Why do you need the correct DStv smart LNB frequency settings? – DStv LNB frequency settings

The smart LNB on your decoder plays a huge role in your installation. Importantly, it is used to transform signals from the satellite to those your decoder can understand. Furthermore, you should have the correct DStv smart LNB frequency settings for the best signal reception. This will also ensure you get good picture quality and that you can enjoy your shows more.

DStv smart LNB frequency settings

Indeed, getting the right DStv smart LNB frequency settings can be hard, and you need professional help with it. You can now reach out to our DStv company for all your settings needs. Importantly, our team is experienced in the installation process and will help you get the right smart LNB frequency settings. It will save you time, and you can begin watching your shows in no time.

How to locate the DStv smart LNB frequency settings

These settings are available on your decoder. They fall under the satellite settings option making it easier to find them. Firstly, our experts will help you with this as they know the correct settings. Under this setting, you will also get a reading on the LNB type on your installation.

Secondly, you can now navigate through this setup menu and set the right frequency. Importantly, Multichoice recommends that you have a 10.5Hz to 12.5Hz frequency for the best picture quality.

The experts will make the right adjustments to achieve this result. Finally, you can now get a stable signal reading and the best performance on your decoder.

DStv smart LNB frequency settings

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