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Decking is a great way to add value to your home. It’s also a lot of fun! You can create a deck that’s as simple or as complex as you want it to be. To create the perfect deck, you’ll need to consider three main areas: materials, design, and function.


Decking materials include wood, composite material (such as plastic), or steel. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks:

  • Wood is more traditional but less durable than composite materials
  • Composite materials are more durable than wood but less attractive
  • Steel is very durable and long-lasting but not aesthetically pleasing

Your design options are almost endless—from a simple square or rectangular shapes with no railings or stairs (these are called “floating” decks) to complex curved designs with multiple levels and several different types of railings—the sky’s the limit!

Make sure you decide which design will fit best in your backyard space before getting started on construction so that everything lines up perfectly once construction begins.

Decking Installers

Functionality is also important when planning your decking project because the purpose of this structure determines how much space you require.

Decking Definition – What is Decking?

Decking is a material that is used to cover the top of a platform or surface. It can be made of wood, plastic, or other materials.

Decking has many uses, including:

  • Building around pools and spas
  • Covering decks and terraces
  • Adding privacy to balconies or patios

Complete Decking Solutions

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Decking near me

Decking Types & Ideas

When it comes to choosing the right decking material, there are a lot of things you need to consider. You’ll want a deck that’s durable, easy to maintain and low-maintenance, and one that complements your home. But how do you know what will work best for you?

Here are the various types of decking available

  • Above Ground Pool Decking
  • Affordable Decking
  • Aged Balau Decking
  • Aluminium / Aluminum Decking
  • Artificial Timber Decks
  • Balau Decking
  • Balau Wood Decking
  • Bamboo Decking
  • Best Composite Decks
  • Best Decking
  • Caravan Decking
  • Cedar Decks
  • Cheap Decking
  • Composite Decking
  • Concrete Decking
  • Decking Construction
  • Decking For Above Ground Pools
  • Exotic Wood Decking
  • Decking For Swimming Pools
  • Exterior Wood Decks
  • Galvanized Decking
  • Garapa Decking
  • Garden Decks
  • Grey Composite Decking
  • Laminate Decking
  • Leak Proof Decks
  • Marine Teak Decking
  • Massaranduba Decks
  • Meranti Decking
  • Metal Decking
  • Modular Decks
  • Oak Decking
  • Outdoor Decking Decks
  • Pallet Decking
  • Pallet Rack Wire Decks
  • Pallets Decks
  • Pan Decking
  • Perma Wood Decks
  • Pine Decks
  • Plank Decks
  • Plastic Decking
  • Plastic Lumber Decks
  • Pool Decking
  • Plastic Patio Decks
  • Plastic Wood Looking Decks
  • Precast Decks
  • Pvc Decking
  • Pvc Wood Decks
  • Recycled Decking
  • Roof Decking
  • Rustic Decks
  • Saligna Decks
  • Spotted Gum Decks
  • Steel Decking
  • Steel Floor Decks
  • Swimming Pool Decking
  • Synthetic Decks
  • Teak Decks
  • Techwood Decks
  • Tigerwood Decks
  • Timber Decks
  • UPVC Decks
  • Wall Decks
  • Water Shedding Decks
  • Wire Mesh Decks
  • Wooden Decks
  • Wooden Pool Decks
  • 2nd Hand Decks

Latest Decking Designs

Here are some of the latest deck designs that have caught our attention:

Artificial turf for decks

You can now get artificial turf for your deck! This new design has taken off because it provides a soft surface for you and your family to relax on while also providing a more durable surface than natural grass.

Floating decks

Floating decks are designed to be lightweight and move with water so they don’t get damaged by waves or wind.

They look great in pools or out on lakes, especially when they match up with aqua-themed decor like blue lights or blue furniture.

Modular designs

Modular designs allow homeowners and professional designers alike to take advantage of space savings by creating a modular deck design that lets you combine multiple pieces into one large space that fits seamlessly into your outdoor space.

Decking Installation

Deck installation is a job for professionals or experts. If you’re looking to get your deck installed, you’ve probably run into many reasons why it’s not a good idea to do it yourself.

  • Our specialists offer decking installation near me.

The first thing to consider is safety: decking is heavy and dangerous when improperly handled. It’s also very easy to injure yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Finally, deck installation can be quite expensive; hiring an expert will save you money in the long run by preventing damage and making sure your deck will last for years to come.

Decking Installation

So if you’re ready for a new deck, but don’t have the time or resources to do it yourself, contact us today! We’ll help make sure your deck looks great and lasts for years to come.

