DIY installing DStv dish: Help yourself

If you are a new subscriber of DStv, you need to install the dish and connect it, the decoder and the TV. Usually, installers can help you to do all the necessary things. However, if you cannot find a reliable installer in your area, you can do the installation of the DStv dish on your own.  The following few steps will help DIY installing the DStv dish.

Install DStv dish in the appropriate position

If you have already bought your dish, you can find cement screws in the package. These are four screws that fix your dish strongly at the mounting place. Use a drill machine to drill holes for these screws. Make sure you have selected a location that has no obstructions around it. Large trees, shades, and boards are the most common type of hindrance. The face of the dish should be towards the east.  Select an appropriate place and drill the holes first; now you are ready to install the DStv dish.

DIY Installating DStv Dish

First, insert the screws in the holes and then place the dish on them. If you put the dish first, you will not be able to find the holes under that. After placing the dish, tighten the screws to keep the dish in the right place. You will find a coaxial cable in the package, which connects the dish and decoder. It’s important to insert it in the correct port of the decoder. It connects the satellite receiver with your TV through a decoder.

Alignment is important for satellite dish installation

If your dish is not properly aligned, you cannot get the proper services of DStv. Alignment is the most important part of the satellite dish installation. A Sat meter is used for the correct alignment of the dish. The right elevation is also important; 36 and 39 degrees is the best elevation for the dish. You can see degrees on the side of the dish; adjust the dish according to that. Recommended LNB settings for DStv is to keep it 4’O clock. At this point, the quality of the signals is the best.

DIY Installating DStv Dish

Use cable ties for secure dish installations

It is important to secure your dish, and you can use simple cable ties for that. Try to use a material that can stand harsh weather conditions. Mounting of the dish is important but securing the equipment is also essential for dish installations.

These are some simple steps for dish installation DStv; you can easily install your dish once you are done with DIY installing DStv dish, turn on your TV and enjoy some great entertainment channels. Fix errors here.