What does Smart LNB from DStv do? – Smart LNB DStv

Firstly, Smart LNB from DStv is a product designed by the company to receive signals from the satellite. Secondly, convert them into waves decoded by the decoder. It is the receiving arm of the satellite dish installed on the premises of the customer. It is not used in apartments and also where commercial customers need satellite television services.

What does Smart LNB from DStv do

Important features of an LNB

  • An LNB makes installations easy by combining all the elements of the DStv switch into this receiving device
  • DStv LNB is an integral component with the dish for Explora and Xtra View decoders
  • If an LNB cable DStv is to be used with the dish in case of an existing installation, it should be carried out by an accredited DStv installer

Frequently asked questions and their answers

What is LNB from DStv?

Indeed, Smart LNB is a small device mounted on the satellite dish. The receiving arm of the dish catches signals from the satellite and converts them into waves for the decoder.

What is the cost of Smart LNB?

Finally, Smart LNB price is currently on promotion. It is a small price to pay for HD-quality programs on your TV.

Smart LNB is compatible with which decoders?

DStv decoders most compatible with Smart LNB are Explora and Xtra View.

Why is an LNB not a part of the standard installation of the DStv decoder?

Furthermore, the installer does not provide smart LNB installation of the dish and the decoder. It has to be purchased by the subscriber if required later on to enhance the signal quality and strength.

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