Hire the BEST Decking companies

Let us help you find the best Decking companies near me that offer installation and repairs in your area.

We provide a free service that connects you with deck builders, contractors, and repair professionals who can help you choose the right materials for your deck, get it built to last, and keep it looking great year after year.

Our friendly independent service providers will come out to your home and give you an estimate on the cost of building a new deck or repairing your old one.

They’ll also offer advice on how to make sure your deck is safe and secure for years to come.

Why Choose our decking installers?

When you choose to work with our decking installers near me, you’re choosing someone who is dedicated to providing the best service possible.

  • Proven track record of excellence
  • Fully trained, with years of experience in the field
  • Professionals who are passionate about their work
  • Understand how to work with wood and concrete, as well as other materials used in dec installation
  • Offer competitive rates

Decking Experts @ your Service

  • Deck repair and replacement
  • Deck restoration and maintenance
  • Wooden fence installation
  • Patio construction

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to get started on your dream deck!

Decking Repair

If your deck needs repair, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Safety is always the number one priority.
  • Be sure to inspect your deck for any loose boards or nails before beginning any repairs.
  • Important to know what type of deck material you have. Different materials require different repair methods.
  • Be sure to use the proper tools and techniques.
  • Improper repairs can do more harm than good.

Decking Repair

Wooden Deck Repairs

The most common type of repair is replacing damaged boards. You will first need to remove the old board and then measure and cut a new one to fit its place.

Be sure to use the proper type of screws or nails when attaching the new board.

Composite Deck Repairs

The repair process is similar to that of a wooden deck. However, you will need to be careful not to damage the composite material when making your repairs.

Deck Maintenance

Once you have made all of the necessary repairs to your deck, it is important to protect it from further damage.

Be sure to regularly clean and seal your deck to keep it looking its best.

Contact us for Decking repairs near me

If you’re looking for a reliable company that provides these services, look no further than our directory of local contractors.

We have compiled a list of companies that offer deck repairs near me, so you can easily find one that works for your needs.

Decking repairs near me

Services include:

  • Deck and fence painting
  • Fence replacement
  • Deck staining & sealing
  • Pergola repair & maintenance

Decking Maintenance Service

If you’re looking for a deck maintenance service, we can help. On offer is a wide range of services and we will work with you to find the right solution for your needs.

Decking Maintenance

Deck Maintenance

  • Balau
  • Bamboo
  • Composite
  • Cumaru
  • Garapa
  • Ipe
  • Mahogany
  • Merbau
  • Massaranduba
  • Redwood
  • Teak
  • Tigerwood
  • Wood
  • Yellow Balau

Wooden Deck Repairs

How is Decking Pricing calculated?

Decking pricing is determined by the type of deck you are planning to have and the material used to build it.

The pricing can also be affected by whether or not your deck will include stairs, railings, and other elements. Deck installation costs are also based on the size of your deck and its height from ground level.

Decking Pricing

When you’re shopping around for a new deck, make sure you know what kind of materials you want to use so that you can get a clearer idea of how much it will cost in the end.

What is the decking price per m2?

The decking price per m2 in South Africa varies depending on the type of deck material you’re looking for, as well as its quality.

If you want to use high-quality material like composite, which is made from recycled plastic and wood fibres, expect to pay anywhere from R800 to R1000 per m2.

If you want to use a low-quality material like pressure-treated pine or cedar, you can expect to pay about half that price.

decking price per m2

The cost of labour will also vary depending on where you live and the quality of the job.

For example, if you hire a contractor who uses high-quality materials and does good workmanship, it’s going to cost more than if you hire someone who uses low-quality materials and doesn’t do their best work possible.

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People also ASK – about decks

What are the problems with decking?

When it comes to a deck, the biggest problem is that it can be noticeably uneven. If your deck isn’t level, it can lead to water pooling in certain areas, which can then promote the growth of mould and mildew.

In addition, an uneven surface can also make it difficult to apply furniture or foot traffic.

Another problem with a deck is that it is often made from materials that are not very sturdy and can break easily. This means that you may have to replace your deck more often than you would like, which can be costly. Finally, some traditional deck materials, such as treated lumber, can be harmful to the environment.

When laying decking do you leave a gap?

Yes, typically you would leave a gap of about 80mm between the deck boards. This will help to ensure proper drainage and airflow. Additionally, it will also make it easier to clean the deck boards and keep them looking new.

What are the disadvantages of decking?

