What is Dstv Self Service? – Self Help

DStv Self Service is an online portal that allows Dstv subscribers to manage their accounts and view programming without having to call the customer service line.

Dstv Self Service

Through this online portal or website, you can change your package, add or delete channels, and even make payments.

You can also access help articles and troubleshooting tips to solve any problems you may be experiencing with your DStv service.

DStv Self Help Services:

  • Manage your DStv subscription
  • Upgrade or Downgrade
  • View your account information
  • Locate an Accredited DStv Installer
  • Check the status of a pending subscription
  • Update your personal details
  • Payment Options
  • Find where to make Payment – DStv Shops
  • Pay your DStv Account
  • View Payment History
  • Clear DStv Error Messages
  • Reconnect your DStv Package
  • Manage your Viewing – Holiday & Home
  • DStv Balance Check
  • Find DStv Service Centres & Stores
  • Watch “Help & How to Videos”
  • Access DStv FAQ Help
  • Reset your PIN

DStv Self Service login – Learn How

DStv Self Service login

What is this Login for DStv Self Service about?

This is the process of how you log into Dstv self help and perform services without Dstv Customer care.

How to login to DStv Self Service? – DStv Sign In

Step-by-step DStv Account Access Guide

  1. Visit www.dstv.com
  2. Select “MyDStv”
  3. Select “Sign In”
  4. Enter your “Mobile Number or Email”
  5. Enter “Password”
  6. Select “Sign In”

Don’t Have DStv Account? – Learn How to Sign Up Now

This is how to register for the DStv self service

  1. Visit www.dstv.com
  2. Select “MyDStv”
  3. Select “Sign Up Now”
  4. Enter your “Mobile Number or Email”
  5. Create “Password”
  6. Select “Create an Account”

2 Problems you may encounter with Self Service Login

  • Forgot Email or Password
  • Trying to access the website from a restricted location

If the username is not found, contact DStv customer service to resolve this.

How to Reset DStv Self Service Login Password?

  1. Visit https://connect.dstv.com/registration/reset
  2. Type in your “Email or Mobile Number”
  3. Select “Next”
  4. DStv Self Service reset password link is sent to you

How can I check my DStv balance?

How can I check my DStv balance

Phone DStv Customer Care on

  • 011 289 2222
  • 083 900 3788

Make sure you have your Smart Card number or ID number ready.

My DStv Subscription – Self Help DStv

DStv Subscription

How do I manage my DStv Subscription Account?

  • Website – dstv.com
  • Twitter @DStvSelfService
  • Mobile App – Dstv Now
  • DStv WhatsApp Number – 060 060 3788
  • Facebook @ DStv
  • Email – help@dstv.com
  • USSD DStv Code – *120*68584#

DStv Self Service USSD Code – Dstv Self Service Code

DStv Self Service USSD Code

Below is the DStv USSD Code – DStv Account Balance

  • Dial *120*68584#

How to pay for DStv using USSD Code

  • FNB USSD *120*321#
  • Nedbank USSD *120*002#
  • Standard Bank USSD *120*2345#
  • ABSA USSD *120*2272#
  • Click HERE to find out more

DStv WhatsApp Number South Africa – Self help

DStv WhatsApp Number South Africa

What is the Self Service WhatsApp number?

  • 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin

Is DStv customer care 24 hours?

  • 7 Days a week
  • 8 am to 11 pm

DStv Whatsapp Number Johannesburg

  • 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin

DStv Whatsapp Number Cape Town

  • 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin

DStv Whatsapp Number Pretoria

  • 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin

DStv Whatsapp Number Bloemfontein

  • 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin

How to change the DStv payment date on WhatsApp?

  1. Open the WhatsApp App
  2. Select “Settings” icon
  3. Find “Account,” then press it
  4. Choose “Payment”
  5. Press “Change Payment Date”

How to check the DStv balance via WhatsApp?

  • 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin
  • Type “1” then send
  • Then follow instructions onwards

DStv Self Service Numbers – Self Help

DStv Self Service Numbers

  • South Africa 011 289 2222
  • Zimbabwe +263 732 400 156
  • Zambia +260 970 699 008
  • Ghana +233 024 474 0540

DStv Self Service Twitter @DStvSelfService

Twitter allows you to manage your DStv Account

DStv Self Service Twitter

  • Follow the Twitter DStv Page
  • Send DM – “Get Started”
  • @DStvSelfService

Features of using DStv Twitter

  • Check balances
  • Clear DStv Errors
  • Rent Movies
  • And more

DStv Care on Twitter

  • Direct Message (DM) with ID or Account number
  • @DStvCare

Features of using DStv Twitter

  • Check balances
  • Upgrade or Downgrade your package
  • Reconnect Services
  • And more

DStv Self Service App – DStv Now

DStv Self Service App

Use the DStv Now App to manage your account

People also ASK – Self Service for DStv

How do I do Self Service on DStv?

  • Twitter @DStvSelfService
  • Website – dstv.com
  • USSD – *120*68584#
  • Email – help@dstv.com
  • DStv WhatsApp Number – 060 060 3788
  • Mobile App – Dstv Now
  • Facebook @ DStv

How do I check my DStv balance on my phone?

  1. Get your account balance by using the App or log into Self Service
  2. USSD – *120*68584#
  3. Contact DStv customer care on 083 900 3788 or 011 289 2222

How do I check my DStv balance on WhatsApp?

  • WhatsApp this number – 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin

How do I check my DStv subscription on the decoder?

Use the following DStv USSD Code

  1. Dial this number *120*68584#
  2. Follow Instructions

How do I talk to a Multichoice agent?

  • Twitter @DStvSelfService
  • WhatsApp 060 060 3788
  • Facebook @ DStv
  • DStv Customer Care Number: +27 11 289 2222
  • Website: selfservice.dstv.com
  • Email: help@dstv.com

How do I update my DStv with WhatsApp?

  • WhatsApp this number – 060 060 3788
  • WhatsApp “Hello” to begin
  • Type “4” – Enter
  • Follow the prompts

What is the list of DStv packages?

  • Premium Package
  • Compact Package
  • Easy View Package
  • Compact Plus Package
  • Family Package
  • Access Package

DStv Packages 2022 – Click HERE

How do I clear DStv errors?

USSD to clear an Error

Use the following DStv USSD Code

  1. Dial this number *120*68584#
  2. Choose “2” – Manage your viewing
  3. Choose “1” – Fix an Error

WhatsApp to Clear an Error

  • WhatsApp this number – 060 060 3788
  • Message “Hello” to begin
  • Type “2” – Enter
  • Follow the prompts

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DStv Store near me

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