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    Electric Fencing @ the Lowest Prices!

    Electric fencing is a very affordable and effective type of fencing used to secure property. It’s easy to install, doesn’t use up much space, is tamper-proof with one shock setting that gives the animal or intruder just enough of an electrical jolt to get their attention without causing harm.

    We specialise in the installation, maintenance, repair and control of residential, commercial and agricultural electric fencing.

    Electric Fencing

    Residential Electric Fencing

    We have been supplying and installing Residential Electric Fencing for many years and have the experience to complete even the most complex projects. We combine excellence with affordability for all our customers.

    Residential Electric Fencing

    Commercial Electric Fencing

    We are an established and extremely popular company that supplies and installs electric fencing for commercial use. We have been serving customers from all over the country, and we have a reputation for being one of the best companies to deal with.

    Commercial Electric Fencing

    Electric fencing for farms

    With farm animal theft on the rise, it makes sense to protect your livestock from thieves. Aside from the obvious financial implications, there is also the welfare of your animals to think about. With our electric farm fencing systems, any theft would be easily deterred instigating a fail-safe barrier for your farm’s security.

    Electric fencing for farms

    Advantages Of Electric Fencing

    When compared to traditional fence types like barbed wire, wood posts with string lines, standing posts with woven wire between them, chicken wire cages on wooden posts or conventional brick and stonewalling etc., electric fencing offers numerous benefits over these options in terms of cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.

    • Electric fencing uses no wood in its construction so it’s cheaper than traditional wooden fences and much faster and easier to install.
    • Electric fencing is a very effective barrier against animals and trespassers.
    • The fence has a built-in alarm system that alerts you when an animal or intruder touches it so you can take action immediately.
    • Electric fencing is also very low maintenance – there is no need to paint or repair it like there is with traditional wooden fences.
    • If an animal or intruder touches the fence, they will get an electric shock which will deter them from coming near again.

    So if you’re looking for a fast, easy and affordable way to secure your property, electric fencing is the answer! WhatsApp or Phone us today for a FREE consultation.

    What is Electric Fencing and how does it work?

    Electric fencing is a type of fence that uses electric shocks to deter animals or people from crossing it. The voltage of the electric shock can be adjusted depending on the size and type of animal being deterred.

    Electric fences are made up of two parts: the energizer and the fence wire. The energizer is responsible for creating the electric shock, while the fence wire is what delivers the shock to the animal or person. The energizer is typically powered by a battery, solar panel, or generator.

    Electric fences work by creating an electrical circuit between the energizer and the fence wire. When an animal or person touches the fence wire, they complete the circuit and receive a shock.

    Electric Fencing Prices – WhatsApp us for the BEST Deals!

    Price is important to you. But your fence does more than cost, it gives you safety and security for your family or business. Our Electric Fencing Prices will give you peace of mind with an extremely effective fence system that meets your needs. An electric fence company that can give you a safe, secure and permanent solution. Who can you trust? Call or WhatsApp us today!

    Electric Fencing Prices

    Get your prices for electric fencing Here

    The same goes for electric fencing. We offer the best prices on all electric fencing. You’ll find that our company offers a wide variety of high-quality products at the most competitive prices in the country. Whether you need poly tape, poly wire, poly rope, solar energizers or fencing chargers – you name it – we have it and have made it our goal to get you the right product, as quickly as possible.

    Electric fence price per meter South Africa

    When it comes to electric fence cost per meter in South Africa, we are your best choice when looking for a professional and affordable solution. Our business has years of experience in ensuring that the most high-quality products and parts are used in our projects. We aim to provide you with great service as well as quality workmanship.

    Electric fence price per meter South Africa

    Types of electric fencing wire

    There are three types of electric fencing wire, each with its own specific uses. The most common type of wire is steel, which is usually barbed. This has the most uses and can be used for almost anything. Aluminium or copper wires are less common but they have a few advantages over steel. Finally, there is polywire which combines a wire and twine into a single product.

    electric fencing wire

    Steel wire

    The most common wire that is used for electric fencing is steel, which comes in several different thicknesses. The most common use for barbed wire is to keep cattle from going through fences by hurting them when they try to go through it. This has the drawback of animals not wanting to go near the fence, but it is very effective at keeping them in.

