Service WhatsApp nr

  • WhatsApp Number is 060 060 3788
  • Message “Hello” to start

Is DStv customer care 24 hours?

Nope, it is not.

  • 7 Days a week
  • 8am to 11pm

Learn more about DStv WhatsApp Number

What are the DStv Self Service Numbers?

  • +263 732 400 156 – Zimbabwe
  • +260 970 699 008 – Zambia
  • +233 024 474 0540 – Ghana
  • 011 289 2222 – South Africa

DStv Now for DStv Self Service

Manage your DStv account with the Now DStv App

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How to check the Decoder DStv Subscription?

  1. Dial *120*68584#
  2. Complete Instructions

How do I chat with a  Multichoice agent?

  • Email: help@dstv.com
  • Website: selfservice.dstv.com
  • DStv Customer Care: +27 11 289 2222
  • Twitter @DStvSelfService
  • WhatsApp 060 060 3788
  • Facebook @ DStv

What is the list of DStv packages?

  • Premium Package
  • Family Package
  • Easy View Package
  • Compact Package
  • Compact Plus Package
  • Access Package

DStv Packages of 2022 / 2023 – Click HERE

How do I clear DStv errors?

DStv Errors

USSD Code to clear the Error

  1. Dial *120*68584#
  2. Pick “2” – Manage your viewing
  3. Pick “1” – Fix an Error

DStv Agents near me – Service Centres

Service Centres

Dstv Shop – North West, Mpumalanga & Limpopo

Dstv Shop – Lesotho, Gauteng, & Free State

Dstv Shop – Eastern Cape & KZN

Dstv Shop – Northern Cape & Western Cape

Dstv Shop – Express

Most Updated info on DStv Agencies & Contact details

DStv Agencies & Contact details