The DStv Dish and What it is used for?

DStv Dish

The DStv Dish is a satellite dish antenna that picks up your DStv Package subscription signal from the MultiChoice satellite broadcast.

It gives you access to hundreds of channels from various parts of the world, including news and sports coverage, as well as movies and series.

How does a DStv dish work?

To receive these channels, the Dish for DStv needs to be aligned to the satellite and then connected to the decoder.

  • The satellite dish is designed with a single cable connection, which means it can be used with almost any decoder, older or newer.
  • It also has adjustable mount arms for easy alignment and positioning on uneven surfaces such as roofs, walls and poles. With its superior quality components and robust construction, the satellite dish DStv is a reliable way to access the best in entertainment.

For an even better viewing experience, you can opt for an ExtraView Setup with two or more decoders connect to your DStv dish.

  • This allows you to watch different channels on different TV sets simultaneously, so everyone in your household can enjoy their own favourite shows.

Not only does the DStv Dish offer reliable performance and great value for money but it is easy to install and maintain.

Types of DStv Dishes

Types of DStv Dishes

What are the Different DStv Dishes for Sale?

Fixed Dish for DStv: The fixed dish is a non-moving satellite dish that needs to be permanently mounted on the roof of your home.

Portable /Mobile Dish for DStv: The portable satellite dish that allows you to watch DStv content on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

  • Aluminium Satellite Dish DStv
  • Steel Satellite Dish DStv
  • Fibreglass Satellite Dish DStv

The DStv Dish Sizes

  • 80cm Aluminium Dish
  • 85cm Aluminium Dish
  • 90cm Aluminium Dish
  • 80cm Steel Satellite Dish
  • 85cm Steel Satellite Dish
  • 120cm Steel Satellite Dish
  • 85cm Fibreglass Satellite Dish
  • 100cm Fibreglass Satellite Dish
  • 120cm Fibreglass Satellite Dish

Specials on all DStv Dish for Sale

DStv Dish for Sale

Get the best deals on your dish for DStv here.

Our expert team of satellite Dish Installers are available to help you choose the perfect satellite dish and set it up.

DStv Dish for Sale

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  • Western Cape
  • South Africa

DStv Dish Prices

DStv Dish Prices

The cost price of a Dish for DStv may vary, depending on the size and type of dish that you choose.

  • You can purchase a small dish for around R350 or a large dish for around R650.
  • Lots of SPECIALS on Dishes at various Retailers
  • 80cm dish price from R199
  • 90cm dish price from R225
  • DStv Explora dish price from R199

Cost of a DStv Dish only @ Major Retailers

  • The dish price at Makro from R299
  • The dish price at PEP from R299
  • DStv dish price at Game from R299

What are the DStv Dish Parts?

Below are the accessories and components you get for the Dish of DStv

  • Arm
  • Bracket
  • Cable
  • Eye
  • Pole
  • Wall Bracket
  • Full Dish Kit

What is the DStv Dish Arm?

The dish arm is an accessory that attaches to the side of a satellite dish in order to improve signal reception.

  • Made of metal and plastic
  • Different sizes depending on the size of your satellite dish
  • DStv Dish Arm Price is from R199

The arm helps to stabilize the satellite dish and prevents it from moving around in high winds. It also helps to reflect the signal towards the satellite, which results in improved reception.

What is the DStv Dish Bracket?

The Dish wall Bracket is a mounting bracket for satellite dishes.

  • Used to mount the dish on a vertical surface, such as a wall or mast.
  • Helps to keep the dish in position and secures it against wind loading.
  • Made of galvanized steel and powder-coated for a long life span.
  • The Dish bracket for sale price starts from R199

What is the DStv Dish Cable?

The Dish Cable is a coaxial cable that is used to connect the DStv satellite dish to your decoder.

  • It transmits the digital signal from the satellite dish to your Decoder so that you can watch your favourite channels.

What is the DStv Dish Eye?

The dish eye is the LNB.

  • Receives the satellite signals and sends via the coaxial cable to your Decoder.
  • Smart LNB replaces the Heartbeat cable.
  • Smart LNB is needed for an XtraView Setup

Different Types of Dish Eye

  • Smart LNB
  • UniCable LNB
  • Twin LNB
  • Quad LNB
  • Universal LNB
  • Quattro LNB
  • Dual LNB
  • Single LNB

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What is the DStv Dish Pole?

It’s a simple metal pole that can be installed in minutes, and it helps to position your dish higher off the ground for better reception.

What does the Full DStv Dish kit include?

