Forklift Hire made Easy!

Most people don’t know that there is such a thing as a forklift, and if they do know what one is, that they might need one, but aren’t sure how to hire one.

Our Forklift Hiring website is here to help you navigate the forklift hire market and to find the perfect forklift for your needs and budget so you can get back to whatever it was you were doing!


A forklift, sometimes known as a lift truck or fork truck, is a type of industrial truck used to move, load and unload materials.

Forklifts have been adapted to many kinds of materials handling applications, from goods warehouses to factories, from parcel distribution centres to the loading docks of retail stores, from construction sites to food service businesses, from farms to coal mines and steel mills.

Forklift Hiring

At our Forklift Hire company, we are an expert company that offers Forklift Hiring. Our values are to be quick, clean and efficient, keeping safety in mind at all times.

We can help you move anything from pallets to crates to any other material you might need to be moved safely. We can help your business stay compliant with the Health & Safety guidelines by offering forklift trucks for hire that comply with all rules and regulations.

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Forklift Hiring

Whether you are a business with warehouses, a restaurant, a warehouse worker, or a construction worker who needs the use of a forklift for short terms, we can provide a forklift to suit your business or specific need.

We have a wide range of different forklifts available for hire at any given time.

How it works Why Hire Industrial Forklifting? Our forklifts are available for onsite hire at your business. They are by far the most cost-effective option for small to medium-sized companies with little or no fork lifting requirements.

They also represent an affordable hire option for medium to large businesses whose forklift fleet may be nearing the end of their service life.

Forklift Hire

These are some of our forklifts for hire:

  • Counterbalance Forklift
  • Electric forklift
  • Industrial Forklift
  • Order Picker
  • Pallet truck
  • Reach Fork Truck, Reach Stacker
  • Rough terrain forklift
  • Side Loader
  • Space Saver
  • Telehandler
  • Trolley-mounted telescopic
  • Two-Way Truck
  • Walkie Stacker
  • Warehouse Forklift
  • Warehouse truck

Forklift Hire

Our Forklift Hire Services:

  • We sell refurbished forklifts
  • Convenient repairs to customer forklifts

Forklift Hire Services

Why choose us for Forklift hire?

Our forklift hire service is the most affordable option in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the rest of South Africa. We offer forklift hire with operator services for both one day or ongoing hiring.

Our forklifts are available to hire for warehouse environments, construction sites, loading/unloading trucks, etc. No job is too big or small.

We know that in an industrial setting it can be difficult to find time for forklift maintenance, which is why we offer forklift hire.

Forklift hiring is much easier when you have a dedicated team of technical experts on hand to support your maintenance crew.

Our forklift technicians are specially trained to provide the highest quality repairs when it comes time for forklift servicing when houses are being moved or when your business moves locations.

What makes our Forklift Rentals so Special?

The answer is our dedicated team.  We are responsible for sourcing, maintaining and servicing all of our forklifts meaning that we only hire the best. You can rest assured that your forklift will arrive clean, well-maintained and on time.

Our team will always handle your order with care; delivering it safely to its destination, ensuring you get exactly what you need when you need it.

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Forklift Rentals

Forklift Rental Service

Our forklift rental service is the best for so many reasons. Of course, you get to choose from our wide selection of forklifts, featuring the latest models from top manufacturers.

But you also get to take advantage of our same-day availability, extensive fleet, fleet management software, and expert staff.

Anything you need to keep your business running smoothly, we can do it better than anyone else. Forklifts are available for all of your forklift needs.

Forklift Rental ServiceWhat are the Forklift Rental Rates South Africa?

Need forklift hire in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and other major cities throughout South Africa? We can provide you with short and long-term forklifts and small warehouse equipment rentals.

Our forklifts are ideal for warehousing, logistical operations and various industries.

You can also hire our forklifts for equipment transfers, material handling and general-purpose use. For free quotes with no obligation, WhatsApp us now!

Forklift Rental Rates South Africa

Forklift for Rental – Questions we ASK before Forklift Rental

  1. What kind of fuel does the fork lift require? (i.e. Electric, LP Gas, or Diesel)
  2. Do you have any height or weight restrictions?
  3. When do you need to hire a fork lift?
  4. How much do the loads you carry weigh?
  5. For how many days do you want to hire the fork lift?
  6. Does your company have a loading dock?
  7. What is the height at which you want the fork lift to lift?
  8. What kind of flooring will the fork lift be moving over?
  9. Will you be operating the fork lift inside or outside?

Forklift Rental Prices

When you need to get the job done right, trust us to deliver a Fork lift Rental that will carry your load.

Our trained employees will be there for you every step of the way, from the time you need to move an item from one place to another, all the way through to delivery to your final destination. We aim to make every step of the Fork lift Rental process as pleasant and worry-free as possible.