    Aluminium wire

    Aluminium wire is less common than steel, but it has a few advantages. It is much lighter so it is easier to work with and it is also less likely to cause electrical shorts. This can be important if you are using electric fencing around your house as shorts can cause fires.

    Copper wire

    Copper wire is even less common than aluminium, but it has some advantages over aluminium as well. It is more expensive, but it is also more durable. It is also a better conductor of electricity so it can carry a stronger signal. This can be important if you are using electric fencing to keep large animals in or out of an area.


    The final type of electric fencing wire is Polywire, which is a combination of wire and twine. This is the most versatile type of wire as it can be used for both high and low fences. It is also less likely to cause electrical shorts than other types of wire. Polywire is a good option if you are looking for something that will last a long time and be easy to work with.

    Electric Fencing Livestock

    Electric fencing is a popular form of containment among farmers across the country. These fences are easy to install and maintain, effective at containing livestock on your property, and they can usually be seen from a distance, which is beneficial for branding and identification purposes.

    Electric Fencing Livestock

    Electric fencing consists of three components:

    Energisers (the power source), fence wire (commonly referred to as “stock wire”), and posts (some kind of anchor). The energiser converts electricity into pulses of energy; when an animal touches the wire with one side hooked up to an energiser but does not touch the other side, it completes the circuit and receives a jolt of voltage that keeps it contained. If two animals collide while running around in opposite directions along both sides of an electric fence, they will not receive a shock.

    Electrical fencing is especially useful for containing cattle and other large animals that may break through traditional types of fencing. It also works perfectly for containing livestock within a certain part of your property; it can even be used to create temporary corrals and paddocks. A farmer might install an electric fence as the outermost perimeter of his or her stock, away from buildings and people who could accidentally touch the fence and get hurt by electricity. Electric fences are considered more humane than physical barriers such as barbed wire, but they do allow small animals to run free under them if desired.

    Electric fencing is extremely effective

    While electric fencing is extremely effective at containing animals, some precautions must be taken into account in order to keep things running smoothly. If the poles holding the fence up are not properly spaced, for example, a large animal – such as a horse or even a cow – may easily knock them down and escape. Also, these fences cannot be installed near electrical sources that might create a current that travels into the fencing; you may simply need to move it further away from power lines and transformers to prevent unpleasant surprises.

    In some cases, electric fencing will attract unwanted attention from pests such as monkeys. While this won’t harm them in any way unless they touch the wire while it is live, it can become quite irritating if they come around often enough! In order to keep your electric fencing safe and free of troubleshooting problems, consider hiring a professional electrician to inspect your installation. They will be able to ensure that your electric fence is completely safe and functional, and they may even be able to help you out with some other maintenance or repairs that you might need.

    Sheep electric fence

    Sheep electric fence is a great way to keep your farm free from predators and potential dangers of your livestock. Our company supplies and installs sheep electric fence systems it’s what we do best. Sheep Electric Fence are economical, safe and easy to install!

    Sheep electric fence

    Electric fencing for sheep

    At our Electric Fencing Company, our experience in the business of installing electric fencing has qualified us to manufacture, supply and install electric fencing for sheep. We ensure your security by providing you with the very best electric fencing products on the market.

    Does electric fence work for sheep?

    Yes, it does! The way the electric fence works for sheep is that a mild electrical stimulus will be applied to both outermost wires of a wire strand of an electrified fence. This will keep the sheep from getting too close to the fence, as they will feel a sensation that is not comfortable.

    Best electric fence for sheep

    When it comes to installing electric fencing for sheep, our company is the best in the business. We have been providing this service for years and have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. We understand the needs of sheep farmers and are dedicated to helping them keep their flock safe and secure.