There are many different Dish kits available.

Most Dish Kits include

  1. 80cm Dish
  2. Smart LNB
  3. Wall Bracket

The Dish kit price starts from R499

DStv Dish Installation

DStv Dish Installation

We understand that setting up your satellite dish system can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer professional and reliable DStv Installation services for dishes.

Our team of experienced Dish Installers are equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that the installing of the satellite dish is set up correctly and safely.

The Installation of the Dish for DStv couldn’t be easier!

  • Get the most out of your DStv Dish Installation
  • Hassle-free and efficient installation experience
  • Setup with the correct DStv Dish Settings
  • Same-day Installation of the satellite Dish
  • Correct Dish Angle and Direction
  • Dish Alignment will be 100%
  • Best Dish Installation Price
  • FREE Quotes

So if you’re looking for a reliable and professional install of the DStv dish, then look no further!

DStv Dish Installation near me

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  • Randburg
  • Richards Bay
  • Rustenburg
  • Somerset West
  • Stellenbosch
  • Table View
  • Windhoek
  • Witbank
  • And more

What is the DStv Angle and Direction for the dish?

To get the correct direction you can use the following

  • Dish Alignment App
  • Dish Alignment Meter
  • DStv Dish Signal Tester

Click HERE for DStv Dish Angle and Direction

3 Reasons to Hire Expert DStv Dish Installers

DStv Dish Installers

The team of professional installers are highly trained and experienced in servicing, troubleshooting, and installing dishes for DStv.

  1. Make sure your dish installation runs smoothly
  2. Provide excellent customer service
  3. Deliver quality workmanship

3 More Reasons to choose the Dish Installers for your DStv installation:

  1. Quick, professional installation for your satellite dish
  2. Budget-friendly Installation prices
  3. Dish Installers are Accredited

What Services do the Dish Installers offer for DStv?

  • Installation of the satellite Dish
  • Troubleshooting & Alignment
  • Moving the Satellite Dish
  • DStv dish repairs

People also ASK – Dish for DStv

Dish for DStv

How much is a satellite dish at MultiChoice?

The dish-only price starts from R199.

Does DStv come with the dish?

No, you need to subscribe to a monthly DStv Package.

Do you need a dish with a Smart TV for DStv?

No, you don’t!

Does the dish need a power supply?

Yes, it does!

Can a MultiChoice dish work with Startimes decoder?

Yes, it can work if aligned correctly.

Can I use a MultiChoice dish for Starsat?

Yes you can, provided it is correctly aligned.

Can open view decoder work with dish from DStv?

Yes, it can work, just check the alignment.

Can you receive DStv dishless?

Sure you can, use the DStv Now App and stream your content.

How much is the dish without the decoder for DStv?

The Dish only price is from R199.

How to align the dish for DStv?

Click here for help on dish alignment

How to assemble and install the dish DStv?

Below is How to install the dish for DStv

  1. Remove the dish from its packaging and place it in your desired location.
  2. If you want to use an existing wall mount, you will need a mounting bracket.
  3. If you do not wish to use a wall mount, then place the base of the dish directly on top of the pole.
  4. Align the two bolts with the holes in the base of the dish and insert them into place with a screwdriver.
  5. Tighten them down.
  6. Fit the LNB onto the arm of your satellite dish.
  7. Unscrew the two bolts on either end of the arm.
  8. Slide the LNB onto the arm and use the spanner to secure it tightly.
  9. Make sure the LNB is securely attached to the arm before proceeding.
  10. Adjust the satellite dish to the correct angle.
  11. The easiest way to use a DStv signal tester or Alignment app.
  12. Use the coaxial cable to connect the LNB to your decoder.
  13. Switch on the decoder
  14. Enjoy your DStv!

How to get a signal on my dish for DStv?

How to get a signal on my dish for DStv

Adjust the alignment of the Dish to get the best signal

How to install a dish without a meter for DStv?

  • Click here to learn how

How to position and set up your dish for DStv? – 3 ways

  1. Satellite dish alignment app
  2. Dish alignment meter
  3. Dish signal tester

What are the dish installation degrees for DStv?

  • Click HERE for dish installation degrees

How much is a dish in Kenya for DStv?

90cm Dish kit price from KSh 1999

What is the dish price in Nigeria for DStv?

90cm Dish only price from ₦6000

What is the dish price in Uganda for DStv?

Dish only price from USh 75000

What is the Dish Price in Cape Town for DStv?

Dish-only price from R299

What is the Dish Price in Durban for DStv?

Dish-only price from R299

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