Forklift Rental Prices

We’re not like other rental companies. We cut out all the time-wasting and expensive delivery fees and we pass the savings on to you.

Our Fork lift Rental prices are cheap because we deliver to your job site. So whether you need a temporary or permanent rental, we have just what you need to get the job done right.

Forklift Hire Near me

Do you offer Forklift Hire Near me? Yes, we do. We’ve got a large range of quality and economical forklifts and we understand what’s important with regards to your business and the heavy equipment you use every day.

We can provide you with the safest, most reliable forklift hire service in the area.

We stock a wide range of fork lifts, including trolley-mounted telescopic, pallet truck, reach truck, warehouse truck, rough terrain fork lift, electric fork lift and many more. Our fork lifts range from 2 tones up to 50 tones plus friendly parts and service departments around the country!


Forklift for Hire VS Buy your own Forklift?

Fork lift hire is an exceptionally low-cost solution to your temporary lifting needs. If you are thinking about buying a forklift, consider the following points. Indeed, fork lifts are expensive to purchase. Fork lifts depreciate quickly.

Absolutely, fork lifts require significant maintenance and inspection costs. Fork lifts require regular servicing and this entails considerable labour and transport costs. Finally, fork lift hire is an ideal alternative to fork lift ownership.

The hire rate includes training of operators, on-site maintenance and 24-hour call-out service with only one hour travel time! Why buy when you can lease?

Forklift Hire Rates

If you are looking for a fork lift hire, you are at the right place. With us, you can have one of our qualified fork lift drivers too. We have the best prices on fork lift hire.

We can provide you with trucks ranging from 750kg through to 4-tonne capacity. If you prefer using your own driver, we also do this for a very reasonable cost. Our fork lift hire rates are still amongst the best.

What fuel do forklifts use and their benefits?

Most forklifts are operated by diesel, which is the most common. However, forklifts can be powered by battery, petrol or LPG.

Diesel Power – Fork lift

Diesel forklifts are vastly more powerful than battery-powered fork lifts of the same weight.

For example, a 3.5-tonne diesel fork lift can carry three times as much as its electric counterpart, not to mention saving companies the expense of replacing batteries and charging time.

Diesel Power - Fork lift

Battery Power – Fork lift

Battery power is the best power. It doesn’t run out. Doesn’t slow down when it’s cold or hot and has zero emissions. Battery fork lift hire means no gas refilling, no oil changing, and little to no maintenance – guaranteed!

Battery Power - Fork lift

LPG Power – Fork lift

When compared to other energy sources, LPG offers the lowest running costs and the longest service life, & it doesn’t adversely affect climate change. It’s also a great option for those with health problems.

What are the Skills a Qualified Forklift Driver should have?

A forklift driver needs to be able to work in a team, have good communication skills, cope with high-pressure situations and follow instructions.

Fork lift drivers are people who are dedicated to their job because it can be physically demanding, especially if you are working extra hours at the end of the week, or loading or unloading heavy goods.

How much does a Forklift cost to rent?

WhatsApp us for your free fork lift rental estimate and to receive a quote for fork lift hire in South Africa!

Whether you require an electric fork lift for hire, a diesel fork lift for hire or a hydraulic fork lift for hire we can provide you with all your needs.

Forklifts South Africa

Are you looking for forklift hire in South Africa? If so, we can help you with all your fork lift demands.

We offer a wide range of fork lift hire and specialised services, and this will surely meet your specific and unique needs in the best possible manner.

Forklifts South Africa

Forklift Hire Johannesburg

Looking for forklift hire in Johannesburg? If so, we can help you. If you want to save time and money on fork lift hire, WhatsApp us now. We offer competitive rates and a wide range of fork lifts available for hire.

Forklift Hire Johannesburg

Forklift Hire Randburg

WhatsApp Fork lift Hire Randburg for all your fork lift needs. You can hire 3-tonne fork lifts, 5-tonne fork lifts, 8-tonne fork lifts and 10-tonne fork lifts.

Forklift Hire Midrand

Are you in need of fork lift services in Midrand, Johannesburg? If so, you are in luck because Midrand Fork lift Hire is here to assist you. Our team provides the quickest response time, with a hiring service that is both courteous and professional.

We specialize in offering clients fast delivery of their fork lift trucks no matter where they are located.

Forklift Hire Boksburg

When you hire a fork lift with Private Operator at Fork lift Hire Boksburg you will be served by professionals who are fully licensed to operate the fork lift truck

Forklift hire Alberton

Get the best deals on the hire of a fork lift for your business in Alberton! Fork lift Hire Alberton is a fork lift rental service that delivers fork lifts to clients where and when they need them most.