    Portable electric fence for sheep

    If you own a sheep farm, it is important to find suitable fencing for your land. One way of doing this is to install a portable electric fence. This type of fence is easy to set up and move, making it ideal for sheep farmers.

    Sheep electric fencing systems

    We’re the experts in electric fencing systems for sheep. Let us help you set up the right system for your farm or property.

    Electric fencing for cattle

    Whether you are looking for electric fencing for dairy cattle or beef cattle, we can supply and install the right solution. Our team of electric fence professionals will ensure your new wire meets your specific needs.

    Electric fencing for cattle

    How many volts is an electric fence for cattle?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing the appropriate voltage for an electric fence for cattle. Cattle have a low threshold of pain, and a higher voltage will be more effective at deterring cattle from the fence. A lower voltage will be less likely to cause injury, but may not be as effective at keeping the cattle away from the fence. Anything from 4000 to 9000 volts is ideal.

    It is important to ensure that the fence is properly grounded, as this will help to dissipate any electricity that may escape the fence. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a type of outlet that requires a certain amount of voltage in order to be turned on, and will automatically shut the power off if there is a problem with the ground. This can help to prevent injury to people or animals who may come into contact with the fence.

    What is the best electric fence for cattle?

    There are several types of electric fencing that work well for cattle. If the goal is to contain one cow or a small group of cows, then a single strand of wire in the ground at a height of 42 inches will be effective in keeping them inside. If you are looking for an electric fence to keep a large herd of cattle in, then you will need a system with multiple strands of wire at different heights.

    The type of fence charger you will need for your fence depends on the number of strands you have and how often you would like to have an electric shock delivered. In general, the more strands the fence has, the more frequent you will want to have an electric shock delivered. If you are looking for a system that offers flexibility, then a low impedance fence charger is what you need.

    If you are looking for an electric fence to keep cattle in, the easiest way to accomplish this is to have the electric fence charger turn on when it gets dark. This will keep the cattle inside your fence without you having to worry about turning it on and off. There are several types of electric fence chargers that will do this, including solar-powered chargers.

    Electric fencing goats

    Electric fencing for goats has become our passion. After successfully installing thousands of electric fences over the years, we’ve decided to focus exclusively on this product and create a leading company in this industry. We’re completely committed to your satisfaction.

    Electric fencing for pets

    Barking dogs and nipping horses are a thing of the past thanks to our electric fences for pets. Each project is unique and we always ensure that you have everything you need, from the fencing itself to equipment, supplies, installers and training. Our team will listen to your needs and help you make a decision that is perfect for you. We offer competitive pricing, excellent customer service and genuinely care about your pets.

    Electric fencing for dogs

    Do you want to keep your dog from running off, and annoying the neighbours? Do you want to give them freedom, without having to be constantly vigilant yourself? Our company provides high-quality electric fencing for dogs. It’s simple to install, and you can rest easy knowing your dog is safe.

    Electric fence dogs

    After some people have been bitten by their own dogs, they don’t feel like they have a choice but to install an electric fence for dogs. Our company is unique because we install and maintain electric fences for dogs with no monthly fees or contracts. An electric fence for dogs is the best way to protect your dog from biting people.

    Electric fencing for cats

    Our Electric Fencing For Cats are dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of electric cat fencing systems. Cats are unique and require specific and specialised humane cat containment products and services not available from a standard pet store. Our mission is to offer this tailored approach to cat containment system design, manufacture and installation to keep your cats safe.

    Cat fencing south Africa

    It’s important to keep cats safe and secure in your home. Our cat fencing is the ideal solution to keeping your indoor cat safely inside whilst giving your feline friends access to play in the backyard. We can advise on and supply a range of South African made cat fencing products from some of the local fencing and pet industry’s leading brands.

    Electric fencing horses

    As experts in the field of electric fencing horses, we offer you a comprehensive range of products. Our company specializes in the manufacture, distribution and installation of horse fences. Horse fencing systems include wooden fence posts; Custom-shaped perforated steel; Electric barbed wire perimeter systems; Horse fences, portable and fixed. Our experience with electric fences for horses will help you build a sound technical solution to your needs.

