What is a DStv Xtra View? – Extra View Explained

DStv Xtra View is an affordable way to link 2 or 3 Dstv decoders on 1 Subscription.

DStv Xtra View

This allows the household to watch additional channels and record them on each decoder while saving money!

Add 1 DStv Decoder

  • Monthly Subscription + 1 Access Fee

Add 2 DStv Decoders

  • Monthly Subscription + 2 Access Fees

What is the DStv Xtra View Price? 2022 / 2023

DStv Xtra View Price

How much is XtraView on DStv?

There is a monthly Access Fee of R105 per month on top of your DStv Package subscription fee.

  • R105 per month for every Extra Decoder you Add

What is the installation cost of Extra View?

It typically costs about R750 to R1200 for an Extra View installation.

Factors that determine the Installation Cost

  • The complexity of the installation
  • Additional equipment needed (cables, splitters, etc)
  • Location of the Installation
  • Any extra’s like additional TV points

How does Xtra View work? – DStv Extra View Setup

DStv Extra View Setup

Xtra View operates by allowing the primary decoder to link to 1 or 2 secondary decoders.

  • All decoders share the same monthly package subscription
  • R105 Access Fee per Additional decoder
  • Max 2 secondary decoders can link to the primary decoder

A heartbeat signal is sent from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder every 1.5 minutes.

  • Heartbeat Signal is sent by Smart LNB or communication cable
  • DStv smart switch may also be used for a communal system

No heartbeat Signal? Then E143 error message will be displayed.

What are Primary & Secondary Decoders?

  • Primary Decoder – Main decoder with the monthly package subscription.
  • Secondary Decoder – Additional decoder you add

Both decoders will share the same DStv channel subscription package.

  • Cannot mix DStv Packages
  • If you subscribe to Compact Plus, then both decoders have access to Compact Plus Channels.

DStv Xtra View installation Process?  – Learn How

DStv Xtra View Installations

The easiest way to install Extra View is to contact us.

  • Let us help with your XtraView Connection
  • Accredited DStv Installers
  • FREE Quotes

What decoders can be used for Xtraview?

All decoders can be used for Xtra View Connections

  • HD Decoders
  • SD Decoders
  • Explora
  • PVR

Tripple View does not allow the connection of SD decoders or HD PVR.

  • Explora is best for this type of connection

Xtra View uses what types of LNB?

Latest Decoders – HD Decoders & Explora Decoders

  • Smart LNB
  • Smart Switch

Old Decoders

  • Universal Twin LNB
  • Smart Switch

Learn how to connect DStv Xtra View cables

Connect the same LNB to each decoder using the coaxial cable

  • New decoders use the uni-cable ports
  • Older decoders use the universal port
  • Uni-cable ports are used on the Explora decoders
  • Uni-cable & universal ports are used on HD decoders

The Heartbeat Connection

After decoders are connected to LNB, link the decoders with a heartbeat or communication cable

Heartbeat Connection

  • The primary decoder sends a heartbeat signal every couple of minutes
  • This communication confirms the secondary decoders’ connection

If no heartbeat signal then the E143 error will appear on the secondary decoder.

Extra Info & Tips

  • No heartbeat cable is needed if you are using a smart LNB
  • A communication cable from the primary decoder to the secondary decoder is needed, when using a universal twin LNB
  • Always leave the primary decoder on or you will get an error “waiting for communication from the primary decoder“.

View the XtraView DStv Explora extra view setup diagram

  • Click HERE for the diagram

3 Steps to Activate DStv Xtra view? – Learn How

Step 1. Test everything before proceeding to activate

  • Is channel 100 available?
  • A heartbeat signal must be sent
  • Make sure no E143 error

Step 2. Check the Xtra View Status Idle on the Decoder – Extra View Settings Code

  1. Select the remote button “Help”
  2. Choose “General Information“
  3. Press “Extra View“

Step 3. Now call Multichoice for DStv Xatra View Activation

  • 011 289 2222

Need additional help in connecting your Xtra View then message our DStv Installers or Technicians.

DStv Xtra View Installations – Easy & Affordable Price

DStv Xtra View installation

Want a DStv Expert to assist you with your DStv Xtra View connection?