  • We have a passion for everything that has wheels and lifts.

Forklift hire East Rand

Looking for quality fork lift hire in East Rand? We offer various classes of fork lift equipment to suit your business including electric, diesel or battery powered.

All our fork lifts are small enough to navigate tight spaces and maneuver around factories, warehouses and depots. We have a range of short-term to long-term hire packages depending on the service required.

Forklift hire East Rand

Forklift hire Edenvale

Fork lift Rentals Edenvale? Fork lift hire in Edenvale at competitive rates. We provide short and long term periods at the best prices in the area. We know your time is precious, so we aim to get you on your way fast.


Forklift hire Kempton Park

Do you need fork lift hire in Kempton Park for your business or project? Hire one of our high-quality fork lifts with great service at low prices. Call us today to find out more.

Forklift hire Krugersdorp

Fork lift hire Krugersdorp is a cost-effective and safe alternative to transporting and moving loads. We specialise in offering fork lifts for hire in Krugersdorp and other areas.

Our fork lift operators are well trained and we provide expert service at very competitive prices.

Forklift hire Middelburg

If you need a fork lift for hire Middelburg, please contact one of our team. Everything from fork lifts for hire to warehouse equipment hire.

Also, all-terrain fork lift loaders are available with 24/7 availability and delivery straight to your premises.

Forklift hire Middelburg

Forklift hire Montague Gardens

Fork lift Hire in Montague Gardens. If you need a fork lift, Pallet Jack or Reachstacker for short or long term hire in Montague Gardens call us to see how we can be of service.

Forklift hire Pretoria

In need of a fork lift in Pretoria? Forklift Hire Pretoria has been offering competitively priced fork lift hire to a large region.

We offer a wide range of fork lift hire to fit your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the competitive pricing and professional service you deserve.

Forklift Hire Centurion

Fork lift Hire Centurion, Pretoria offers a wide range of fork lifts and other warehouse equipment for hire at affordable prices. We also carry out fork lift servicing and repair.

  • For more information on our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Forklift Hire Bloemfontein

At Fork lift Hire Bloemfontein, we carry mobility equipment, access equipment and plant hire equipment. We are the number 1 choice for fork lift hire in Bloemfontein.

Forklift hire Rustenburg

Our team has been delivering fork lift hire services in Rustenburg, South Africa for decades. We offer a wide range of services from 1-hour rentals to full-day rentals and weekly rentals.

Forklift hire Witbank

Need a fork lift? We have a range of fork lifts available for hire in Witbank. Our fork lifts are delivered to you anywhere in the Witbank area.

Forklift Hire East London

Most companies who need fork lifts for different jobs will need them to be delivered and set up for their use. At fork lift hire east London, we love providing this service.

Forklift Hire Port Elizabeth

Whatever you need to lift, move or stack, Fork lift Hire Port Elizabeth has the right solution. We have a range of fork lifts for hire to suit your requirements – offering you fast, efficient delivery of forklifts to plan every job with confidence.

Forklift Hire Durban

We offer fork lift Hire Durban, in a range of different sized fork lifts. We also have Fork lift Rental Durban. So when you need a fork lift to hire, come to us.

Forklift Hire Durban

Forklift hire Newcastle

If you need to hire a fork lift in Newcastle, there must be a good reason to do so. That reason will be because you want to get the job done easily, quickly, and safely. There is no better choice for this than us!

Forklift hire Pinetown

Fork lift hire Pinetown, fork lift rental Pinetown for all your lifting needs. We can deliver fork lift rental to anywhere in Durban.

Forklift hire Richards Bay

Hire a fork lift in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa for your business today. We provide affordable hire rates and enough variety to find the perfect machine for your requirements.

Forklift hire Phoenix

Our fork lift hire Phoenix will save you money and time. We have factory trained fork lift operators available to deliver your equipment to the place you need it 24/7.

Forklift Hire Cape Town

Fork lift Hire Cape Town provides some of the most professional fork lift hire services in the industry.

So, don’t struggle with your move. Use our fork lifts without spending too much on hiring a crane or moving van. We provide fork lift hire to business clients in Cape Town at competitive prices.

Forklift hire Polokwane

Let Fork lift Hire Polokwane take care of your fork lift hire needs in Polokwane. We stock all makes and models, ranging from little telehandlers to heavy-duty 24-ton dumpers! Call us today for your next fork lift hire in Polokwane!

Forklift hire Nelspruit

Fork lift hire Nelspruit, Fork lift for hire in Nelspruit, a fork lift rental in Nelspruit. Our fork lifts are available by the day, week or month depending on your specific needs. Fork lift Hire Nelspruit If you’re planning on hiring a fork lift in the near future, get in touch with us right away!