Double garage door prices and so many styles to choose from

Double garage door prices and so many styles to choose from.

Our team of professionals has been supplying and installing quality doors and garage door motors for over 20 years.

It goes without saying that everyone wants a company they can trust.  Not only to deliver great service but also to deliver quality products.

Well, we promise to make good on both of those needs.

First, whatever kind of garage door you need we can assist you.  Whether it is for home or business our company has it all.

Second, our service is available all over Gauteng and a technician will be appointed to your area.

Third, even if it is an emergency repair we can assist you right away.

Fourth, when it comes to price we guarantee low rates and fair deals.

Finally, all of our finished projects have a guarantee.

So, whatever you need.  Like a standard garage door or industrial roll-up garage doors, we have them all.

The doors we offer range from style to material to colour.  Swing doors or hinge doors as well as manual or automated.

Not only can we help with small one-man projects but also with developments like estates and complex buildings.  We understand that big jobs need a lot of doors.  No problem we have exactly what you need.

Furthermore, if you only need repairs or maintenance we can do this too.

But, what if you are looking for something that is not already a standard look?  Again, our business involves making sure you get what you have your heart set on.  We offer custom-built designs for affordable prices.

Double garage door prices

Quality double garage door prices

Professional and quality double garage door prices are cheaper than you think.

Like, aluzinc garage doors.  These come in various sizes and opening styles.  Aluzinc is an affordable and reliable material that lasts.  It is rust-resistant and durable.

Otherwise, there are wooden garage doors.  Because they look classy they are a top seller.  Plus, there are a lot of great styles to choose from.

Apart from these two materials, there are others.  And as previously stated custom ideas are also available.

Even if you already have garage doors, we can change them to automated doors.

Contact our call center and talk to an agent about what we have to offer.

Our quotes are free of charge and so is our advice.  We are happy to assist you with any questions you have.

Call today for your personalized quotation.

Professional services

Our professional services extend to businesses and homeowners.  Call now for double garage door prices and specials.  Along with great service is our great products.

First and foremost, it is important for us that our customers are happy.  Therefore our effort goes into making sure we give you what we offer.

Secondly, all the materials we use are high-quality.  Because we like to know that the result is lasting and strong.

So whether it is a garage motor or a repair job we want it to be perfect.

Third and still important are our workers.  Our staff is loyal and trustworthy.  As a result, you know that the team we send to work will deliver their best.

2021 garage doors

There are new styles in 2021.  However, there are still the old classic styles too.  In addition, we make sure double garage door prices and single door prices remain reasonable.

Because we know times have been tough for everyone we try our best to keep our prices as low as possible.

So that is why we are happy to negotiate the right price to help you.  But still keeping our promise on quality garage doors.

Not only do we want a happy customer.  But also a customer who would gladly refer us to the next customer.

So call now and ask for the discounts on a double garage door price.

Double garage door prices


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