Electric fence installation, new electric fencing technology

Electric fence installation, new electric fencing technology.

Does your perimeter wall need extra protection?  Either for your home or office?  Alternatively for your plot or estate?  We have the solutions you need.

Subsequently, recent events in South Africa have rattled everyone a bit and so we know the security needs to be jacked up.

Well, one of the best ways to do this is with electric fencing.

First, our fences can be fitted to any size wall.  Whether it is a small property or large like a shop center.

Second, it is one of the best ways to keep unwanted predators out.  Because electricity delivers a clear no-entry message.

Third, it can be connected to alarm systems at home or work as an early warning signal.

Fourth, it can also be linked to your security company so that they are alerted too.

Finally, our fences are easy to maintain.  In addition, they have a long guarantee for peace of mind.

So, invest in an electric barrier today and relax knowing your property is protected.

Another great advantage is that it doesn’t need extra manpower to run.

Not only does it use little electricity, if there is a power failure the battery power will kick in. We also assist with double garage door pricing.

Therefore, it leaves the property with 24-hour protection.

Once our fencing is installed and set up we make sure it runs smoothly and correctly.  Moreover, we offer guarantees for our workmanship.  As well as after-sales services for your benefit.

Contact our call center now for a free quotation and free advice.

Also included in our packages are house alarms and perimeter alarms too.  Make sure your property is complete with the new and latest security features.


Electric fence installation

Home security electric fence installation

Home security electric fence installation and repairs.

Like, with fencing we offer our customers solutions for a more secure environment.

For instance, CCTV cameras for the property.  Add this security feature to improve perimeter security.  Along with this, we can install smart alarm technology too.

Not only this but also gate automation for quick access.  Including garage door motors.

Change to automation because it is safer and easier.

For the elderly, it is much better to have an automatic garage.  It avoids injuries and other problems.

Contact us now on our WhatsApp number and we will get right back to you.

We offer free quotations and advice.  If you have any emergency repairs needed fast, we are here for you.

Our services include fence repairs and fence energizer repairs.  Fence battery repairs and gate motor repairs.

Certificates and guarantees

Talk to our agents now about electric fence installation guarantees.  We know that any job done needs to have an assurance that it will last.  Especially when it comes to any electrical.

It is important first and foremost, for our customers to have peace of mind.  Therefore, we offer only the best products.

Second and also just as important is our service.  All our staff is educated and qualified.

As a result, it means you will also get the best from electric fencing.

Third, we stick to all government regulations.  Because we know that standards when it comes to security still need to be above board.

Like the high-voltage shock delivered from a fence.  It must not exceed government legislation.

Compliance and security

Contact us today for electric fence installation solutions that are fast and affordable.

Because it is important to keep your family safe better security at home will give you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

On the other hand what about compliance?  Do you need a certificate of compliance?

Perhaps you are moving house and need to make sure all electrical currents are above board.

Whether an electric fence installation is old or new it needs to have a valid certificate.  Even after repairs have been done.  You still need to have one that is up-to-date.

Call us now for tests on earth spikes, lightning diverters, and fence extras.


Electric fence installations


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