Upgrade to DStv Explora Ultra | DSTV Installer

Upgrade to DStv Explora Ultra now with our accredited Installers. DStv is an active service; the company offers new versions of decoders with better features. If you are a DStv subscriber, you must be using the Explora decoder. Now DStv is offering DStv Explora ultra upgrade for its subscribers.

Upgrade to dstv explora ultra

The new Explora decoder is better than its old versions in many ways. DStv users can take advantage of the new decoder and enjoy better DStv services.

What‘s new about DStv Explora ultra?

When you think about the DStv Explora ultra upgrade, you must know about the DStv Explora ultra‘s new features. Firstly, you can enjoy third party streaming apps on your DStv decoder. Netflix is available here now, although you have to subscribe for that.

DStv Explora Ultra upgrade will enable you to watch the content in 4K resolution. You can enjoy a very clear and crisp picture on our TV screen.  DStv is the first service to offer such a high-resolution decoder in the country.

Another advantage of the DStv ultra upgrade is the easy connectivity with the internet. You can connect your decoder with Wi-Fi very easily, which was not possible before.

Get discounts on DStv Explora’s

If you are a DStv subscriber, you will have a satellite dish and cable already. You can use your smart LNB with the new Explora ultra. So, the DStv Explora Ultra price for you is much less than the new subscribers.

DStv installation will not be a problem for you; all you need is to install the new decoder and adjust the settings.

  • You can save installation fees as well when you do DStv Explora Ultra upgrade.

Get better DStv Explora Ultra PVR

PVR is another important feature of the Explora decoder. But DStv Explora Ultra PVR is better than the previous one. You can pause your TV for more than 2 hours, and the recording time is also better. You can recode your favourite show for more than 100 hours.

Having a better PVR ensures better service, as you can watch your favourite show later. You can rewind your program, and you can watch it in slow motion as well.

Upgrade to dstv explora ultra

Get help from DStv Installer

If you are confused about the DStv upgrade, you should contact your DStv installer. The accredited installer has all the information and authentic devices. They can help you to install a new decoder and can do all the necessary settings for you.

DStv installation is not difficult, but it’s better to get help from an accredited installer. He can help you to select the package of your choice and helps to save money.

If your dish needs alignment according to the Explora Ultra, DStv Installer can position your dish in the best direction. Moreover, if your dish requires relocation, he can do that too.

Having an upgrade is a good idea to get better services. It’s good to have third-party streaming options on the same remote control. Upgrade to DStv Explora ultra, and enjoy!