One of the primary disadvantages of decks is that they can be more expensive than other types of home improvement projects. Decks can also be more difficult to install than other projects, and they may require the help of a professional contractor.

Additionally, decks may need to be regularly sealed and maintained to keep them looking their best.

What kind of decking lasts the longest?

Cedar and redwood are two of the longest-lasting types of decking.

Why are my deck boards warping?

Warping can be caused by several factors, including changes in humidity, temperature, and the amount of weight that is applied to the deck boards.

Should deck boards be butted together?

Yes, deck boards should be butted together. If they are not butted together, water can get in between the boards and cause them to warp.

Does decking attract rats?

Yes, a deck does tend to attract rats. This is because rats feel safe and protected when they’re up high off the ground, and the deck provides them with easy access to food and shelter.

If you have a deck in your garden, there are a few things you can do to deter rats from taking up residence:

  • Keep your garden tidy and free from any potential food sources (including fallen fruit, bird seed, pet food, etc.)
  • Regularly inspect your deck for signs of damage or holes that could provide access for rodents
  • If you do see evidence of rats on your deck, call in professional pest control assistance to deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.

How long will decking last?

The lifespan of a deck depends on several factors, including the type of wood used, the climate, and how well it is maintained.

Decks built with treated lumber will last for around 10-15 years, while those made with cedar or redwood can last up to 25 years or more if properly taken care of.

What is the best low-maintenance deck material?

There are a few different options when it comes to low-maintenance deck materials. One option is to go with composite deck material. Composite deck is made from a mix of wood, plastic, and typically other recycled materials. Because it’s made from recycled materials, it’s usually more environmentally friendly than other options.

Composite deck is also low maintenance because it doesn’t require as much upkeep as wooden decks. It’s also typically less expensive than other low-maintenance decking options.

Another low-maintenance deck material option is PVC deck. PVC decks are made entirely from plastic so they’re very easy to clean and don’t require much upkeep.

Is composite deck better than wood?

Yes! There are several advantages to composite deck over traditional wood deck.

  • Made from recycled materials, so it is eco-friendly.
  • Low maintenance and does not require the same level of care as wood deck.
  • Durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Finally, it looks great and comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit any home.

How do I stop decking cupping?

There are a few things you can do to stop your deck from cupping.

  • First, make sure that you tight line the joists when you’re attaching the deck boards. This will help prevent them from shifting and cupping.
  • Second, use longer screws or nails when attaching the deck boards. This will also help keep them from shifting and cupping.
  • Third, make sure that you provide adequate support to the ends of the deck boards. This will prevent them from Sagging and cupping.

Who does decking near me?

Our independent service providers do

What decking material is best?

There is no “best” deck material. The material that is best for you will depend on your budget, the climate where you live, and the look you are going for.

Some common deck materials include wood (e.g., pressure-treated lumber, cedar, redwood), composite, PVC, and aluminium.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks that you will need to consider before making a decision.

What decking screws to use?

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right deck screws:

  • Type of wood you’re using (softwoods like pine require different screws than hardwoods like oak)
  • The thickness of the wood
  • Whether you’re using treated lumber or not

There are a variety of screw types available on the market, but for decks, I generally recommend either Torx or Star drive screws.

They both have a bit that grips the screw head securely, which prevents them from slipping as you drive them in. They also have a deeper drive so they go in straighter and don’t pull out as easily.

And finally, they have a hexagonal socket that fits standard drivers, making them much easier to use than Phillips

Which deck stain lasts the longest?

I would recommend a semi-transparent stain.

Semi-transparent stains will allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through, while also providing UV protection and durability.

They also penetrate deep into the wood grain, which can help reduce peeling and fading. Be sure to apply two coats for optimal results.

Where is decking height measured from?

One way to measure is from the ground up, starting at the lowest point of your deck (typically where the ledger board is attached) and measuring to the top of the deck boards.

Another way to measure is from the joists up, which will give you the actual height of the deck boards themselves. Whichever method you choose, just be consistent so that all your measurements are accurate.

Which decking oil is best?

One of the most popular deck oils is Teak Oil. It’s known for being able to protect the wood from weathering and pests, while also giving it a beautiful, golden colour.

Another popular option is Redwood Deck Oil, which is known for its ability to protect the wood from rot and decay. It also has a slightly redder hue than Teak Oil.

Which decking is best?

There is no one “best” decking material since each option has its own set of pros and cons. Some popular choices include wood (particularly pressure-treated lumber), composite, and PVC.

Factors to consider when choosing a deck material include durability, maintenance requirements, and cost.

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