    Pet electric fence

    Pet electric fence is the easiest and the most humane way to train and protect your dog or cat from straying into danger. Our company supplies install, and services pet electric fences for dog training, protection and safety.

    We offer Electric fence installations throughout South Africa

    Electric fencing is a great way to keep your property safe. Here at our company, we offer electric fence installations throughout South Africa. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect installation for your needs.

    Electric fence installations

    3 Main Types of Electric Fence Installations

    There are three main types of electric fence installations: permanent, semi-permanent, and portable. No matter what type of installation you choose, we’ll make sure that your electric fence is working properly and safely.


    Permanent installations are made using brick posts and steel wire. They can be as simple as one line of wire or they can stretch miles long (for large ranches). The problem with this type of installation is that it requires days to install and its materials are not easily portable without the use of machinery such as cranes and backhoes, which means they’re rather pricey to take down and move.


    Semi-permanent electric fences are more popular than permanent fences. They’re made with portable posts that can be quickly installed and taken down as needed. However, they’re not as sturdy as permanent fences and should only be used for temporary fencing needs (such as at a construction site).


    Portable electric fences are the least secure type of fence, but they’re also the easiest to set up and takedown. All you need is a power source (an outlet or a generator) and some fence posts. Portable fences are perfect for small properties or for travelling with your horses.

    Regardless of what type of electric fence installation you choose, our team will make sure it’s working properly and safely. We have years of experience in electric fencing, so you can rest assured that your fence will be installed correctly and will meet all safety requirements.

    If you’re interested in an installation of electric fencing near you, contact our company today and we’ll get started on a design for your property!

    Electric fence installation prices

    As a large independent fence installer in the country, we place a strong focus on quality and value. Our Electric fence installation prices are not the highest, but at the same time, they will never be cheap. We want every customer to receive the top quality that is reliable. The fence is one of your biggest investments. And even more importantly it keeps our Kids and Dogs safe.

    Electric fence installation prices

    Electric fence installation near me

    Our company offers an electric fence installation near me service. You can also get a free estimate from our company. We are committed to providing the best quality services at an affordable cost with timely delivery.

    Electric fence installation near me

     Electric Fencing Installers

    Electric fencing has become a popular security solution in South Africa. Not only is it affordable, but it is also effective in deterring intruders. If you are interested in installing an electric fence, be sure to contact a qualified electric fencing installer.

    At Electric Fencing Installers, we offer professional installation throughout South Africa. We have been in this industry for many years and have serviced thousands of satisfied customers.

    We provide a wide range of electric fencing products from the most reputable manufacturers including:

    • Nemtek
    • Stafix

    We also offer a wide range of services, including:

    • Site assessments
    • Design and installation
    • Maintenance and repairs
    • Training

    If you are looking for reliable electric fencing installers, contact our Electric Fencing Installers today. We will be happy to help you choose the right product and provide professional installation. Thank you for choosing Electric Fencing Installers!

    Electric fence installers near me

    Electric Fence Installers Near Me, if you are planning to buy a top-quality electric fence and find the best prices for fence installation in your local area, then we are the solution for you!

    Same-Day Electric Fence Repairs

    If your electric fence is broken, give us a call and we’ll have it fixed right away! We specialize in all types of electric fence repairs, and we service both residential and commercial customers. Our electric fence repairs are done professionally by experienced electric fence specialists who know what it takes to get your electric fence up and running again.

    Electric Fence Repairs

    SAVE Money with our electric fencing repairs service

    We fix electric fences and all types of electric fencing systems. Are you tired of mending wires, recharging batteries, and repairing electric fence controllers? We can fix it! We make sure the repair is done right!

