How to Troubleshoot LNB:  Resolve issues easily

Firstly, LNB or Low Noise Blocker is an important part of every satellite dish. It acts as a receiver and catches the information from the satellite. Secondly, if LNB is not working properly, it means your satellite dish is not working. LNB is important, so you should be very careful about its condition and working. Thirdly, you should be well aware of how to troubleshoot LNB, to solve problems related to this part.

Check LNB cable for damage – LNB Troubleshooting

Fourthly, if you are not receiving any satellite signals, it might have something to do with your LNB. Sometimes the problem is with the receiver only. Indeed, you need to switch off the satellite receiver and turn it on again after waiting for 30 or more seconds.

If there are no signals even after restarting the receiver, you need to check your LNB cable. Importantly, if the cable is not damaged, check the LNB connection. Sometimes it’s not properly connected with the dish or receiver. Lastly, these checks are not time taking but help in solving the LNB problems.

How to troubleshoot LNB

Check the LNB dish signal’s strength

Furthermore, if you are sure that the DStv LNB cable is not damaged and properly connected, you need to check the LNB dish’s signals. To check the signals, you have to separate LNB from the LNB arm. The LNB bracket has screws at the bottom. You have to remove them and separate the arm and LNB.

Now disconnect LNB cable DStv. You can use a coaxial cable to replace this LNB cable. Fix the coaxial cable in LNB and attach it again with the LNB arm. The Other end of the coaxial cable will be inserted into the signal strength meter.

Finally, when you turn on the meter, signal strength will be shown on it. Moving dishes in different directions can help you to get the location of the strongest signals.

To sum up, if your LNB catches signals, it means you have solved LNB problems, and your LNB is properly working.

How to troubleshoot LNB

In addition, you can easily solve DStv LNB cable problems if you have some time to spare. If you do not have a signal strength meter or have no time to check the LNB cable, you can hire professionals for this job.

They can locate the fault in LNB quickly, and if your dish needs relocation, they can do it within no time. In conclusion, Contact us now for your DStv issues or problems.