How to connect DStv Explora Cables? Read on and explore. DStv is a popular entertainment service in many countries. It has a huge number of subscribers, and many more are eager to enjoy the service. If you have subscribed to DStv recently, you may need to set up a DStv Explora connection. It is simple, yet; it’s good to call a professional person for this purpose. If you want to know how to connect DStv Explora cables, the following few steps will help you.

Essential DStv cables connection

If you see at the back of your decoder, you can find different connections. Usually, these connections are the same on all the models of DStv decoders. You need three types of DStv cable connection. The first connection is the power supply. The second one is the decoder’s connection with your TV, and the third one is the connection of the decoder with your dish.

How to connect explora cables

DStv cable connectors at the back of the decoder

When you want to know how to connect DStv Explora LNB cables, you have to observe your decoder’s back. On the decoder’s left side, you will find three coloured ports, red, white, and yellow. These are RCA ports, which connect audio and visuals to your TV. Connect your RCA cable and DStv cable connectors according to the colours.

Next, you can find two ports called RF in and RF out. They also connect your TV and decoder, and a coaxial cable is used for this purpose. The same port will be used if you are using Xtraview. The next port is for Unicable IN. This port connects the LNB of your dish and decoder.

Next to that, you will see an HDMI port, which connects your TV with an HD connection. The next port is slightly higher than the others. You can connect it with any external amplifier if you need it. If you want to connect your decoder to the router, the next port is Ethernet. After that, you can see two USB connectors, which you can use whenever you need them. The last port on the right side of the decoder is the power supply port. All these ports are important for DStv cable connection. Some of them are regularly used, while others you may need occasionally.

How to connect explora cables

Remember your DStv cable connectors

It is very difficult to remember all these ports, and when we have to reconnect for some reason, we do it wrong. To avoid any inconvenience, you can mark the cables with the name of the respective port. Take some masking tape, write the cable’s name, connect it, and stick it to the individual cable. It will be easier for you to locate the line and reconnect when needed. Still not sure how to connect DStv Explora Cables? Contact us now and let us connect DStv Explora Cables for you!

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