    Electric fence repairs near me

    Our company specializes in quick and professional Electric fence repairs near me. Electric fences are designed to keep hostiles at bay, and when they aren’t working well our electric Fence Repair service can help. Our repair services include repairing the power source and making needed adjustments to your fence. We carry the parts needed to make these repairs on the spot so that there is little downtime for you. Our company strives to provide professional work done by professionals.

    Electric fence repairs near me

    Livestock Fence Repairs

    Our fences and nets are designed to ensure your livestock stay safe from predators, but if they do get damaged and require repairs, our team of highly-skilled electric fence repair technicians can help you out. Our service is comprehensive and affordable, and we take pride in the fact that our electric fencing repairs help keep your animals safe and secure, reducing your risk of further damage or even death.

    Energizer for electric fence

    An electric fence energizer, or simply energizer, is the device that supplies electrical energy to an electric fence. There are two types of electric fence energizers: permanent and battery-powered. The permanent electric fence energizer is either 110- or 220-volt, depending on the voltage of the fence. The battery-powered electric fence energizer is either 6 or 12 volts, and it requires a battery to power it.

    Energizer for electric fence

    The main components of an electric fence energizer are the power source, also called the power supply; an electric current, which is rated in amperes (amps); and the fence terminals. The power supply is either a transformer or a battery. The electric current passes through the transformer or battery, and it charges the fence. The fence terminals are connected to both high-tensile wires of the electric fence. The power supply provides a direct current to the fence.

    In cold weather, some electric fence energizers have a special feature called a low-temperature alarm. This alarm goes off when the temperature falls below a certain point, usually 0 degrees Celsius. This alarm warns the homeowner that the electric fence energizer is not working properly and the fence is not charged.

    Electric fence energizer

    At our electric fencing company, we supply and install electric fence energizers that are of the highest quality. Our prices for electric fence energizers are the most competitive in the market.

    With many years of experience in fencing, we will always deliver exceptional products that are also unbeatable on pricing.

    Solar energizer for electric fence

    Solar energizer is an advanced energizer in the field of electric fencing, a new technology for the sustainable development of solar energy. It is used to power electric wire and controls the fence’s working condition 24 hours a day.

    how long does an electric fence battery last

    There are three different types of batteries commonly used in electric fences: house, deep cycle and sealed lead-acid. All three types have their positives and negatives. The most important thing to remember when using an electric fence is that batteries should be changed at the first sign of degeneration. This will ensure the longest life for your battery and help to keep your electric fence efficient.

    Energizer for electric fence prices

    How much does the best energizer for an electric fence cost? This is a common question that many fence owners are wondering. The fact is that there are many different types of energizers out there and it can be confusing trying to choose which one will work best for you. The higher quality energizers will typically cost more than your average electric fence brand but should last longer in the long run.

    Electric fence energizer for sale

    Electric fence energizers for sale is our company’s business. These energizers are designed to hold electric fences firmly, which are widely used in industrial, farmland, golf course and residential fencing. They are easy to install and fully automatic.

    Electrician certificate of compliance

    The certificate of compliance is an important document because it proves that the electric fencing system meets all of the required safety standards. It is also important to have this certificate in order to ensure that the electric fencing system is covered by insurance.

    Get your Electric fence COC certificate from us!

    If you are looking for high-quality electric fence installers or want to purchase electric fence products and need to get an Electric Fence Certification, then we can help. Our trained professionals are ready to serve your needs whether it’s a single electric fence installation or if you need Coc for an existing electric fence.

    Electric fence COC certificate

    COC certificate price

    Your search for the best electric fence COC certificate price is over. WhatsApp us for the Best deal on your COC certificate price.

    Our Popular Areas for Installation & Repairs

    Electric Fencing Johannesburg

    If you need electric fencing in Johannesburg or surrounding areas, contact our company today and we will respond to your request immediately. We have the best electric fencing in the area.

    Electric Fence Installation Johannesburg

    We believe that your security is important to us. As such, we are a leading company that provides electric fence installation in Johannesburg.