  • Affordable Installation Rates
  • Quality Workmanship
  • All Customers welcomed

DStv XtraView Installations anywhere in SA

  • Bloemfontein
  • Pretoria
  • Gauteng
  • Polokwane
  • Sandton
  • Johannesburg
  • Cape Town
  • Durban
  • And more

Accredited DStv Installers offer:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Satellite dish installation
  • Repairs
  • FREE Quotes
  • Upgrades
  • Installations
  • Dish Alignment

DStv Xtra View Frequency Settings

Click on the link below

DStv Xtra View Channels – Channel List 2022 /2023

DStv Xtra View Channels

What channels are on offer for the DStv Xtra View?

Get your DStv Channels List 2022/2023 HERE

  • DStv channels list 2020 /2021 /2022 /2023

Channels on DStv Xtra View are arranged as follows:

  • Kids & Teens
  • Movies & Entertainment
  • News and Commerce
  • Religion
  • Documentaries & Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Free Channels
  • Specialist & Foreign

Is DStv Xtra View Worth It? – Review

Yes, it is worth it!

  • Great if you have a large family and want to watch two separate channels at the same time.
  • It does come with an added monthly cost

People also ASK – DStv ExtraView

DStv ExtraView

How do I cancel my DStv Extra view?

  • Phone Customer care – Tel: (011) 289 2222
  • Complete the online cancellation process
  • Email customer care – help@dstv.com
  • WhatsApp Dstv – 060 060 3788
  • Visit a customer care centre

DStv Compact extra view price?

The Access Fee is R105 per Decoder you add

  • A monthly Compact subscription is R429

Download & View the DStv extra view setup pdf

How to Run the DStv Extra View installation wizard?

  1. On the Remote, Press “DStv button”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Satellite Settings”
  4. Press “Home Network”
  5. Press “Launch Installation Wizard” then
  6. Select “OK
  7. Press “Quick Setup”
  8. Select “Decoder 1”
  9. All Bars must turn Blue
  10. Press “Scan” then
  11. Select “OK”

Wait for the scanning of channels to be done.

How to pay for DStv Extra view?

Click the link to find out

What is DStv extra view distance?

The distance is 20 Meters.

What are the DStv Xtra View Packages 2022?

  • Access Package
  • Premium Package
  • Easy View Package
  • Compact Package
  • Compact Plus Package
  • Family Package

Click HERE for details on all Packages 2022

What is the DStv TV Guide for Today! – WOW

View your guide now

What are the DStv Error Codes – 2022 / 2023

Check out & Fix your Error Code

DStv Error Codes

  • E118
  • E18-4
  • E17-13
  • E106
  • E37-32
  • E48
  • E16-4
  • E42-32
  • E30-4
  • E120
  • E32-0
  • E17-0
  • E19-4
  • E06-4
  • E107
  • E33-4
  • E48-32
  • E109
  • E600-0
  • E45-32
  • E30-0
  • E101
  • E32-4
  • E33-0
  • E16-0
  • E05-4
  • E50
  • E100
  • E04-4

Why is my DStv showing no signal?

Error in the installation of your DStv

  • A satellite dish is misaligned
  • LNB is faulty
  • F connector issue
  • Loose cables
  • Wrong decoder settings

How do I know if LNB is faulty?

  1. Signal drop
  2. Missing some channels
  3. Bad pixilation of the video

Compare the DStv Xtra Channels Lists for South Africa 2022

DStv Xtra Channels Lists for South Africa

Below is everything you need!

Easy View Channels List

Access Channels List

Family Channels List

Compact Channels List

Premium Channels List

Compact Plus Channels List

What Types of Dstv Decoders are available?

Check out the below decoders and their Specs

Single View Decoder

DStv Dual View


Dstv Explora

DStv Extra View

Firstly, Extra View is a very popular feature of DStv. It remains in high demand among subscribers, and they also have many queries regarding Extra View. Secondly, this article is an attempt to answer some of these queries related to DStv Extra View. Customers are always asking about DStv Extra View setup installations and DStv prices Extra … Read more