    Electric Fence Installers Johannesburg

    We offer electric fence installers in Johannesburg and Gauteng. We save our customers money as we do the work ourselves. No middleman involved! Our electric fence installations are of the highest quality and very well priced.

    Electric Fence Repairs Johannesburg

    Electric Fence Repairs Johannesburg. When it comes to your home safety, you want only the best in electric fence repair services. Our electric fence repairs Johannesburg services include repairs for gates, installation of electric posts and more.

    Electric Fencing Alberton 

    A great fence is an essential asset to your home. Our company offers you the best Electric Fencing in Alberton at affordable prices.

    Electric Fence Installation Alberton

    We are your first choice if you need some Electric Fence Installation in Alberton. Of course, we have the most advanced equipment to offer you a successful fence installation in Alberton. Our company can make sure that your pets are protected from bad people or animals. No fence is more effective than an electric one!

    Electric Fence Installers Alberton

    We are proud to offer our Electric Fence Installers in the Alberton area. Indeed, we provide a full range of Electric Fence Installers for commercial and private use.

     Electric Fence Repairs Alberton

    Electric Fence Repairs Alberton? We have them! Did you know that you could save up to 70% on electric fence repairs in Alberton …with as little as 1 hour response time. Our electricians operate across all suburbs of Alberton, ensuring our customers receive the best possible service for an unbeatable electric fence prices.

    Electric Fencing Boksburg

    At our fencing company, we provide Electric Fencing in Boksburg. We are locally based and specialise in the service and installation of electric fencing in homes and commercial properties.

    Electric Fence Installation Boksburg

    Looking for an excellent Electric Fence Installation company in Boksburg? Look no further than our company and our Electric Fence Installation services. We provide a wide range of Electric Fence Installation services with the highest level of quality available.

    Electric Fence Installers Boksburg

    Hiring for the best Electric Fence Installers in Boksburg? Our company is here to help you. We offer quality Electric Fence Installers who would execute the job at affordable rates in Boksburg.

    Electric Fence Repairs Boksburg

    We are a local and reliable electric fence repair company in the Boksburg area. We offer a full range of electric fence repairs and if you need a new electric fence for your property we can also install this for you.

    Electric Fencing Centurion

    Electric fencing is an easy and much safer alternative to traditional barbed wire, razor wire, and other such fencing. Our company offers expert electric fencing in Centurion. Contact us today for more information about our products

    Electric Fence Installation Centurion

    When you require safe fencing that’s guaranteed to keep animals in and predators out, our company is the one to call. We are experts when it comes to Electric Fencing Installation in Centurion and strives to give clients a fully professional service at all times.

    Electric Fence Installers Centurion

    Electric Fence Installers Centurion. At our company, we offer experts who will help you to install the electric fence that you need

    Electric Fence Repairs Centurion

    Electric Fence Repairs Centurion is the best company that provides quality services. Call us to book a free quotation. We are available for you!!!

    Electric Fencing Midrand

    We offer Electric Fencing in Midrand and Johannesburg at affordable prices. Whether it is a game farm, retail store or institutional building we can install our electric fence. We service all areas of Gauteng from Springs to Sandton. Our Electric Fencing is the best in South Africa.

    Electric Fence Installation Midrand

    We are a company that offers professional Electric Fence Installation in Midrand. We know that your pets are a large part of your family, so you want to make sure you protect them from intruders. Our services include regularly scheduled maintenance for your Electric Fence Installation in Midrand.

    Electric Fence Installers Midrand

    Looking for the best electric fence installers in Midrand? Look no further because you’ve found us. We offer high-quality electric fence systems that are both sturdy and stylish and have amazing value for money.

    Electric Fence Repairs Midrand

    At our company, we believe in becoming the best Electric Fence Repair in Midrand and guarantee that all of our work is completed with the highest quality products and workmanship. Our reputation speaks for itself and the work we do has proven to be exceptional.

    Electric Fencing Polokwane

    Our company has had a long history of providing the finest Electric Fencing in and around Polokwane. We also specialize in security as well as access control. You can count on us to deliver a top-quality job.

    Electric Fence Installation Polokwane

    At our company, we offer the finest Electric Fence Installation services in Polokwane. Whether you need a new Electric Fence Installation or you have a problem with your existing Electric Fence Installation system, our professional Electric Fence Installation team will be able to help you.

    Electric Fence Installers Polokwane

    Our company offers Electric Fence Installers service in Polokwane and the greater Polokwane area.

     Electric Fence Repairs Polokwane

    We are your go-to company for Electric Fence Repairs in Polokwane. Our team of electricians has completed many projects and is trained to handle any type of fence or electric problem that arises

    Electric Fencing Pretoria

    We are a company that specializes in the installation of electric fencing in Pretoria and surrounding areas. We have many happy clients today as we have been installing electric fencing for many years.

    Electric Fence Installation Pretoria

    As experts in electric fencing, we can install a reliable electric fence for you in Pretoria. Our team has the experience and skills to ensure that you have the best possible service. The electric fence we provide is designed to keep your property safe from unwanted animals and intruders.

    Electric Fence Installers Pretoria

    Our company offers Electric Fence Installers in Pretoria, we have dedicated qualified personnel to ensure that you have a positive experience with every aspect of your fencing project.

    Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria

    We are a company that offers electric fence repairs in Pretoria. We provide a quick response, installation and repairs of all kinds of electric fencing setup. Our team of experts will come at a time and date convenient to you, to perform the repair.

    Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria East

    Importantly, Electric Fence Repairs Pretoria East is an established company specializing in Electric Fence Repairs within the Pretoria East area. We offer a wide range of services which ensures that we can cater for your needs. Whether you need Electric Fence Repairs or general repairing work done, we can help you.

    All our Electric Fence Repairs are carried out with precision and attention to detail. Our team of Electric Fence Repairs specialists will be able to fix any problem with your fencing system. You can rely on us for any fencing work including gates, fences and gates repairs.

    Electric Fencing Port Elizabeth

    Our company, Electric Fencing Port Elizabeth, offers the best quality fence products at very affordable prices.

    Electric Fence Installation Port Elizabeth

    Our company has specialized in electric fence installation in Port Elizabeth for many years. We offer both domestic fences and commercial electric fences. Our electrical contractors are armed with the latest skills that enable them to install an electrically safe electric fence and access control system on your property.

    Electric Fence Installers Port Elizabeth

    If you’re looking for expert Electric Fence Installers in Port Elizabeth, look no further. Our company offers top quality service at low prices.

    Electric Fence Repairs Port Elizabeth

    We are one of the most trusted providers of Electric Fence Repairs in Port Elizabeth. Our Electricians offer a wide range of services including maintenance and installation for your business. We have a team of highly skilled and trained. We understand that when it comes to your business you cannot take any risk and execute only proven electric fence solutions.

    Electric Fencing Cape Town

    We pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship and furthermore supply the best guarantee on Electric Fencing you will find in Cape Town.

    Electric Fence Installation Cape Town

    For electric fence installation in Cape Town, look no further than our top-rated company. We specialize in residential and commercial installations of electric fences, as well as repairs on existing fences.

    Electric Fence Installers Cape Town 

    We are the electric fence installers in Cape Town. We offer a full range of services for electric fences.

    Electric Fence Repairs Cape Town

    Indeed, Electric Fence Repairs in Cape Town is the flagship service of our company and we can carry out this work on any type of residential or commercial property.

    Electric Fencing Durban

    We are a reputable Electric Fencing provider in Durban. Indeed, we provide and install Electric Fencing in Durban, as well as all over South Africa.

    Electric Fence Installation Durban

    As a fence installation company in Durban, we understand it is not easy to decide on a fence installation service that you can trust. This is why we have put together a team of professionals who strive for high quality when it comes to all fence jobs that are delivered by us. This ensures our clients get nothing but the best services that are delivered at an affordable rate. When it comes to the electric fence installation in Durban, you can always rely on our team.

    Electric Fence Installers Durban

    We are specialists in fence installation, Electric Fence Installers in Durban, electric fence installation, electric fence supplies and much more.

    Electric Fence Repairs Durban

    Electric Fence Repairs in Durban is what we do, and we do it well. Our work speaks for itself.

    Electric Fencing Edenvale

    Our company offers Electric Fencing in Edenvale. We are committed to making your property more secure and safe. Indeed, we have years of experience in this industry, and our products and services are the best in the area. Call us today for a free quote

    Electric Fence Installation Edenvale

    Do you live in Edenvale and need ElectricFence Installation, Give us a call for the best results. Our fencers can work in your yard to ensure that all boundary fences are effectively designed with safe and high-quality electric fence products. We will meet or exceed all your electric fencing needs from start to finish, regardless of the type of project.

    Electric Fence Installers Edenvale

    We are reputed in the market for offering high-quality Electric Fence Installers in Edenvale. Our trained and experienced staffs make sure the best services to our valuable clients. We offer these services in a reasonable price range.

    Electric Fence Repairs Edenvale

    Our company offers electric fence repairs in Edenvale. Our quality workmanship is the reason for our success and has resulted in many long-term relationships with domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

    Electric Fencing Randburg

    Welcome to Electric Fencing Randburg. If you are looking for companies that specialise in Electric Fencing, you are in the right place! with years of experience, we deliver excellent quality that will make your home or business more secure. Our Electric Fencing products supplies to areas such as South Africa, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Germiston and Soweto

    Electric Fence Installation Randburg

    At our company, we love to help people find sustainable electric fencing in Randburg. We can also help you with dog fence installation and even cat fence installation in the area. Take a look at our company today to see how much we can do for your home.

    Electric Fence Installers Randburg

    We are a professional electric fence installers Randburg company, specializing in the installation of electric fences, netting and mesh.

    Electric Fence Repairs Randburg

    Electric Fence Repairs Randburg is an expert in offering repair services for Electric Fences and power fencing. Our electric fence installation and our fencing repairs are done by certified electricians, who know how to make sure your electric fence is working non-stop.

    Electric Fencing Sandton

    We are a company that offers electric fencing in Sandton. If you need assistance with fencing or anything else contact us for more information.

    Electric Fence Installation Sandton

    Fence Installation is one of our specialities. We offer Electric Fence Installation in Sandton and a lot more.

    Electric Fence Installers Sandton

    Electric fence installers in Sandton is what our company does, and we do it well. Our installers are licensed and use the best quality supplies. This means that you have a company ready to work for your needs. That is just as it should be, given that having an electric fence installed is not a small matter. If you want peace of mind in the nature of your fencing, you need to make sure it will work as expected.

    Electric Fence Repairs Sandton

    We’ve got one of the best teams of Electric Fence Repairs in Sandton. If you are experiencing problems with your electric fence and it needs to get fixed or repaired, please feel free to give us a call.

    Electric Fencing Nelspruit

    Indeed, Electric Fencing Nelspruit offers you all the knowledge and assistance that you need, to ensure that you get the best electric fence in the business.

    Electric Fence Installation Nelspruit

    For Electric Fence Installation, we provide Electric Fence Installation in Nelspruit, South Africa. For Electric Fence Installation, we are among the best Electric Fence Installation company in Nelspruit, South Africa. We are here to serve you 24/7 all days of the week.

    Electric Fence Installers Nelspruit

    We are a well known Electric Fence Installers company located in Nelspruit. Many clients turn to us to trust our professional skills and get the best quality Electrical Fencing service in Nelspruit for their properties.

    Electric Fence Repairs Nelspruit

    At Electric Fence Repairs Nelspruit we offer a wide range of services in the field of repairing and servicing any kind of electric fencing equipment. If your fence is not functioning as it should, or if there are even pieces missing from your fence, then our experts at Nelspruit can install or repair your fence quickly and efficiently.


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